perf probe: Warn when more than one line are given
[linux-2.6.git] / tools / perf / builtin-lock.c
2011-08-08 Zhu Yanhai perf lock: Dropping unsupported ':r' modifier
2011-03-23 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf session: Pass evsel in event_ops->sample()
2011-03-16 Marcin Slusarz perf lock: Fix sorting by wait_min
2011-02-23 Marcin Slusarz perf lock: Document valid sort keys
2011-01-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Kill event_t typedef, use 'union perf_event...
2011-01-29 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Rename 'struct sample_data' to 'struct...
2011-01-23 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf tools: Fix 64 bit integer format strings
2010-12-21 Ian Munsie perf session: Fallback to unordered processing if no...
2010-12-06 Chris Samuel perf tools: Catch a few uncheck calloc/malloc's
2010-12-05 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf session: Parse sample earlier
2010-11-16 Ingo Molnar perf: Rename 'perf trace' to 'perf script'
2010-05-17 Arnaldo Carvalho... perf options: Type check OPT_BOOLEAN and fix the offenders
2010-05-09 Hitoshi Mitake perf lock: Drop "-a" option from cmd_record() default...
2010-05-09 Frederic Weisbecker perf lock: Always check min AND max wait time
2010-05-09 Frederic Weisbecker perf: Fix perf lock bad rate
2010-05-09 Frederic Weisbecker perf: Humanize lock flags in perf lock
2010-05-09 Frederic Weisbecker perf: Cleanup perf lock broken states
2010-05-09 Hitoshi Mitake perf lock: Add "info" subcommand for dumping misc infor...
2010-05-02 Tom Zanussi perf: add perf-inject builtin
2010-04-24 Frederic Weisbecker perf: Generalize perf lock's sample event reordering...
2010-04-24 Hitoshi Mitake perf lock: Fix state machine to recognize lock sequence
2010-04-14 Ian Munsie perf: Fix endianness argument compatibility with OPT_BO...
2010-02-27 Frederic Weisbecker perf lock: Drop the buffers multiplexing dependency
2010-01-31 Ingo Molnar perf lock: Clean up various details
2010-01-31 Hitoshi Mitake perf lock: Introduce new tool "perf lock", for analyzin...