2012-04-26 Prashant Gaikwad PM: Enable partial support for FB earlysuspend
2012-04-26 Mayuresh Kulkarni i2c: mux: pca954x: correct PTR_ERR for regulator
2012-04-26 Sanjay Singh... ARM: tegra: update configuration directives for 3.4
2012-04-25 Sayak Ghosh... hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streams
2012-04-25 Nitin Pai asoc: tegra: Add TDM mode support
2012-04-25 Mark Zhang video: tegra: dc: Activate register update after programmed
2012-04-25 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: open drain pin need not to set...
2012-04-25 Laxman Dewangan ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: off core-power in LP0
2012-04-25 Syed Rafiuddin power: max17048: configure hibernate mode
2012-04-25 Shridhar Rasal arm: tegra: pm: use writel instead pmc_32kwritel
2012-04-25 Anton Kondratenko kernel: nvhost: add OOM checks
2012-04-25 Jon Mayo ARM: tegra: dc: support YUV422 format
2012-04-25 Peter De Schrijver ARM: tegra: provide fixed mapping for PCIe host
2012-04-25 Shridhar Rasal ARM: tegra: pcie: fix pcie resume issue
2012-04-25 Joshua Cha ARM: tegra2: dvfs: Update DVFS rails statistic for...
2012-04-25 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: add tracing information
2012-04-25 Jihoon Bang media: video: tegra: tegra_camera: re-arch power and...
2012-04-25 Ankit Pashiney ARM: tegra: dvfs: update DVFS table for Kai
2012-04-25 Erik Lilliebjerg media: common camera header
2012-04-25 Shawn Joo arm: tegra: xmm: check return value of autopm_get
2012-04-25 Hyung Taek... video: tegra: nvavp: Add force clock stay on API
2012-04-25 Ravindra Lokhande ASoC: Tegra: update codec name in dai link
2012-04-25 Varun Wadekar net: wireless: bcmdhd: sanity check input param in...
2012-04-25 Linus Torvalds Linux 3.4-rc4
2012-04-25 Yong Zhang sparc32,leon: add notify_cpu_starting()
2012-04-25 Nicolas Ferre dmaengine: Kconfig: fix Atmel at_hdmac entry
2012-04-25 Nicolas Ferre USB: gadget/at91_udc: add gpio_to_irq() function to...
2012-04-25 Nicolas Ferre USB: ohci-at91: change annotations for probe/remove...
2012-04-25 Nicolas Ferre leds-atmel-pwm.c: Make pwmled_probe() __devinit
2012-04-25 Jean-Christophe... ARM: at91: fix at91sam9261ek Ethernet dm9000 irq
2012-04-25 Jean-Christophe... ARM: at91: fix rm9200ek flash size
2012-04-25 Joachim Eastwood ARM: at91: remove empty at91_init_serial function
2012-04-25 Nicolas Ferre ARM: at91: fix typo in at91_pmc_base assembly declaration
2012-04-25 Joachim Eastwood ARM: at91: Export at91_matrix_base
2012-04-25 Joachim Eastwood ARM: at91: Export at91_pmc_base
2012-04-25 Joachim Eastwood ARM: at91: Export at91_ramc_base
2012-04-25 Joachim Eastwood ARM: at91: Export at91_st_base
2012-04-25 Linus Walleij ARM: ux500: update defconfig
2012-04-25 Lee Jones ARM: ux500: Fix unmet direct dependency
2012-04-25 Jonas Aaberg ARM: ux500: wake secondary cpu via resched
2012-04-25 Robert Lee ARM: imx: Fix imx5 idle logic bug
2012-04-25 Fabio Estevam ARM: imx27-dt: Fix build due to removal of irq_domain_a...
2012-04-25 Fabio Estevam ARM: imx_v4_v5_defconfig: Add support for CONFIG_REGULA...
2012-04-25 Paul Walmsley ARM: OMAP1: DMTIMER: fix broken timer clock source...
2012-04-25 Santosh Shilimkar ARM: OMAP: serial: Fix the ocp smart idlemode handling bug
2012-04-25 Govindraj.R ARM: OMAP2+: UART: Fix incorrect population of default...
2012-04-25 Grazvydas Ignotas ARM: OMAP: sram: fix BUG in dpll code for !PM case
2012-04-25 Archit Taneja ARM: OMAP2/3: VENC hwmods: Remove OCPIF_SWSUP_IDLE...
2012-04-25 Paul Walmsley ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Revert "ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Make...
2012-04-25 Fernando Guzman... ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: add softreset delay field and OMAP4...
2012-04-25 Aaro Koskinen ARM: OMAP1: mux: add missing include
2012-04-25 Paul Gortmaker ARM: bcmring: fix UART declarations
2012-04-25 Ulf Hansson mmc: core: Do not pre-claim host in suspend
2012-04-25 Jaehoon Chung mmc: dw_mmc: prevent NULL dereference for dma_ops
2012-04-25 Eric Bénard mmc: unbreak sdhci-esdhc-imx on i.MX25
2012-04-25 H Hartley Sweeten mmc: cd-gpio: Include header to pickup exported symbol...
2012-04-25 Daniel Drake mmc: sdhci: refine non-removable card checking for...
2012-04-25 Seungwon Jeon mmc: dw_mmc: Fix switch from DMA to PIO
2012-04-25 Chuanxiao Dong mmc: remove MMC bus legacy suspend/resume method
2012-04-25 Rajendra Nayak mmc: omap_hsmmc: Get rid of of_have_populated_dt()...
2012-04-25 Chris Ball mmc: omap_hsmmc: build fix for CONFIG_OF=y and CONFIG_M...
2012-04-25 Adrian Hunter mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 sanitize operation
2012-04-25 Adrian Hunter mmc: fixes for eMMC v4.5 discard operation
2012-04-25 Michael Krufky [media] xc5000: support 32MHz ...
2012-04-25 Guennadi Liakhovetski [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix compilation breakage
2012-04-25 Sylwester Nawrocki [media] V4L: DocBook: Fix typos in the multi-plane...
2012-04-25 Guennadi Liakhovetski [media] V4L: mt9m032: fix two dead-locks
2012-04-25 David Härdeman [media] rc-core: set mode for winbond-cir
2012-04-25 Alexey Khoroshilov [media] drxk: Does not unlock mutex if sanity check...
2012-04-25 Mauro Carvalho... [media] dvb_frontend: Fix a regression when switching...
2012-04-25 Paul Gortmaker mfd: Fix modular builds of rc5t583 regulator support
2012-04-25 Dmitry Artamonow mfd: Fix asic3_gpio_to_irq
2012-04-25 Keshava Munegowda ARM: OMAP3: USB: Fix the EHCI ULPI PHY reset issue
2012-04-25 Peter Ujfalusi mfd: Convert twl6040 to i2c driver, and separate it...
2012-04-25 Daniel Lezcano mfd : Fix dbx500 compilation error
2012-04-25 Al Viro kill mm argument of vm_munmap()
2012-04-25 Al Viro perfmon: kill some helpers and arguments
2012-04-25 Al Viro aio: don't bother with unmapping when aio_free_ring...
2012-04-25 Linus Torvalds VM: add "vm_mmap()" helper function
2012-04-25 Linus Torvalds VM: add "vm_munmap()" helper function
2012-04-25 Linus Torvalds VM: add "vm_brk()" helper function
2012-04-25 Stephen Warren pinctrl: implement pinctrl_check_ops
2012-04-25 Stephen Warren pinctrl: include <linux/bug.h> to prevent compile errors
2012-04-25 Dong Aisheng pinctrl: fix compile error if not select PINMUX support
2012-04-25 Julia Lawall drivers/tty/amiserial.c: add missing tty_unlock
2012-04-25 Tomoya MORINAGA pch_uart: Fix dma channel unallocated issue
2012-04-25 Alexander Shiyan ARM: clps711x: serial driver hungs are a result of...
2012-04-25 Yuri Matylitski USB: serial: cp210x: Fixed usb_control_msg timeout...
2012-04-25 Stephen Warren USB: ehci-tegra: don't call set_irq_flags(IRQF_VALID)
2012-04-25 Tomoki Sekiyama USB: yurex: Fix missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP flag...
2012-04-25 Tomoki Sekiyama USB: yurex: Remove allocation of coherent buffer for...
2012-04-25 Julia Lawall drivers/usb/misc/usbtest.c: add kfrees
2012-04-25 Anatolij Gustschin USB: ehci-fsl: Fix kernel crash on mpc5121e
2012-04-25 Oliver Neukum uwb: fix error handling
2012-04-25 Oliver Neukum uwb: fix use of del_timer_sync() in interrupt
2012-04-25 Alan Stern EHCI: always clear the STS_FLR status bit
2012-04-25 Alan Stern EHCI: fix criterion for resuming the root hub
2012-04-25 Bjørn Mork USB: sierra: avoid QMI/wwan interface on MC77xx
2012-04-25 Xi Wang usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in alloc_sglist()
2012-04-25 Xi Wang usb: usbtest: avoid integer overflow in test_ctrl_queue()