2010-09-15 Joe Perches net/irda: Use static const char * const where possible
2010-09-15 Joe Perches drivers/net/wireless: Use static const char * const...
2010-09-15 Joe Perches drivers/net/pcmcia: Use static const char * const where...
2010-09-15 Joe Perches drivers/net: Use static const char * const where possible
2010-09-15 Joe Perches drivers/isdn: Use static const char * const where possible
2010-09-14 Jean Delvare e1000e: Simplify MSI interrupt testing
2010-09-14 Andy Shevchenko uwb: use '%pM' format to print MAC address
2010-09-14 Dmitry Kravkov bnx2x: Spread rx buffers between allocated queues
2010-09-14 Ondrej Zary cx82310_eth: allow empty URBs
2010-09-14 Ondrej Zary cx82310_eth: check usb_string() return value for error
2010-09-14 Joe Perches drivers/net/skfp: Remove pr_<level> uses of KERN_<level>
2010-09-14 Andreas Schwab net/cxgb3: remove undefined operations
2010-09-14 Andreas Schwab net/de4x5: remove undefined operations
2010-09-14 Denis Kirjanov sundance: Add power management hooks
2010-09-14 Eric Dumazet flow: better memory management
2010-09-14 Ben Hutchings sfc: Fix order of channel_name array dimensions
2010-09-12 David S. Miller bna: Check for NULL before deref in bnad_cb_tx_cleanup
2010-09-10 stephen hemminger pkt_sched: remov unnecessary bh_disable
2010-09-10 Eric Dumazet fib: cleanups
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Allow changing the DMA ring sizes dynamically...
2010-09-10 Steve Hodgson sfc: Make the dmaq size a run-time setting (rather...
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Allocate each channel separately, along with its...
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Refactor channel and queue lookup and iteration
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Abstract channel and index lookup for RX queues
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Allocate DMA and event rings using GFP_KERNEL
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Fix failure paths in efx_probe_port()
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Remove declarations of functions that no longer...
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Accumulate RX_NODESC_DROP count in rx_dropped...
2010-09-10 Ben Hutchings sfc: Use MCDI RX_BAD_FCS_PKTS count as MAC rx_bad count
2010-09-10 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-09-10 David S. Miller Merge branch 'vhost-net' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-09-10 Nikitas Angelinas drivers/net/bnx2x: use ARRAY_SIZE macro in bnx2x_main.c
2010-09-10 Dan Williams ipheth: remove incorrect devtype to WWAN
2010-09-10 Joe Perches MAINTAINERS: Add CAIF
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: change multi-line comments style
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: remove volatiles, switch to I/O accessors
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: fix asm -> linux headers inclusion
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: fix bad printk usages
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: fix all but one "line over 80 characters...
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: stylistic fixes
2010-09-10 Florian Fainelli au1000-eth: typedefs removal
2010-09-10 Paul Gortmaker tipc: Optimize handling excess content on incoming...
2010-09-10 Eric Dumazet ixgbevf: remove private net_device_stats
2010-09-09 Eric Dumazet tunnels: missing rcu_assign_pointer()
2010-09-09 Namhyung Kim net/core: add lock context change annotations in net...
2010-09-09 Namhyung Kim net/core: remove address space warnings on verify_iovec()
2010-09-09 Joe Perches sctp: fix test for end of loop
2010-09-09 David S. Miller Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://
2010-09-09 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/torvalds...
2010-09-09 Eric Dumazet KS8851: Correct RX packet allocation
2010-09-09 Eric Dumazet udp: add rehash on connect()
2010-09-09 Stephen Hemminger atlx: make strings const
2010-09-09 Eric Dumazet net: inet_add_protocol() can use cmpxchg()
2010-09-09 Ondrej Zary cxacru: ignore cx82310_eth devices
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Remove dead struct from rds.h
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: rds.h: Replace u_int[size]_t with uint[size]_t
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Add rds.h to exported headers list
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Implement masked atomic operations
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: print string constants in more places
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: cancel connection work structs as we shut down
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: don't call rds_conn_shutdown() from rds_conn_destroy()
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: have sockets get transport module references
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: remove old rs_transport comment
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: lock rds_conn_count decrement in rds_conn_destroy()
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: protect the list of IB devices
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: print IB event strings as well as their number
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS: flush fmrs before allocating new ones
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS: properly use sg_init_table
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: track signaled sends
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: remove __init and __exit annotation
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS/IB: Use SLAB_HWCACHE_ALIGN flag for kmem_cache_create()
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: always process recv completions
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: return to a single-threaded krdsd
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: create a work queue for FMR flushing
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: destroy connections on rmmod
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: wait for IB dev freeing work to finish during...
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS/IB: Make ib_recv_refill return void
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Remove unused XLIST_PTR_TAIL and xlist_protect()
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: whitespace
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS: use delayed work for the FMR flushes
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: more FMRs are faster
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: recycle FMRs through lockless lists
2010-09-09 Zach Brown rds: fix rds_send_xmit() serialization
2010-09-09 Zach Brown rds: block ints when acquiring c_lock in rds_conn_messa...
2010-09-09 Zach Brown rds: remove unused rds_send_acked_before()
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS: use friendly gfp masks for prefill
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS/IB: Add caching of frags and incs
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS/IB: Remove ib_recv_unmap_page()
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Assume recv->r_frag is always NULL in refill_one()
2010-09-09 Andy Grover RDS: Use page_remainder_alloc() for recv bufs
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: disconnect when IB devices are removed
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS: introduce rds_conn_connect_if_down()
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: add refcount tracking to struct rds_ib_device
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: get the xmit max_sge from the RDS IB device...
2010-09-09 Zach Brown RDS/IB: rds_ib_cm_handle_connect() forgot to unlock...
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: Fix reference counting on the for xmit_atomic...
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: use RCU to protect the connection hash
2010-09-09 Chris Mason RDS: use locking on the connection hash list
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: Fix RDMA message reference counting
2010-09-09 Chris Mason rds: don't let RDS shutdown a connection while senders...