ASoC: omap: rx51: Enable McBSP2 sidetone
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / soc / soc-jack.c
2010-12-06 Mark Brown ASoC: Add trace events for jack detection
2010-11-22 Jarkko Nikula ASoC: Do not include soc-dapm.h
2010-11-15 Mark Brown ASoC: Prevent system suspend while debouncing wakeup...
2010-11-06 Liam Girdwood ASoC: Decouple DAPM from CODECs
2010-11-03 Mark Brown ASoC: Convert soc-jack code to use request_any_context_...
2010-10-07 Mark Brown ASoC: Use delayed work for debounce of GPIO based jacks
2010-08-12 Liam Girdwood ASoC: multi-component - ASoC Multi-Component Support
2010-04-23 Mark Brown ASoC: Allow reporting of NULL jacks
2010-03-22 Mark Brown ASoC: Add a notifier for jack status changes
2009-11-12 Joonyoung Shim ASoC: Add jack_status_check callback function for GPIO...
2009-10-19 Julia Lawall ASoC: Move dereference after NULL test
2009-07-31 Lars-Peter Clausen ASoC: jack: Fix race in snd_soc_jack_add_gpios
2009-07-24 Janusz Krzysztofik ASoC: Jack handling enhancements as suggested by subsys...
2009-03-06 Mark Brown ASoC: Staticise workqueue function for GPIO jack detection
2009-03-04 Lopez Cruz, Misael ASoC: Add GPIO support for jack reporting interface
2009-01-27 Mark Brown ASoC: Push the codec runtime storage into the card...
2009-01-09 Mark Brown ASoC: Add jack reporting interface