2011-03-12 Chris Mason Btrfs: break out of shrink_delalloc earlier
2011-03-10 Miao Xie btrfs: fix not enough reserved space
2011-03-10 Daniel J Blueman btrfs: fix dip leak
2011-03-08 Chris Mason Btrfs: make sure not to return overlapping extents...
2011-03-07 Chris Mason Btrfs: deal with short returns from copy_from_user
2011-03-07 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix regressions in copy_from_user handling
2011-02-23 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix fiemap bugs with delalloc
2011-02-16 Ilya Dryomov Btrfs: set FMODE_EXCL in btrfs_device->mode
2011-02-16 Ilya Dryomov Btrfs: make btrfs_rm_device() fail gracefully
2011-02-16 Li Zefan Btrfs: Avoid accessing unmapped kernel address
2011-02-16 Li Zefan Btrfs: Fix BTRFS_IOC_SUBVOL_SETFLAGS ioctl
2011-02-16 Chris Mason Btrfs: allow balance to explicitly allocate chunks...
2011-02-16 Chris Mason Btrfs: put ENOSPC debugging under a mount option
2011-02-14 Tsutomu Itoh Btrfs: check return value of alloc_extent_map()
2011-02-14 Ilya Dryomov Btrfs - Fix memory leak in btrfs_init_new_device()
2011-02-14 Dan Rosenberg btrfs: prevent heap corruption in btrfs_ioctl_space_info()
2011-02-14 Yan, Zheng Btrfs: Fix balance panic
2011-02-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: don't release pages when we can't clear the...
2011-02-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix page->private races
2011-02-07 Yan, Zheng Btrfs: Fix page count calculation
2011-02-06 Alexey Charkov btrfs: Drop __exit attribute on btrfs_exit_compress
2011-02-06 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: cleanup error handling in btrfs_unlink_inode()
2011-02-06 Josef Bacik Btrfs: exclude super blocks when we read in block groups
2011-02-06 Josef Bacik Btrfs: make sure search_bitmap finds something in remov...
2011-02-01 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: fix return value check of btrfs_start_transaction()
2011-02-01 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: checking NULL or not in some functions
2011-02-01 Chris Mason Btrfs: avoid uninit variable warnings in ordered-data.c
2011-01-31 Chris Mason Btrfs: catch errors from btrfs_sync_log
2011-01-31 Josef Bacik Btrfs: make shrink_delalloc a little friendlier
2011-01-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: handle no memory properly in prepare_pages
2011-01-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do error checking in btrfs_del_csums
2011-01-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: use the global block reserve if we cannot reserv...
2011-01-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do not release more reserved bytes to the global...
2011-01-28 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix check_path_shared so it returns the right...
2011-01-28 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: check return value of btrfs_start_ioctl_transact...
2011-01-28 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: fix return value check of btrfs_join_transaction()
2011-01-28 Julia Lawall fs/btrfs/inode.c: Add missing IS_ERR test
2011-01-28 liubo btrfs: fix missing break in switch phrase
2011-01-28 liubo btrfs: fix several uncheck memory allocations
2011-01-28 liubo btrfs: fix uncheck memory allocation in btrfs_submit_co...
2011-01-28 Chris Mason Merge branch 'bug-fixes' of git://
2011-01-26 Li Zefan Btrfs: Fix file clone when source offset is not 0
2011-01-26 Miao Xie Btrfs: Fix memory leak in writepage fixup work
2011-01-26 Miao Xie Btrfs: Don't return acl info when mounting with noacl...
2011-01-26 Tero Roponen Btrfs: Free correct pointer after using strsep
2011-01-26 Ian Kent Btrfs: Fix memory leak on finding existing super
2011-01-26 Li Zefan Btrfs: Fix memory leak at umount
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Check mergeable free space when removing a cluster
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Add a helper try_merge_free_space()
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Update stats when allocating from a cluster
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Free fully occupied bitmap in cluster
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Add helper function free_bitmap()
2011-01-26 Li Zefan btrfs: Fix threshold calculation for block groups small...
2011-01-17 liubo Btrfs: forced readonly mounts on errors
2011-01-16 Ben Hutchings btrfs: Require CAP_SYS_ADMIN for filesystem rebalance
2011-01-16 Josef Bacik Btrfs: don't warn if we get ENOSPC in btrfs_block_rsv_check
2011-01-16 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: Fix memory leak in btrfs_read_fs_root_no_radix()
2011-01-16 Tsutomu Itoh btrfs: check NULL or not
2011-01-16 Jesper Juhl btrfs: Don't pass NULL ptr to func that may deref it.
2011-01-16 Dave Young btrfs: mount failure return value fix
2011-01-16 Jesper Juhl btrfs: Mem leak in btrfs_get_acl()
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: fix wrong free space information of btrfs
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: make the chunk allocator utilize the devices...
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: restructure find_free_dev_extent()
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: fix wrong calculation of stripe size
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: try to reclaim some space when chunk allocation...
2011-01-16 Miao Xie btrfs: fix wrong data space statistics
2011-01-16 Stefan Schmidt fs/btrfs: Fix build of ctree
2011-01-16 Chris Mason Merge branch 'lzo-support' of git://
2011-01-16 Chris Mason Merge branch 'readonly-snapshots' of git://repo.or...
2011-01-04 Chris Mason Btrfs: fix off by one while setting block groups readonly
2010-12-23 Li Zefan Btrfs: Add BTRFS_IOC_SUBVOL_GETFLAGS/SETFLAGS ioctls
2010-12-23 Li Zefan Btrfs: Add readonly snapshots support
2010-12-23 Li Zefan Btrfs: Refactor btrfs_ioctl_snap_create()
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Extract duplicate decompress code
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Allow to specify compress method when defrag
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Add lzo compression support
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Allow to add new compression algorithm
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Fix error handling in zlib
2010-12-22 Li Zefan btrfs: Fix bugs in zlib workspace
2010-12-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: prevent RAID level downgrades when space is low
2010-12-14 Chris Mason Btrfs: account for missing devices in RAID allocation...
2010-12-13 Chris Mason Btrfs: EIO when we fail to read tree roots
2010-12-10 Jan Beulich Btrfs: fix compiler warnings
2010-12-10 Li Zefan Btrfs: Make async snapshot ioctl more generic
2010-12-10 Xin Zhong Btrfs: pwrite blocked when writing from the mmaped...
2010-12-10 Li Zefan Btrfs: Fix a crash when mounting a subvolume
2010-12-10 Sage Weil Btrfs: fix sync subvol/snapshot creation
2010-12-10 Yan, Zheng Btrfs: Fix page leak in compressed writeback path
2010-12-10 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do not BUG if we fail to remove the orphan item...
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fixup return code for btrfs_del_orphan_item
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: do not do fast caching if we are allocating...
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: deal with space cache errors better
2010-12-09 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix use after free in O_DIRECT
2010-11-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: don't use migrate page without CONFIG_MIGRATION
2010-11-29 Chris Mason Btrfs: deal with DIO bios that span more than one order...
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: setup blank root and fs_info for mount time
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: fix fiemap
2010-11-27 Ian Kent Btrfs - fix race between btrfs_get_sb() and umount
2010-11-27 Josef Bacik Btrfs: update inode ctime when using links