2012-07-09 Chandler Zhang power: smb349: remove otg callback
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... ARM: tegra: fiq_dbg: Enable FIQ serial debug
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... ARM: common: fiq_dbg: Spew regs and stack at entry
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... watchdog: tegra: Add support for FIQ debugger
2012-07-09 Preetham Chandru arm: tegra3: usb_phy: Fix warning message for lp1 resume
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... ARM: tegra: wdt: Remove legacy WDT device support
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... ARM: tegra: wdt: Replace legacy WDT with CPU WDTs
2012-07-09 Chandler Zhang arm: tegra: fix power down sequence fps/ame
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... ARM: tegra: wdt: Add support for Tegra3 CPU WDTs
2012-07-09 Kamal Kannan... watchdog: tegra: Revamp Tegra watchdog support
2012-07-09 Linqiang Pu hwmon: tsensor: fix system hang in 0C.
2012-07-09 Bitan Biswas ARM: tegra: thermal framework notifier
2012-07-09 Bitan Biswas hwmon: tegra: improve tsensor accuracy
2012-07-06 Kerwin Wan arm: tegra: kai: cleanup the code
2012-07-06 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: enterprise: OFF rails in sleep state
2012-07-06 Sanjay Singh... ARM: tegra: whistler: get rid of gpio enable/disable...
2012-07-06 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: pm269: enable vibrator rail
2012-07-06 satya popuri cpufreq: mid-range frequency bias
2012-07-06 Sanjay Singh... crypto: tegra-aes: synchronize dma buffer access
2012-07-06 Songhee Baek ARM: tegra3: clock: Add EPP clock for ISP channel
2012-07-06 Shashank Sharma video: tegra: dc: Enable platform data flag
2012-07-06 Ankit Pashiney misc: tegra-cec: Initial CEC Driver for T3x platform
2012-07-06 Ankit Pashiney arm: tegra: Cardhu: add support for CEC
2012-07-06 Ankit Pashiney ARM: tegra: clock: Add CEC clock
2012-07-06 Ankit Pashiney arm: tegra: cec: Add IO support for tegra3 cec
2012-07-05 Mohit Kataria ARM: Tegra: p1852: changed pinmux settings
2012-07-05 Graziano Misuraca ARM: Tegra: cardhu: Change pin for LVDS_SHTDN_N on...
2012-07-05 Preetham Chandru arm: config: tegra2: Enable CONFIG_THERMAL
2012-07-05 Joshua Primero arm: tegra: thermal: nct1008 support for ventana
2012-07-05 Venu Byravarasu usb: host: tegra: code clean up
2012-07-05 Rohan Somvanshi ARM: tegra: usb: turn off power during suspend
2012-07-05 Manoj Chourasia ARM: tegra: p1852_defconfig: enable NON_ALIASED_COHEREN...
2012-07-05 Manoj Chourasia ARM: tegra: p1852: defconfig: disable erratum 727915.
2012-07-05 Sanjay Singh... misc: tegra-baseband: treat compilation warning as...
2012-07-05 Rakesh Bodla usb: gadget: tegra_udc: include pm_qos header file
2012-07-05 Rakesh Bodla ARM: tegra: usb: Add config option to increase cpu...
2012-07-05 Venu Byravarasu arm: tegra: usb: remove unnecessary code
2012-07-04 Rakesh Iyer ARM: tegra: cardhu: enable clock gating features for...
2012-07-04 Mursalin Akon net: wireless: bcmdhd: do not register for all
2012-07-04 Rhyland Klein chromeos: update chromeos tegra3 split configs
2012-07-04 aghuge ARM: tegra: kai: Add platform data to spi_device1
2012-07-03 Sai Charan... cpuquiet: Fix compiler warning
2012-07-03 Sai Charan... cpuquiet: Update stats only on successful operations
2012-07-03 Sai Charan... cpuquiet: Properly return the first registered governor
2012-07-03 Peter De Schrijver ARM: tegra: add sysfs support for tegra cpuquiet driver
2012-07-03 Sai Charan... ARM: cpuquiet: Go to and stay on G-CPU if min_cpus...
2012-07-03 Animesh Kishore ARM: tegra: fuse: Fix sysfs output
2012-07-03 Jay Agarwal arm: tegra: pcie: Resolve L4T ethernet failure
2012-07-03 Chandler Zhang input: misc: fix light level issue at resume
2012-07-03 Rakesh Iyer ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update Tegra3 dsi dvfs tables
2012-07-03 Shaoming Feng cpufreq: fix memory leak with sysfs when stats table...
2012-07-03 Soumen Kumar Dey media: video: tegra: nvavp: Fix avp print issue
2012-07-03 Sanjay Singh... crypto: tegra-aes: correct key table buffer size
2012-07-03 Graeme Gregory mfd: palmas PMIC device support Kconfig
2012-07-03 Graeme Gregory mfd: palmas PMIC device support
2012-07-03 Graeme Gregory regmap: add support for non contiguous status to regmap-irq
2012-07-03 Sai Charan... cpuquiet: Updated balanced governor to use the runnable...
2012-07-03 Sanjay Singh... gpu: ion: tegra: treat compilation warning as error
2012-07-03 Sanjay Singh... video: backlight: use gpio request and free apis for...
2012-07-03 Joshua Primero drivers: skin: Skin prediction algorithm
2012-07-02 Laxman Dewangan spi: tegra: macro for enable/disable runtime pm inside...
2012-07-02 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: split dc.c into smaller files
2012-07-02 Laxman Dewangan regulator: tps80031: support for min voltage tolerance
2012-07-02 Joshua Primero ARM: config: Added tegra skin throttling option
2012-07-02 Joshua Primero ARM: tegra: Object based balanced throttling
2012-07-01 Xiao Bo Zhao arm: tegra: modify hotplug balance threshold
2012-07-01 Xiao Bo Zhao arm: tegra: hotplug: modify down_delay
2012-07-01 Xiao Bo Zhao arm: tegra: hotplug: tune runnable thread params.
2012-07-01 Wen Yi ARM: tegra: power: Use runnable threads average for...
2012-07-01 Alex Frid scheduler: Re-compute time-average nr_running on read
2012-07-01 Alex Frid proc: enhance time-average nr_running stats
2012-07-01 Diwakar Tundlam scheduler: compute time-average nr_running per run...
2012-07-01 Rakesh Iyer ARM: tegra: cardhu: power management fix for E1506...
2012-07-01 Rakesh Iyer video: tegra: dsi: 720p panel power fix
2012-07-01 Terje Bergstrom video: tegra: host: Serialize 2D jobs
2012-07-01 Jay Agarwal arm: tegra: pcie: Rename/Restructure the driver
2012-07-01 Aaron Lu mmc: sdhci: Deal with failure case in sdhci_suspend_host
2012-07-01 Sang-Hun Lee net: wireless: bcmdhd: move barrier to after setting...
2012-07-01 Sang-Hun Lee ARM: tegra: emc: add reference counting to early ack...
2012-07-01 Sang-Hun Lee media: video: tegra: tegra_camera: disable eack
2012-06-29 Rakesh Goyal arm: tegra: enterprise: Firmware update support for...
2012-06-29 Nagarjuna Kristam arm: config: tegra3: disable tibluesleep driver
2012-06-29 Nagarjuna Kristam arm: tegra: kai: use bluesleep driver for TI wl12xx...
2012-06-29 Sanjay Singh... video: tegra: nvmap: resolve compilation time warning
2012-06-29 Nagarjuna Kristam bluetooth: enable sleep only if chip supports
2012-06-28 Arto Merilainen video: tegra: host: T30 uses two GPUs always
2012-06-28 Vidya Sagar ARM: tegra: pcie: Enable ASPM l1 state support
2012-06-28 Joshua Primero drivers: misc: Thermal estimator driver
2012-06-28 Joshua Primero drivers: nct: exposed nct internal/external temps
2012-06-28 Kevin Huang video: tegra: dc: Fix the check of dirty window.
2012-06-28 Kevin Huang arm: tegra: enterprise: Add support to externel pwm.
2012-06-28 Kevin Huang video: tegra: dc: Deactivate DSI runtime when DC is...
2012-06-28 Steve Lin arm: tegra: baseband: boost CPU frequency when modem...
2012-06-28 Steve Lin arm: tegra: baseband: add sysfs file for modem boot...
2012-06-27 Vinod Atyam ARM: tegra: usb_phy: Fix for glitch on STROBE line
2012-06-27 Laxman Dewangan regulator: tps80031: Allow to configure in OFF mode...
2012-06-27 Jinyoung Park rtc: max77663: avoid powering on system by RTC alarm.
2012-06-27 Alex Frid ARM: tegra: clock: Add fence read in emc clock change
2012-06-26 Michael Hsu usb: serial: baseband: Add another XMM modem USB VID...
2012-06-26 Mohan T usb: cdc_ether: Add rmnet device info to PH450 and...