2006-10-11 Trond Myklebust [PATCH] VM: Fix the gfp_mask in invalidate_complete_page2
2006-10-11 Matthias Urlichs [PATCH] document the core-dump-to-a-pipe patch
2006-10-11 Reinette Chatre [PATCH] bitmap: parse input from kernel and user buffers
2006-10-11 Maciej W. Rozycki [PATCH] 32-bit compatibility HDIO IOCTLs
2006-10-11 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] x86/microcode: handle sysfs error
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] invalidate_inode_pages2_range() debug
2006-10-11 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sched: likely profiling
2006-10-11 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] tpm: fix error handling
2006-10-11 Vasily Averin [PATCH] ext2: errors behaviour fix
2006-10-11 Dmitry Mishin [PATCH] ext3: errors behaviour fix
2006-10-11 Florin Malita [PATCH] fix Module taint flags listing in Oops/panic
2006-10-11 Alan Cox [PATCH] ide-generic: jmicron fix
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] grow_buffers() infinite loop fix
2006-10-11 Stephane Eranian [PATCH] Add carta_random32() library routine
2006-10-11 Davide Libenzi [PATCH] epoll_pwait()
2006-10-11 David Woodhouse [PATCH] Add CONFIG_HEADERS_CHECK option to automaticall...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: allow finer tuning for host VMSPLIT setting
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: deprecate CONFIG_MODE_TT
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: remove duplicate export
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: asm offsets duplication removal
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: allow using again x86/x86_64 crypto code
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: declare in Kconfig our partial LOCKDEP...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: fix uname under setarch i386
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: fix processor selection to exclude unsuppo...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: make UML_SETJMP always safe
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: make TT mode compile after setjmp-related...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: readd forgot prototype
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: correct removal of pte_mkexec
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... [PATCH] uml: revert wrong patch
2006-10-11 Nick Piggin [PATCH] mm: locks_freed fix
2006-10-11 Nick Piggin [PATCH] mm: arch_free_page fix
2006-10-11 Keith Owens [PATCH] Fix do_mbind warning with CONFIG_MIGRATION=n
2006-10-11 Dave Jones [PATCH] move rmap BUG_ON outside DEBUG_VM
2006-10-11 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] mm: kevent threads: use MPOL_DEFAULT
2006-10-11 Dave Kleikamp [PATCH] Documentation/filesystems/ext4.txt
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] ext4 whitespace cleanups
2006-10-11 Dmitry Mishin [PATCH] ext4: errors behaviour fix
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] ext4: rename logic_sb_block
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] ext4 64 bit divide fix
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] ext4 uninline ext4_get_group_no_and_offset()
2006-10-11 Alexandre Ratchov [PATCH] ext4: move block number hi bits
2006-10-11 Alexandre Ratchov [PATCH] ext4: allow larger descriptor size
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] jbd2: switch blks_type from sector_t to ull
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] ext4: removesector_t bits check
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] ext4: blk_type from sector_t to unsigned long...
2006-10-11 Laurent Vivier [PATCH] ext4: 64bit metadata
2006-10-11 Badari Pulavarty [PATCH] ext4: 48bit i_file_acl
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] jbd2: sector_t conversion
2006-10-11 Zach Brown [PATCH] 64-bit jbd2 core
2006-10-11 Randy Dunlap [PATCH] ext4: clean up comments in ext4-extents patch
2006-10-11 Suparna Bhattacharya [PATCH] ext4: uninitialised extent handling
2006-10-11 Alex Tomas [PATCH] ext4: 48bit physical block number support in...
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] ext4: switch fsblk to sector_t
2006-10-11 Alex Tomas [PATCH] ext3: add extent map support
2006-10-11 Dave Kleikamp [PATCH] jbd2: cleanup ext4_jbd.h
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] jbd2: enable building of jbd2 and have ext4...
2006-10-11 Johann Lombardi [PATCH] jbd2: rename slab
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] jbd2: rename jbd2 symbols to avoid duplication...
2006-10-11 Dave Kleikamp [PATCH] jbd2: initial copy of files from jbd
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] ext4: enable building of ext4
2006-10-11 Mingming Cao [PATCH] ext4: rename ext4 symbols to avoid duplication...
2006-10-11 Dave Kleikamp [PATCH] ext4: initial copy of files from ext3
2006-10-11 Chen, Kenneth W [PATCH] hugetlb: fix linked list corruption in unmap_hu...
2006-10-11 Rafael J. Wysocki [PATCH] swsusp: Use suspend_console
2006-10-11 Heiko Carstens [PATCH] Disable DETECT_SOFTLOCKUP for s390
2006-10-11 Aneesh Kumar K.V [PATCH] use struct irq_chip instead of struct hw_interr...
2006-10-11 Luca Tettamanti [PATCH] Fix menuconfig build failure due to missing...
2006-10-11 Mel Gorman [PATCH] mm: remove memmap_zone_idx()
2006-10-11 Mel Gorman [PATCH] mm: use symbolic names instead of indices for...
2006-10-11 Haavard Skinnemoen [PATCH] IRQ: Fix AVR32 breakage
2006-10-11 Eric Sesterhenn [PATCH] null dereference in fs/jbd/journal.c
2006-10-11 Andrew Morton [PATCH] revert "nvidiafb: use generic ddc reading"
2006-10-11 Linus Torvalds ACPI: Allow setting SCI_EN bit in PM1_CONTROL register
2006-10-10 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] firmware/dcdbas: fix bug in error cleanup
2006-10-10 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] irda: donauboe fixes, cleanups
2006-10-10 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] endianness annotations in s2io
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] ufs endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] fs/partitions endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] Finish annotations of struct vlan_ethhdr
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] isofs endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] smbfs endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] hpfs endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] fs/fat endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] befs: endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] befs: missing fs32_to_cpu() in debug.c
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] befs: introduce on-disk endian types
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] befs: prepare to sanitizing headers
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] befs: remove bogus typedef
2006-10-10 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] chelsio: add endian annotations
2006-10-10 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] serpent: fix endian warnings
2006-10-10 Alexey Dobriyan [PATCH] cdrom: add endianness annotations
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] use %p for pointers
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] use %zu for size_t
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] missed const in prototype
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] net/sunrpc/auth_gss/svcauth_gss.c endianness...
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] strndup() would better take size_t, not int
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] ptrdiff_t is %t, not %z
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] cpuset ANSI prototype
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] fs/inode.c NULL noise removal