bitops: rename for_each_bit() to for_each_set_bit()
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / soc / codecs / uda1380.c
2010-03-06 Akinobu Mita bitops: rename for_each_bit() to for_each_set_bit()
2009-11-12 Mark Brown ASoC: Remove redundant snd_soc_dapm_new_widgets() calls
2009-11-03 Mark Brown ASoC: Factor out snd_soc_init_card()
2009-06-15 Philipp Zabel ASoC: UDA1380: refactor device registration
2009-03-11 Mark Brown ASoC: Merge dai_ops factor out
2009-03-04 Eric Miao ASoC: make ops a pointer in 'struct snd_soc_dai'
2009-03-03 Philipp Zabel ASoC: UDA1380: DATAI is slave only
2009-03-03 Philipp Zabel ASoC: UDA1380: change decimator/interpolator register...
2009-03-03 Philipp Zabel ASoC: Remove version display from the UDA1380 driver
2009-02-04 Philipp Zabel ASoC: uda1380: split set_dai_fmt into _both, _playback...
2009-02-03 Vasily Khoruzhick ASoC: Don't unconditionally use the PLL in UDA1380
2009-01-27 Mark Brown ASoC: Push the codec runtime storage into the card...
2009-01-09 Ian Molton ASoC: cleanup duplicated code.
2008-12-10 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ASoC - Fix wrong section types
2008-12-09 Mark Brown ASoC: Register non-AC97 codec DAIs
2008-12-01 Mark Brown ASoC: Rename snd_soc_register_card() to snd_soc_init_card()
2008-11-21 Mark Brown ASoC: Merge snd_soc_ops into snd_soc_dai_ops
2008-10-13 Jarkko Nikula ALSA: ASoC: Remove unused AUDIO_NAME define from codec...
2008-09-04 Mark Brown ALSA: ASoC: Don't suggest compile time selection of...
2008-09-04 Jean Delvare ALSA: ASoC: Convert uda1380 to a new-style i2c driver
2008-08-25 Jean Delvare ALSA: ASoC: Fix double free and memory leak in many...
2008-07-10 Liam Girdwood ALSA: asoc: codecs - merge structs snd_soc_codec_dai...
2008-06-13 Mark Brown ALSA: ASoC: Fix register cache size for UDA1380
2008-05-29 Philipp Zabel [ALSA] ASoC: Add UDA1380 driver