Merge branch 'topic/asoc' into for-linus
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / soc / pxa / pxa-ssp.c
2009-04-06 Takashi Iwai Merge branch 'topic/asoc' into for-linus
2009-04-02 Philipp Zabel ASoC: pxa-ssp: Use 16-bit DMA for magician stereo
2009-03-28 Russell King Merge branch 'origin' into devel
2009-03-14 Mark Brown ASoC: Fix non-networked I2S mode for PXA SSP
2009-03-13 Daniel Mack ASoC: switch PXA SSP driver from network mode to PSP
2009-03-11 Mark Brown ASoC: Merge dai_ops factor out
2009-03-10 Daniel Mack ASoC: don't touch pxa-ssp registers when stream is...
2009-03-09 Eric Miao [ARM] pxa: move DMA registers definitions into <mach...
2009-03-06 Daniel Mack ASoC: Fix name of register bit in pxa-ssp
2009-03-04 Eric Miao ASoC: make ops a pointer in 'struct snd_soc_dai'
2009-03-03 Philipp Zabel ASoC: Use network mode with 2 slots for 16-bit stereo...
2009-02-04 Philipp Zabel ASoC: pxa-ssp: fix SSP port request
2008-12-10 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ASoC - Fix wrong section types
2008-12-09 Mark Brown ASoC: Register platform DAIs
2008-12-03 Mark Brown ASoC: Remove platform device from DAI suspend and resum...
2008-11-24 Mark Brown ASoC: Remove DAI type information
2008-11-21 Mark Brown ASoC: Merge snd_soc_ops into snd_soc_dai_ops
2008-10-30 Mark Brown ASoC: Add PXA SSP support