2011-12-09 Federico Vaga Staging: comedi: fix mmap_count
2011-12-09 Bernd Porr staging: comedi: fix oops for USB DAQ devices.
2011-12-09 Bart Westgeest staging: usbip: bugfix for deadlock
2011-12-09 wwang staging:rts_pstor:Complete scanning_done variable
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter... firmware: Sigma: Fix endianess issues
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter... firmware: Sigma: Skip header during CRC generation
2011-12-09 Lars-Peter... firmware: Sigma: Prevent out of bounds memory access
2011-12-09 Axel Lin ASoC: Fix wrong define for AD1836_ADC_WORD_OFFSET
2011-12-09 Charles Chin ALSA: hda - Fix S3/S4 problem on machines with VREF...
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: add some loop timeouts in pageflip...
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: add some new pci ids
2011-12-09 Wey-Yi Guy iwlwifi: allow pci_enable_msi fail
2011-12-09 stephen hemminger bridge: correct IPv6 checksum after pull
2011-12-09 Hillf Danton hugetlb: release pages in the error path of hugetlb_cow()
2011-12-09 Hannes Reinecke SCSI: Silencing 'killing requests for dead queue'
2011-12-09 Mitsuo Hayasaka xfs: use doalloc flag in xfs_qm_dqattach_one()
2011-12-09 Carlos Maiolino xfs: Fix possible memory corruption in xfs_readlink
2011-12-09 Christoph Hellwig xfs: fix buffer flushing during unmount
2011-12-09 Mitsuo Hayasaka xfs: Return -EIO when xfs_vn_getattr() failed
2011-12-09 Christoph Hellwig xfs: avoid direct I/O write vs buffered I/O race
2011-12-09 Dave Chinner xfs: don't serialise direct IO reads on page cache...
2011-12-09 Emmanuel Grumbach mac80211: fix race between the AGG SM and the Tx data...
2011-12-09 Johannes Berg mac80211: don't stop a single aggregation session twice
2011-12-09 Johannes Berg cfg80211: fix regulatory NULL dereference
2011-12-09 Eliad Peller nl80211: fix MAC address validation
2011-12-09 Gertjan van... rt2x00: Fix efuse EEPROM reading on PPC32.
2011-12-09 Michael Büsch p54spi: Fix workqueue deadlock
2011-12-09 Michael Büsch p54spi: Add missing spin_lock_init
2011-12-09 John Stultz clocksource: Avoid selecting mult values that might...
2011-12-09 Jeff Ohlstein hrtimer: Fix extra wakeups from __remove_hrtimer()
2011-12-09 Hector Palacios timekeeping: add arch_offset hook to ktime_get functions
2011-12-09 Michal Hocko cgroup_freezer: fix freezing groups with stopped tasks
2011-12-09 Tero Kristo regulator: twl: fix twl4030 support for smps regulators
2011-12-09 Axel Lin regulator: aat2870: Fix the logic of checking if no...
2011-12-09 Edward Donovan genirq: fix regression in irqfixup, irqpoll
2011-12-09 Stanislaw Gruszka rtlwifi: fix lps_lock deadlock
2011-12-09 Tejun Heo ext4: fix racy use-after-free in ext4_end_io_dio()
2011-12-09 Trond Myklebust SUNRPC: Ensure we return EAGAIN in xs_nospace if conges...
2011-12-09 Mark Brown ASoC: Ensure WM8731 register cache is synced when resum...
2011-12-09 Timo Juhani... ASoC: wm8753: Skip noop reconfiguration of DAI mode
2011-12-09 Timur Tabi ASoC: fsl_ssi: properly initialize the sysfs attribute...
2011-12-09 Johannes Stezenbach ASoC: sta32x: preserve coefficient RAM
2011-12-09 Takashi Iwai ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix missing inits of item indices...
2011-12-09 Tim Blechmann ALSA: lx6464es - fix device communication via command bus
2011-12-09 Takashi Iwai ALSA: hda - Fix jack-detection control of VT1708
2011-12-09 Will Deacon ARM: 7161/1: errata: no automatic store buffer drain
2011-12-09 Kevin Hilman ARM: OMAP: PM: only register TWL with voltage layer...
2011-12-09 Ming Lei ARM: OMAP2: select ARM_AMBA if OMAP3_EMU is defined
2011-12-09 sricharan ARM: OMAP: hwmod: Fix the addr space, irq, dma count...
2011-12-09 Felipe Balbi ARM: OMAP: smartreflex: fix IRQ handling bug
2011-12-09 Wolfram Sang arm: mx28: fix bit operation in clock setting
2011-12-09 Haojian Zhuang ARM: pxa: fix inconsistent CONFIG_USB_PXA27X
2011-12-09 Daniel Drake viafb: correct sync polarity for OLPC DCON
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: fix up gpio i2c mask bits for r4xx
2011-12-09 Bjorn Helgaas PCI hotplug: shpchp: don't blindly claim non-AMD 0x7450...
2011-12-09 Takashi Iwai drm/i915: Fix inconsistent backlight level during disabled
2011-12-09 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Turn on another required clock gating bit...
2011-12-09 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Turn on a required 3D clock gating bit on...
2011-12-09 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: Ivybridge still has fences!
2011-12-09 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: fix up gpio i2c mask bits for r4xx...
2011-12-09 Xi Wang drm: integer overflow in drm_mode_dirtyfb_ioctl()
2011-12-09 Phil Sutter crypto: mv_cesa - fix hashing of chunks > 1920 bytes
2011-12-09 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Extend array bounds for all filename chars
2011-12-09 Jeffrey (Sheng... i2c-algo-bit: Generate correct i2c address sequence...
2011-12-09 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Flush file in vma close
2011-12-09 Tyler Hicks eCryptfs: Prevent file create race condition
2011-11-28 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.1.4
2011-11-28 Greg Kroah... Revert "USB: EHCI: fix HUB TT scheduling issue with...
2011-11-26 Greg Kroah... Linux 3.1.3
2011-11-26 Mikulas Patocka vmscan: fix shrinker callback bug in fs/super.c
2011-11-26 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: unify hash_entry field position in tt_local...
2011-11-26 Simon Wunderlich batman-adv: add sanity check when removing global tts
2011-11-26 Simon Wunderlich batman-adv: remove references for global tt entries
2011-11-26 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: correctly set the data field in the TT_REPO...
2011-11-26 Antonio Quartulli batman-adv: fix tt_local_reset_flags() function
2011-11-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: always set FDI composite sync bit
2011-11-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: fix IVB cursor support
2011-11-26 sordna USB: quirks: adding more quirky webcams to avoid squeak...
2011-11-26 Josh Boyer USB: add quirk for Logitech C600 web cam
2011-11-26 Thomas Poussevin USB: EHCI: fix HUB TT scheduling issue with iso transfer
2011-11-26 Alan Stern usb-storage: Accept 8020i-protocol commands longer...
2011-11-26 Andrew Worsley USB: Fix Corruption issue in USB ftdi driver ftdi_sio.c
2011-11-26 Bart Hartgers USB: ark3116 initialisation fix
2011-11-26 Alan Stern USB: workaround for bug in old version of GCC
2011-11-26 Havard Skinnemoen USB: cdc-acm: Fix disconnect() vs close() race
2011-11-26 Tomoya MORINAGA USB: pch_udc: Support new device LAPIS Semiconductor...
2011-11-26 wangyanqing USB: serial: pl2303: rm duplicate id
2011-11-26 Ferenc Wagner USB: option: add PID of Huawei E173s 3G modem
2011-11-26 zheng.zhijian... USB: option: release new PID for ZTE 3G modem
2011-11-26 Alan Stern USB: XHCI: resume root hubs when the controller resumes
2011-11-26 Don Zickus usb, xhci: fix lockdep warning on endpoint timeout
2011-11-26 Don Zickus usb, xhci: Clear warm reset change event during init
2011-11-26 Sarah Sharp xhci: Set slot and ep0 flags for address command.
2011-11-26 Claudio Scordino drivers/base/node.c: fix compilation error with older...
2011-11-26 Axel Lin pcie-gadget-spear: Add "platform:" prefix for platform...
2011-11-26 Wu Fengguang ALSA: hda - fix ELD memory leak
2011-11-26 Jeff Layton nfs: when attempting to open a directory, fall back...
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, wait for ldisc infinitely in hangup
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, move wait idle to caller
2011-11-26 Jiri Slaby TTY: ldisc, allow waiting for ldisc arbitrarily long