2013-08-14 Deepak Nibade Merge branch 'linux-3.4.57' into rel-17
2013-08-13 Xin Xie ARM: tegra: add CoreSight PTM and ETB driver
2013-08-13 Phil Breczinski media: video: tegra: imx091: remove bracket caps
2013-08-13 Jay Cheng ARM: tegra: power: fix incorrect register usage
2013-08-13 Neil Chen USB: debugfs: USB test mode support with usb debugfs
2013-08-13 Jay Bhukhanwala ARM: tegra: pluto: memory: Updated the 2GB table
2013-08-12 Xin Xie hwmon: ina230: fix overflow in current limit
2013-08-12 Xiaohui Tao input: touchscreen: raydium v60.2 touch driver
2013-08-12 David Wang Revert"media:video:tegra:replace 12.6MP with 13MP"
2013-08-12 Igor Nabirushkin ARM: defconfigs: Enable Tegra profiler
2013-08-12 Alex Frid ARM: tegra11: clock: Move auto-refresh control to CCFIFO
2013-08-12 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.57
2013-08-11 Neil Horman 8139cp: Add dma_mapping_error checking
2013-08-11 Dan Carpenter net_sched: info leak in atm_tc_dump_class()
2013-08-11 Dan Carpenter af_key: more info leaks in pfkey messages
2013-08-11 David S. Miller net_sched: Fix stack info leak in cbq_dump_wrr().
2013-08-11 Eric Dumazet usbnet: do not pretend to support SG/TSO
2013-08-11 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: take rtnl_lock and mark mrt6 table as freed on...
2013-08-11 Neil Horman sctp: fully initialize sctp_outq in sctp_outq_init
2013-08-11 Michal Tesar sysctl net: Keep tcp_syn_retries inside the boundary
2013-08-11 Dan Carpenter arcnet: cleanup sizeof parameter
2013-08-11 Salman Qazi perf: Use css_tryget() to avoid propping up css refcount
2013-08-11 Kamal Mostafa drm/i915: quirk no PCH_PWM_ENABLE for Dell XPS13 backlight
2013-08-11 H.J. Lu x86, fpu: correct the asm constraints for fxsave, unbre...
2013-08-11 Jiri Olsa perf: Fix event group context move
2013-08-11 Dan Carpenter fanotify: info leak in copy_event_to_user()
2013-08-11 Zhu Yanhai sched: Fix the broken sched_rr_get_interval()
2013-08-11 Lan Tianyu ACPI / battery: Fix parsing _BIX return value
2013-08-11 Tomasz Moń mwifiex: Add missing endian conversion.
2013-08-11 Stanislaw Gruszka rt2x00: fix stop queue
2013-08-11 Jacob Keller ixgbe: Fix Tx Hang issue with lldpad on 82598EB
2013-08-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix duplicate retransmission detection
2013-08-11 Michal Kazior nl80211: fix mgmt tx status and testmode reporting...
2013-08-11 Oleksij Rempel ath9k_htc: do some initial hardware configuration
2013-08-11 Uwe Kleine... serial/mxs-auart: increase time to wait for transmitter...
2013-08-11 Uwe Kleine... serial/mxs-auart: fix race condition in interrupt handler
2013-08-11 Vinod Koul ALSA: compress: fix the return value for SNDRV_COMPRESS...
2013-08-09 Philip Rakity mmc: host: simplify boost mode interface
2013-08-09 Philip Rakity mmc: host: High Voltage Support
2013-08-07 Laxman Dewangan regulator: palmas: add turn ON time for LDOs
2013-08-07 Amey Asgaonkar media:video:tegra: Add Fuse ID read for IMX132.
2013-08-06 Diwakar Tundlam arm: tegra: soctherm: enable throttling and shutdown...
2013-08-06 Darbha Sriharsha power: sbs-battery: Update battery properties only...
2013-08-05 Alvin Park Camera: driver: Added getting exposure time API into...
2013-08-04 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.56
2013-08-04 Wanpeng Li mm/memory-hotplug: fix lowmem count overflow when offli...
2013-08-04 Michael S.... virtio_net: fix race in RX VQ processing
2013-08-04 Michael S.... virtio: support unlocked queue poll
2013-08-04 Linus Torvalds s390: move dummy io_remap_pfn_range() to asm/pgtable.h
2013-08-04 Steffen Maier zfcp: status read buffers on first adapter open with...
2013-08-04 Clemens Ladisch firewire: fix libdc1394/FlyCap2 iso event regression
2013-08-04 David Vrabel xen/evtchn: avoid a deadlock when unbinding an event...
2013-08-04 NeilBrown md/raid10: remove use-after-free bug.
2013-08-04 NeilBrown md/raid5: fix interaction of 'replace' and 'recovery'.
2013-08-04 Al Viro livelock avoidance in sget()
2013-08-04 Rick Farina... USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add more RT Systems ftdi devices
2013-08-04 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/atom: initialize more atom interpretor eleme...
2013-08-04 Alex Deucher drm/radeon: improve dac adjust heuristics for legacy...
2013-08-04 Mark Kettenis drm/radeon: fix combios tables on older cards
2013-08-04 Alex Deucher drm/radeon: fix endian issues with DP handling (v3)
2013-08-04 Mikulas Patocka dm verity: fix inability to use a few specific devices...
2013-08-04 Toshi Kani ACPI / memhotplug: Fix a stale pointer in error path
2013-08-04 Anton Blanchard powerpc/modules: Module CRC relocation fix causes perf...
2013-08-04 Tejun Heo libata: make it clear that sata_inic162x is experimental
2013-08-04 Youquan Song ata: Fix DVD not dectected at some platform with Wellsb...
2013-08-04 Konrad Rzeszutek... xen/blkback: Check device permissions before allowing...
2013-08-04 Josef Bacik Btrfs: re-add root to dead root list if we stop dropping it
2013-08-04 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix lock leak when resuming snapshot deletion
2013-08-04 Ian Abbott staging: comedi: COMEDI_CANCEL ioctl should wake up...
2013-08-04 William Gulland usb: Clear both buffers when clearing a control transfe...
2013-08-04 Jóhann B.... USB: misc: Add Manhattan Hi-Speed USB DVI Converter...
2013-08-04 Johan Hovold USB: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix dynamic-id matching
2013-08-04 Felipe Balbi usb: dwc3: gadget: don't prevent gadget from being...
2013-08-04 Huang Rui usb: dwc3: fix wrong bit mask in dwc3_event_type
2013-08-04 Sarah Sharp xhci: Avoid NULL pointer deref when host dies.
2013-08-04 Oleksij Rempel xhci: fix null pointer dereference on ring_doorbell_for...
2013-08-04 George Cherian usb: host: xhci: Enable XHCI_SPURIOUS_SUCCESS for all...
2013-08-04 zhangwei(Jovi) tracing: Fix irqs-off tag display in syscall tracing
2013-08-04 Saurav Kashyap SCSI: qla2xxx: Properly set the tagging for commands.
2013-08-04 Ewan D. Milne SCSI: sd: fix crash when UA received on DIF enabled...
2013-08-04 Nicolin Chen ASoC: wm8962: Remove remaining direct register cache...
2013-08-04 Chih-Chung... ASoC: max98088 - fix element type of the register cache.
2013-08-04 Ren Bigcren USB: storage: Add MicroVault Flash Drive to unusual_devs
2013-08-04 Joern Engel iscsi-target: Fix tfc_tpg_nacl_auth_cit configfs length...
2013-08-02 Bibek Basu mmc: tegra: cardhu: set correct parent
2013-08-02 Andy Carman ARM: tegra: pluto: adjust core voltage
2013-08-02 Laxman Dewangan mfd: tps65090: do not provide num_reg_defaults_raw...
2013-08-02 Rick Song arm: pluto: power: AP40X add sysedp corecap table
2013-08-02 Rick Song EDP: tegra: AP40X add option for core cap table
2013-08-02 Erik Lilliebjerg input: misc: Fix self-test
2013-08-01 Rick Song arm: pluto: power: update sysedp core cap table to...
2013-08-01 Krishna Reddy video: tegra: nvmap: enable iwb page pool if outer...
2013-08-01 Charlie Huang ARM: tegra: pluto: e1823 camera board support
2013-08-01 Lei Fan ASoC: Tegra: Use modem clock to driver codec
2013-07-31 Terje Bergstrom ARM: tegra: Assert reset when power ungating
2013-07-31 Sivaram Nair ARM: tegra: macallan: update sys EDP data
2013-07-31 Rohith Seelaboyina usb: host: tegra: reduce delay in driver remove
2013-07-31 Ken Chang video: tegra: dsi: Fix mipi_cal sequence
2013-07-31 Jeetesh Burman Media: video: tegra: Fix Error message
2013-07-31 David Wang media: video: tegra: replace 12.6MP with 13MP mode