2012-04-25 David Gibson virtio_balloon: Fix endian bug
2012-04-25 Ren Mingxin virtio_blk: helper function to format disk names
2012-04-25 Zhi Yong Wu tools/virtio: fix up vhost/test module build
2012-04-25 Rafael J. Wysocki PCI: Retry BARs restoration for Type 0 headers only
2012-04-25 Randy Dunlap Documentation: maintainer change
2012-04-25 Luck, Tony ia64: fix futex_atomic_cmpxchg_inatomic()
2012-04-25 Joe Perches checkpatch: revert --strict test for net/ and drivers...
2012-04-25 Mayuresh Kulkarni gpio: tegra: fix duplicate code
2012-04-24 Mayuresh Kulkarni arm: tegra: harmony: guard pcie init by CONFIG_TEGRA_PCI
2012-04-24 Prashant Gaikwad cpuidle: governor: menu: Initialize power usage to max
2012-04-24 Prashant Gaikwad arm: tegra: pm: Update cpuidle lp3 state function
2012-04-23 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: set open drain type to be false...
2012-04-23 Joshua Cha tegra: usb: otg: Clear only interrupt enabling bits...
2012-04-23 Chaitanya Bandi ARM: tegra: dma: Use no DMA interrupts if no callbacks
2012-04-23 Adam Cheney video: tegra: dc: update windows after set lut
2012-04-23 Pavan Kunapuli arm: tegra: enterprise: Correct sdmmc4 tap delay
2012-04-23 Syed Rafiuddin usb: otg: tegra: callback for otg plug/un-plug notificaton
2012-04-23 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: tegra: Disable card and host clk separately
2012-04-23 Pavan Kunapuli mmc: host: Disable SDIO card clock when idle
2012-04-23 Krishna Yarlagadda usb: ehci: tegra: Fence read in unmap urb
2012-04-23 Amit Kamath arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks
2012-04-23 Sanjay Singh... drivers: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-23 Juha Tukkinen ARM: tegra: remove T30 FPGA support
2012-04-23 Sanjay Singh... ASoC: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-23 Sanjay Singh... arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warnings
2012-04-23 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: enable 3v3 rail during boot
2012-04-23 Laxman Dewangan i2c: tegra: support for I2C_M_NOSTART protocol mangling
2012-04-23 Krishna Yarlagadda ARM: tegra: usb: kai: pmu int not required
2012-04-23 Chandler Zhang arm: tegra: kai: addition of charger regulator
2012-04-23 Syed Rafiuddin power: smb349: addition of regulator interface
2012-04-23 Ashwini Ghuge mfd: max8907c: Disable Hard Reset with Power key
2012-04-23 Rakesh Bodla usb: gadget: fsl_udc: support udc driver without otg
2012-04-23 Vinayak Pane arm: tegra: enterprise: disable dsi_csi_rail in LP0
2012-04-23 Chaitanya Bandi ARM: tegra: dma: Add API to get channel id
2012-04-23 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu:enable VDD2 when required
2012-04-23 Mursalin Akon tegra: fix typo in pre-power wifi code
2012-04-23 Varun Wadekar gpio: tegra: add valid configuration for Tegra30
2012-04-23 Varun Wadekar gpio: tegra: fix bad merge
2012-04-23 Arve Hjønnevåg Input: Use monotonic time for event time stamps.
2012-04-23 Varun Wadekar Revert "Input: add infrastructure for selecting clockid...
2012-04-20 Varun Wadekar mmc: host: tegra: add suspend/resume handlers
2012-04-20 Varun Wadekar mmc: host: sdhci-pltfm: Add suspend and resume hooks...
2012-04-20 Ravindra Lokhande ASoC: Tegra: update machine drivers
2012-04-19 Prashant Gaikwad arm: tegra: kai: Remove pinmux and gpio registration
2012-04-19 Preetham Chandru security: Add config flag for Android specific caps
2012-04-19 Varun Wadekar Revert "EHCI: keep track of ports being resumed and...
2012-04-18 Varun Wadekar soc: tegra30: i2s: fix compilation errors with 3.4-rc3
2012-04-18 Linus Torvalds Linux 3.4-rc3
2012-04-18 Rabin Vincent ARM: 7386/1: jump_label: fixup for rename to static_key
2012-04-18 Jonathan Austin ARM: 7384/1: ThumbEE: Disable userspace TEEHBR access...
2012-04-18 Will Deacon ARM: 7382/1: mm: truncate memory banks to fit in 4GB...
2012-04-18 Linus Walleij ARM: 7359/2: smp_twd: Only wait for reprogramming on...
2012-04-18 Will Deacon ARM: 7383/1: nommu: populate vectors page from paging_init
2012-04-18 Will Deacon ARM: 7381/1: nommu: fix typo in mm/Kconfig
2012-04-18 Marc Zyngier ARM: 7380/1: DT: do not add a zero-sized memory property
2012-04-18 Marc Zyngier ARM: 7379/1: DT: fix atags_to_fdt() second call site
2012-04-18 Mark Brown ARM: 7366/3: amba: Remove AMBA level regulator support
2012-04-18 Will Deacon ARM: 7377/1: vic: re-read status register before dispat...
2012-04-18 Kautuk Consul ARM: 7368/1: fault.c: correct how the tsk->[maj|min...
2012-04-18 Linus Torvalds x86-32: fix up strncpy_from_user() sign error
2012-04-18 Rafael J. Wysocki PCI: Fix regression in pci_restore_state(), v3
2012-04-18 Sachin Kamat ARM: EXYNOS: Fix Kconfig dependencies for device tree...
2012-04-18 Marek Szyprowski ARM: EXYNOS: Remove broken config values for touchscren...
2012-04-18 Marek Szyprowski ARM: EXYNOS: set fix xusbxti clock for NURI and Univers...
2012-04-18 Marek Szyprowski ARM: EXYNOS: fix regulator name for NURI board
2012-04-18 Maurus Cuelenaere ARM: SAMSUNG: make SAMSUNG_PM_DEBUG select DEBUG_LL
2012-04-18 Thomas Abraham ARM: EXYNOS: Add PDMA and MDMA physical base address...
2012-04-18 Sachin Kamat ARM: S5PV210: Fix compiler warning in dma.c file
2012-04-18 Jonghwan Choi ARM: EXYNOS: Fix compile error in exynos5250-cpufreq.c
2012-04-18 Tushar Behera ARM: EXYNOS: Add missing definition for IRQ_I2S0
2012-04-18 Kukjin Kim ARM: S5PV210: fix unused LDO supply field from wm8994_pdata
2012-04-18 Kevin Hilman ARM: OMAP: clock: cleanup CPUfreq leftovers, fix build...
2012-04-18 Rob Herring ARM: dts: remove blank interrupt-parent properties
2012-04-18 David Brown ARM: msm: Fix section mismatches in proc_comm.c
2012-04-18 David Brown video: msm: Fix section mismatches in mddi.c
2012-04-18 Daniel Walker arm: msm: trout: fix compile failure
2012-04-18 Daniel Walker arm: msm: halibut: remove unneeded fixup
2012-04-18 Jesper Juhl ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix mem leak (and rid us of trailin...
2012-04-18 Josh Boyer ALSA: hda/realtek - Add quirk for Mac Pro 5,1 machines
2012-04-18 Takashi Iwai ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a fixup entry for Acer Aspire...
2012-04-18 Takashi Iwai ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix GPIO1 setup for Acer Aspire...
2012-04-18 Takashi Iwai ALSA: hda/realtek - Add a few ALC882 model strings...
2012-04-18 Martin K. Petersen SCSI: Fix error handling when no ULD is attached
2012-04-18 Nikunj A. Dadhania perf kvm: Finding struct machine fails for PERF_RECORD_MMAP
2012-04-18 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf annotate: Validate addr in symbol__inc_addr_samples
2012-04-18 Jiri Olsa perf hists browser: Fix NULL deref in hists browsing...
2012-04-18 David Miller perf hists: Catch and handle out-of-date hist entry...
2012-04-18 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf annotate: Fix hist decay
2012-04-18 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf top: Add intel_idle to the skip list
2012-04-18 Lubos Lunak do not export kernel's NULL #define to userspace
2012-04-18 Chris Metcalf irq_work: fix compile failure on tile from missing...
2012-04-18 Paul Gortmaker ia64: populate the cmpxchg header with appropriate...
2012-04-18 Paul Gortmaker alpha: fix build failures from system.h dismemberment
2012-04-18 Wang YanQing video:uvesafb: Fix oops that uvesafb try to execute...
2012-04-18 Manuel Lauss fbdev: fix au1*fb builds
2012-04-18 Ondrej Zary kyrofb: fix on x86_64
2012-04-18 Josef Bacik Btrfs: use commit root when loading free space cache
2012-04-18 Dave Jones Btrfs: fix use-after-free in __btrfs_end_transaction
2012-04-18 Tsutomu Itoh Btrfs: check return value of bio_alloc() properly
2012-04-18 Ilya Dryomov Btrfs: remove lock assert from get_restripe_target()