2013-07-28 David Jeffery lockd: protect nlm_blocked access in nlmsvc_retry_blocked
2013-07-28 Barry Grussling usb: cp210x support SEL C662 Vendor/Device
2013-07-28 Sami Rahman USB: cp210x: add MMB and PI ZigBee USB Device Support
2013-07-28 Luiz Angelo... usb: serial: cp210x: Add USB ID for Netgear Switches...
2013-07-28 Enrico Mioso usb: serial: option: Add ONYX 3G device support
2013-07-28 Alexandr \... USB: option: add D-Link DWM-152/C1 and DWM-156/C1
2013-07-28 Daniil Bolsun USB: option: append Petatel NP10T device to GSM modems...
2013-07-28 Enrico Mioso usb: serial: option.c: remove ONDA MT825UP product...
2013-07-28 Dan Williams usb: serial: option: add Olivetti Olicard 200
2013-07-28 Bjørn Mork usb: option: add TP-LINK MA260
2013-07-28 Enrico Mioso usb: serial: option: blacklist ONDA MT689DC QMI interface
2013-07-28 Steffen Maier zfcp: block queue limits with data router
2013-07-28 Andi Kleen SCSI: Fix incorrect memset in bnx2fc_parse_fcp_rsp
2013-07-28 Bjørn Mork SCSI: megaraid_sas: fix memory leak if SGL has zero...
2013-07-28 Jan Kara writeback: Fix periodic writeback after fs mount
2013-07-28 Eric Dumazet vlan: fix a race in egress prio management
2013-07-28 Neil Horman atl1e: unmap partially mapped skb on dma error and...
2013-07-28 Neil Horman atl1e: fix dma mapping warnings
2013-07-28 dingtianhong ifb: fix oops when loading the ifb failed
2013-07-28 dingtianhong dummy: fix oops when loading the dummy failed
2013-07-28 Sasha Levin 9p: fix off by one causing access violations and memory...
2013-07-28 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: in case of link failure remove route directly...
2013-07-28 Jason Wang macvtap: correctly linearize skb when zerocopy is used
2013-07-28 dingtianhong ifb: fix rcu_sched self-detected stalls
2013-07-28 Dave Kleikamp sunvnet: vnet_port_remove must call unregister_netdev
2013-07-28 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: ip6_append_data_mtu did not care about pmtudisc...
2013-07-28 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: call udp_push_pending_frames when uncorking a...
2013-07-28 Wei Yongjun l2tp: add missing .owner to struct pppox_proto
2013-07-28 Amerigo Wang ipv6,mcast: always hold idev->lock before mca_lock
2013-07-28 Changli Gao net: Swap ver and type in pppoe_hdr
2013-07-28 Dave Jones x25: Fix broken locking in ioctl error paths.
2013-07-28 Eric Dumazet neighbour: fix a race in neigh_destroy()
2013-07-28 Sergei Shtylyov sh_eth: fix unhandled RFE interrupt
2013-07-28 Mathias Krause af_key: fix info leaks in notify messages
2013-07-28 Eric Dumazet ipv6: ip6_sk_dst_check() must not assume ipv6 dst
2013-07-28 Michael S.... macvtap: fix recovery from gup errors
2013-07-28 Gao feng ipv6: don't call addrconf_dst_alloc again when enable lo
2013-07-28 Aydin Arik ipv4: Fixed MD5 key lookups when adding/ removing MD5...
2013-07-28 Linus Lüssing bridge: fix switched interval for MLD Query types
2013-07-28 Dave Kleikamp sparc: tsb must be flushed before tlb
2013-07-28 bob picco sparc64 address-congruence property
2013-07-28 Olivier DANET sparc32: vm_area_struct access for old Sun SPARCs.
2013-07-28 Peter Zijlstra perf: Fix perf_lock_task_context() vs RCU
2013-07-28 Jiri Olsa perf: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE() check in __perf_event_enabl...
2013-07-28 Jiri Olsa perf: Clone child context from parent context pmu
2013-07-28 Alex Williamson iommu/amd: Only unmap large pages from the first pte
2013-07-28 Steven Rostedt... tracing: Use current_uid() for critical time tracing
2013-07-28 Sreekanth Reddy SCSI: mpt2sas: fix firmware failure with wrong task...
2013-07-28 Daniel Hansel SCSI: zfcp: fix adapter (re)open recovery while link...
2013-07-28 Sujith Manoharan ath9k: Do not assign noise for NULL caldata
2013-07-28 Gabor Juhos rt2x00: read 5GHz TX power values from the correct...
2013-07-28 Thomas Gleixner tick: Prevent uncontrolled switch to oneshot mode
2013-07-28 Fabio Estevam ASoC: sglt5000: Fix SGTL5000_PLL_FRAC_DIV_MASK
2013-07-28 Seth Heasley ata_piix: IDE-mode SATA patch for Intel Coleto Creek...
2013-07-28 Tejun Heo libata: skip SRST for all SIMG [34]7x port-multipliers
2013-07-28 Jan Kara ext3: fix data=journal fast mount/umount hang
2013-07-22 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.54
2013-07-22 Steve French Handle big endianness in NTLM (ntlmv2) authentication
2013-07-22 Bartlomiej... drivers/dma/pl330.c: fix locking in pl330_free_chan_res...
2013-07-22 Jed Davis ARM: 7765/1: perf: Record the user-mode PC in the call...
2013-07-22 Theodore Ts'o ext4: don't allow ext4_free_blocks() to fail due to...
2013-07-22 Jan Kara ext4: fix overflow when counting used blocks on 32...
2013-07-22 Jan Kara ext4: fix data offset overflow in ext4_xattr_fiemap...
2013-07-22 Bart Van Assche timer: Fix jiffies wrap behavior of round_jiffies_common()
2013-07-22 Shane Huang ahci: remove pmp link online check in FBS EH
2013-07-22 Shane Huang ahci: Add AMD CZ SATA device ID
2013-07-22 Junxiao Bi ocfs2: xattr: fix inlined xattr reflink
2013-07-22 Lan Tianyu ACPI / EC: Add HP Folio 13 to ec_dmi_table in order...
2013-07-22 Axel Lin drivers/rtc/rtc-rv3029c2.c: fix disabling AIE irq
2013-07-22 Ben Hutchings genirq: Fix can_request_irq() for IRQs without an action
2013-07-22 Laszlo Ersek xen/time: remove blocked time accounting from xen ...
2013-07-22 Joachim Eastwood pcmcia: at91_cf: fix gpio_get_value in at91_cf_get_status
2013-07-22 George Cherian usb: host: xhci-plat: release mem region while removing...
2013-07-22 Mathias Nyman xhci: check for failed dma pool allocation
2013-07-22 UCHINO Satoshi usb: gadget: f_mass_storage: add missing memory barrier...
2013-07-22 Dan Williams USB: option,qcserial: move Novatel Gobi1K IDs to qcserial
2013-07-22 Al Viro ext3,ext4: don't mess with dir_file->f_pos in htree_dir...
2013-07-22 Theodore Ts'o jbd2: fix theoretical race in jbd2__journal_restart
2013-07-22 Larry Finger rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Fix duplicate if test
2013-07-22 Larry Finger rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: Add new USB ID for TP-Link TL-WN8200ND
2013-07-22 Steve French CIFS use sensible file nlink values if unprovided
2013-07-13 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.53
2013-07-13 Greg Kroah... Revert "sched: Add missing call to calc_load_exit_idle()"
2013-07-13 Ben Hutchings SCSI: sd: Fix parsing of 'temporary ' cache mode prefix
2013-07-13 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: fix decoding of compounds across page boundaries
2013-07-13 Greg Kroah... Revert "serial: 8250_pci: add support for another kind...
2013-07-13 Greg Kroah... MAINTAINERS: add stable_kernel_rules.txt to stable...
2013-07-13 Kees Cook crypto: sanitize argument for format string
2013-07-13 Kees Cook block: do not pass disk names as format strings
2013-07-13 Mikulas Patocka hpfs: better test for errors
2013-07-13 Kees Cook charger-manager: Ensure event is not used as format...
2013-07-13 Jonathan Salwan drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c: use kzalloc() for failing hardware
2013-07-13 Tyler Hicks libceph: Fix NULL pointer dereference in auth client...
2013-07-03 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.52
2013-07-03 Peter Zijlstra perf: Fix mmap() accounting hole
2013-07-03 Peter Zijlstra perf: Fix perf mmap bugs
2013-07-03 Liang Li pch_uart: fix a deadlock when pch_uart as console
2013-07-03 Artem Bityutskiy UBIFS: fix a horrid bug
2013-07-03 Artem Bityutskiy UBIFS: prepare to fix a horrid bug
2013-07-03 Stephane Eranian perf: Disable monitoring on setuid processes for regula...