2013-04-12 Lars-Peter... regmap: cache Fix regcache-rbtree sync
2013-04-12 Lars-Peter... ASoC: dma-sh7760: Fix compile error
2013-04-05 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.39
2013-04-05 Greg Kroah... Revert "xen/blkback: Don't trust the handle from the...
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico bonding: get netdev_rx_handler_unregister out of locks
2013-04-05 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: fix jumbo frame support
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico pch_gbe: fix ip_summed checksum reporting on rx
2013-04-05 Eric Dumazet net: add a synchronize_net() in netdev_rx_handler_unreg...
2013-04-05 Max.Nekludov... ks8851: Fix interpretation of rxlen field.
2013-04-05 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: don't accept node local multicast traffic from...
2013-04-05 Hong Zhiguo ipv6: fix bad free of addrconf_init_net
2013-04-05 Hannes Frederic... ipv6: don't accept multicast traffic with scope 0
2013-04-05 Joseph CHANG DM9000B: driver initialization upgrade
2013-04-05 Hannes Frederic... atl1e: drop pci-msi support because of packet corruption
2013-04-05 Eric Dumazet aoe: reserve enough headroom on skbs
2013-04-05 Andrey Vagin net: fix *_DIAG_MAX constants
2013-04-05 Mugunthan V N drivers: net: ethernet: cpsw: use netif_wake_queue...
2013-04-05 Mugunthan V N drivers: net: ethernet: davinci_emac: use netif_wake_qu...
2013-04-05 bonding: fix disabling of arp_interval and miimon
2013-04-05 bonding: fix miimon and arp_interval delayed work race...
2013-04-05 Veaceslav Falico bonding: remove already created master sysfs link on...
2013-04-05 Paul Moore unix: fix a race condition in unix_release()
2013-04-05 Masatake YAMATO thermal: shorten too long mcast group name
2013-04-05 Cong Wang 8021q: fix a potential use-after-free
2013-04-05 Yuchung Cheng tcp: undo spurious timeout after SACK reneging
2013-04-05 Eric Dumazet tcp: preserve ACK clocking in TSO
2013-04-05 Mirko Lindner sky2: Threshold for Pause Packet is set wrong
2013-04-05 Mirko Lindner sky2: Receive Overflows not counted
2013-04-05 Eric Dumazet net: remove a WARN_ON() in net_enable_timestamp()
2013-04-05 Steven Rostedt... tracing: Prevent buffer overwrite disabled for latency...
2013-04-05 Steven Rostedt... tracing: Protect tracer flags with trace_types_lock
2013-04-05 Theodore Ts'o ext4: use atomic64_t for the per-flexbg free_clusters...
2013-04-05 Lukas Czerner ext4: convert number of blocks to clusters properly
2013-04-05 Matt Fleming efivars: Handle duplicate names from get_next_variable()
2013-04-05 Matt Fleming efivars: explicitly calculate length of VariableName
2013-04-05 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix space leak when we fail to reserve metadata...
2013-04-05 Ville Syrj... drm/i915: Don't clobber crtc->fb when queue_flip fails
2013-04-05 J. Bruce Fields nfsd4: reject "negative" acl lengths
2013-04-05 Mac Lin ARM: cns3xxx: fix mapping of private memory region
2013-04-05 Anatol Pomozov loop: prevent bdev freeing while device in use
2013-04-05 Alan Stern usb: gadget: udc-core: fix a regression during gadget...
2013-04-05 Josef Bacik Btrfs: don't drop path when printing out tree errors...
2013-04-05 Josef Bacik Btrfs: limit the global reserve to 512mb
2013-04-05 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix race between mmap writes and compression
2013-04-05 Vivek Gautam usb: xhci: Fix TRB transfer length macro used for Event...
2013-04-05 Kees Cook net/irda: add missing error path release_sock call
2013-04-05 fanchaoting pnfs-block: removing DM device maybe cause oops when...
2013-04-05 Bing Zhao mwifiex: cancel cmd timer and free curr_cmd in shutdown...
2013-04-05 Al Viro vt: synchronize_rcu() under spinlock is not nice...
2013-04-05 Konstantin... usb: ftdi_sio: Add support for Mitsubishi FX-USB-AW/-BD
2013-04-05 Pawel Wieczorkiewicz tty: atmel_serial_probe(): index of atmel_ports[] fix
2013-04-05 Jan Beulich xen-blkback: fix dispatch_rw_block_io() error path
2013-04-05 David Vrabel xen/blkback: correctly respond to unknown, non-native...
2013-04-05 Joerg Roedel iommu/amd: Make sure dma_ops are set for hotplug devices
2013-04-05 Kees Cook tg3: fix length overflow in VPD firmware parsing
2013-04-05 Rafał MiÅ... b43: N-PHY: use more bits for offset in RSSI calibration
2013-04-05 Iestyn C. Elfick b43: A fix for DMA transmission sequence errors
2013-04-05 Rafał MiÅ... b43: N-PHY: increase initial value of "mind" in RSSI...
2013-04-05 Jussi Kivilinna rtlwifi: usb: add missing freeing of skbuff
2013-04-05 Josh Boyer HID: usbhid: quirk for Realtek Multi-card reader
2013-04-05 Felix Fietkau ath9k_hw: revert chainmask to user configuration after...
2013-04-05 Marc Kleine... can: sja1000: fix define conflict on SH
2013-04-05 Ming Lei sysfs: handle failure path correctly for readdir()
2013-04-05 Ming Lei sysfs: fix race between readdir and lseek
2013-04-05 Ian Abbott staging: comedi: s626: fix continuous acquisition
2013-04-05 Ming Lei Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:817a]
2013-04-05 Ming Lei Bluetooth: Add support for Dell[QCA 0cf3:0036]
2013-04-05 Vinicius Costa... Bluetooth: Fix not closing SCO sockets in the BT_CONNEC...
2013-04-05 Chris Metcalf tile: expect new initramfs name from hypervisor file...
2013-04-05 Trond Myklebust SUNRPC: Add barriers to ensure read ordering in rpc_wak...
2013-04-05 Andrew Morton kernel/signal.c: use __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER instead...
2013-04-05 Ben Hutchings signal: Define __ARCH_HAS_SA_RESTORER so we know whethe...
2013-03-28 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.4.38
2013-03-28 Ben Hutchings asus-laptop: Do not call HWRS on init
2013-03-28 Felix Fietkau rt2x00: error in configurations with mesh support disabled
2013-03-28 Kees Cook exec: use -ELOOP for max recursion depth
2013-03-28 Lekensteyn i915: initialize CADL in opregion
2013-03-28 Tomas Hozza tools: hv: Netlink source address validation allows DoS
2013-03-28 Mathias Krause udf: avoid info leak on export
2013-03-28 Mathias Krause isofs: avoid info leak on export
2013-03-28 Alan Cox key: Fix resource leak
2013-03-28 Johan Hovold USB: io_ti: fix get_icount for two port adapters
2013-03-28 Johan Hovold USB: garmin_gps: fix memory leak on disconnect
2013-03-28 Jan Kara udf: Fix bitmap overflow on large filesystems with...
2013-03-28 Frederic Weisbecker nohz: Make tick_nohz_irq_exit() irq safe
2013-03-28 Johan Hovold USB: serial: fix interface refcounting
2013-03-28 Johan Hovold USB: cdc-acm: fix device unregistration
2013-03-28 Hannes Reinecke USB: xhci: correctly enable interrupts
2013-03-28 Dmitry Torokhov USB: xhci - fix bit definitions for IMAN register
2013-03-28 CQ Tang x86-64: Fix the failure case in copy_user_handle_tail()
2013-03-28 Mark Rutland clockevents: Don't allow dummy broadcast timers
2013-03-28 Mike Marciniszyn IPoIB: Fix send lockup due to missed TX completion
2013-03-28 Theodore Ts'o ext4: fix data=journal fast mount/umount hang
2013-03-28 Dmitry Artamonow usb-storage: add unusual_devs entry for Samsung YP...
2013-03-28 Zheng Liu ext4: fix the wrong number of the allocated blocks...
2013-03-28 Jan Kara jbd2: fix use after free in jbd2_journal_dirty_metadata()
2013-03-28 Jeff Layton cifs: ignore everything in SPNEGO blob after mechTypes
2013-03-28 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/benchmark: make sure bo blit copy exists...
2013-03-28 Alex Deucher drm/radeon: add support for Richland APUs
2013-03-28 Alex Deucher drm/radeon: add Richland pci ids