2012-05-14 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: fix phy interrupt acknowledge
2012-05-14 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: fix phy init reset loop
2012-05-14 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: add more information to register io failure...
2012-05-14 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: fix mdio reads and writes
2012-05-14 Steve Glendinning smsc75xx: mark link down on startup and let PHY interru...
2012-05-14 Yuchung Cheng tcp: fix infinite cwnd in tcp_complete_cwr()
2012-05-14 Jan Seiffert bpf jit: Let the powerpc jit handle negative offsets
2012-05-14 Eric Dumazet net: fix sk_sockets_allocated_read_positive
2012-05-14 Pablo Neira... netfilter: xt_CT: fix wrong checking in the timeout...
2012-05-14 Hans Schillstrom ipvs: kernel oops - do_ip_vs_get_ctl
2012-05-14 Hans Schillstrom ipvs: take care of return value from protocol init_netns
2012-05-14 Hans Schillstrom ipvs: null check of net->ipvs in lblc(r) shedulers
2012-05-14 Julian Anastasov ipvs: reset ipvs pointer in netns
2012-05-14 Julian Anastasov ipvs: add check in ftp for initialized core
2012-05-14 Julian Anastasov ipvs: fix crash in ip_vs_control_net_cleanup on unload
2012-05-14 Sasha Levin ipvs: Verify that IP_VS protocol has been registered
2012-05-14 Neil Horman drop_monitor: Make updating data->skb smp safe
2012-05-14 Neil Horman drop_monitor: fix sleeping in invalid context warning
2012-05-14 Neal Cardwell tcp: clean up use of jiffies in tcp_rcv_rtt_measure()
2012-05-14 Vlad Yasevich MAINTAINERS: update sctp maintainer address
2012-05-14 Paolo Pisati smsc95xx: mark link down on startup and let PHY interru...
2012-05-14 Jeff Mahoney dl2k: Clean up rio_ioctl
2012-05-14 alex.bluesman... 6lowpan: add missing spin_lock_init()
2012-05-14 alex.bluesman... 6lowpan: clean up fragments list if module unloaded
2012-05-14 alex.bluesman... 6lowpan: fix segmentation fault caused by mlme request
2012-05-14 Jeff Kirsher e1000e: Fix default interrupt throttle rate not set...
2012-05-14 Prasanna S... e1000e: MSI interrupt test failed, using legacy interrupt
2012-05-14 Thadeu Lima... ehea: fix promiscuous mode
2012-05-14 Thadeu Lima... ehea: fix allmulticast support
2012-05-14 Shan Wei udp_diag: implement idiag_get_info for udp/udplite...
2012-05-14 Eliad Peller mac80211: call ieee80211_mgd_stop() on interface stop
2012-05-14 Meenakshi Venkataraman iwlwifi: use correct released ucode version
2012-05-14 Johannes Berg iwlwifi: fix hardware queue programming
2012-05-14 Eldad Zack brcmsmac: "INTERMEDIATE but not AMPDU" only when tracing
2012-05-14 Larry Finger rtlwifi: Fix oops on unload
2012-05-14 Stanislav Yakovlev ipw2200: Fix race condition in the command completion...
2012-05-14 Stanislaw Gruszka iwlwifi: do not nulify ctx->vif on reset
2012-05-14 Gabor Juhos ath9k: fix tx power settings for AR9287
2012-05-14 Gabor Juhos ath9k: add an extra boolean parameter to ath9k_hw_apply...
2012-05-14 Matt Carlson tg3: Avoid panic from reserved statblk field access
2012-05-14 Benjamin Poirier tlan: add cast needed for proper 64 bit operation
2012-05-14 Ingo van Lil asix: Fix tx transfer padding for full-speed USB
2012-05-14 Anatolij Gustschin net/davinci_emac: fix failing PHY connect attempts
2012-05-14 Thadeu Lima... ehea: only register irq after setting up ports
2012-05-14 Stefan Raspl qeth: Use blkt defaults for OSA Express 4
2012-05-14 Ursula Braun qeth: allow change of blkt default values
2012-05-14 Stephane Fillod net: usb: smsc95xx: fix mtu
2012-05-14 Peter Huang... set fake_rtable's dst to NULL to avoid kernel Oops
2012-05-14 Guenter Roeck hwmon: (coretemp) Increase CPU core limit
2012-05-14 Kirill A. Shutemov hwmon: (coretemp) fix oops on cpu unplug
2012-05-14 Stephen Warren USB: ehci-tegra: remove redundant gpio_set_value
2012-05-14 Alan Cox vt: Fix deadlock on scroll-lock
2012-05-14 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Use the correct hostname in the client identif...
2012-05-14 Trond Myklebust SUNRPC: RPC client must use the current utsname hostnam...
2012-05-14 Stanislav Kinsbursky NFS: get module in idmap PipeFS notifier callback
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Remove unused function nfs_lookup_with_sec()
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Honor the authflavor set in the clone mount data
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Fix following referral mount points with different...
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Do secinfo as part of lookup
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Handle exceptions coming out of nfs4_proc_fs_locat...
2012-05-14 Bryan Schumaker NFS: Fix SECINFO_NO_NAME
2012-05-14 Stanislav Kinsbursky SUNRPC: traverse clients tree on PipeFS event
2012-05-14 Stanislav Kinsbursky SUNRPC: set per-net PipeFS superblock before notification
2012-05-14 Stanislav Kinsbursky SUNRPC: skip clients with program without PipeFS entries
2012-05-14 Stanislav Kinsbursky SUNRPC: skip dead but not buried clients on PipeFS...
2012-05-14 Sachin Prabhu Avoid beyond bounds copy while caching ACL
2012-05-14 Sachin Prabhu Avoid reading past buffer when calling GETACL
2012-05-14 Jim Rees fix page number calculation bug for block layout decode...
2012-05-14 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1 fix page number calculation bug for filelayout...
2012-05-14 Sachin Bhamare pnfs-obj: Remove unused variable from objlayout_get_dev...
2012-05-14 Weston Andros... nfs4: fix referrals on mounts that use IPv6 addrs
2012-05-14 Steven Rostedt ktest: Fix reboot on success stopping all reboots
2012-05-14 Russ Dill Fix combined usage of BISECT_REVERSE and...
2012-05-14 David Daney MIPS: Remove get_current_pgd().
2012-05-14 Gabor Juhos MIPS: ath79: fix AR933X WMAC reset code
2012-05-14 Antony Pavlov MIPS: JZ4740: Fix the JZ4740_IRQ_DMA macro
2012-05-14 Matt Fleming MIPS: Use set_current_blocked() and block_sigmask()
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7406/1: hotplug: copy the affinity mask when force...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7405/1: kexec: call platform_cpu_kill on the kille...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7403/1: tls: remove covert channel via TPIDRURW
2012-05-14 Stephen Boyd ARM: 7401/1: mm: Fix section mismatches
2012-05-14 Russell King ARM: OMAP: fix DMA vs memory ordering
2012-05-14 Linus Walleij ARM: 7390/1: dts: versatile-pb/ab fix MMC IRQs
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7400/1: vfp: clear fpscr length and stride bits...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7399/1: vfp: move user vfp state save/restore...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7398/1: l2x0: only write to debug registers on...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7397/1: l2x0: only apply workaround for erratum...
2012-05-14 Will Deacon ARM: 7396/1: errata: only handle ARM erratum #326103...
2012-05-14 Vasu Dev [SCSI] libfc: update mfs boundry checking
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] Revert "[SCSI] libsas: fix sas port naming"
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas: fix false positive 'device attached...
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas, libata: fix start of life for a sas...
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas: fix ata_eh clobbering ex_phys via smp_at...
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas: unify domain_device sas_rphy lifetimes
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas: fix sas_get_port_device regression
2012-05-14 Thomas Jackson [SCSI] libsas: fix sas_find_bcast_phy() in the presence...
2012-05-14 Dan Williams [SCSI] libsas: introduce sas_work to fix sas_drain_work...
2012-05-14 Lin Ming [SCSI] libata: Pass correct DMA device to scsi host
2012-05-14 Lin Ming [SCSI] scsi_lib: use correct DMA device in __scsi_alloc...
2012-05-14 Matthew Garrett efi: Validate UEFI boot variables