Merge branch 'topic/hda' into for-linus
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / pci / ice1712 /
2009-05-06 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Add ESI Maya44 support
2009-05-06 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Allow spec driver to create own routing...
2009-05-06 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Add PCI postint to reset sequence
2009-05-06 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Clean up definitions of DMA records
2009-05-06 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Check error in set_rate function
2009-04-07 Yang Hongyang dma-mapping: replace all DMA_28BIT_MASK macro with...
2009-03-23 Takashi Iwai Merge branch 'topic/ice' into for-linus
2009-02-05 Takashi Iwai ALSA: Add missing KERN_* prefix to printk in sound...
2009-02-02 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Dynamic MIDI TX irq control
2009-01-12 Takashi Iwai ALSA: Convert to snd_card_create() in sound/pci/*
2009-01-05 Alan Horstmann ALSA: ice1724 - Fix a typo in IEC958 PCM name
2008-11-07 Takashi Iwai Merge branch 'topic/fix/misc' into topic/misc
2008-11-05 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Re-fix IRQ mask initialization
2008-11-01 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Fix IRQ register initialization
2008-10-30 Ilpo Järvinen ALSA: sound/ice1712: indentation ...
2008-10-20 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - Fix TX IRQ lockup
2008-09-09 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: ice1712.c: fix coding style
2008-09-09 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: ice1724.c: fix coding style
2008-09-09 Vedran Miletic ALSA: ice1712/ice1724: Coding style fixes part 1 (more...
2008-09-09 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: ice1712/wtm: fix coding style
2008-09-09 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: ice1712/aureon.c: fix coding style
2008-09-04 Takashi Iwai ALSA: ice1724 - limit channels for multi-channel playback
2008-09-04 Vedran Miletic ALSA: ice1724: Enable MIDI on TerraTec PHASE 22 and...
2008-09-04 Maximilian Rehkopf ALSA: ice1724: enable MIDI on Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe
2008-08-25 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: revo51: add headphone output
2008-08-13 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: sound/pci: supported cards update
2008-08-13 Alexander Beregalov ALSA: ice1724/revo: simple clean up
2008-08-13 Takashi Iwai ALSA: Kill snd_assert() in sound/pci/*
2008-08-01 Misha Zhilin ALSA: ice1724 - Support for Terrasoniq/MUSONIK TS22...
2008-05-20 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] ice1724: fix MIDI
2008-04-29 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Enable watermarks
2008-04-29 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add MPU401_INFO_NO_ACK bitflag
2008-04-24 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Fix IRQ lock-up with MPU access
2008-04-24 Peter Lienig [ALSA] ice1712 - Add Terrasoniq TS88 support
2008-04-24 Jeff Garzik [ALSA] Fix synchronize_irq() bugs, redundancies
2008-04-24 Karsten Wiese [ALSA] Audiophile 192: Fix ad converter initialization
2008-04-24 Karsten Wiese [ALSA] Don't set gpio mask register in snd_ice1712_gpio...
2008-04-24 Karsten Wiese [ALSA] ice1724.c: toggle "chip reset" and "eeprom based...
2008-04-24 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] ice1724 - Improved the Juli rate setting
2008-04-24 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Fix return codes in some pointis callbacks
2008-04-24 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] some fixes and cleanup for ICE1724 cards
2008-04-24 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Fix the SPDIF input sample-rate on...
2008-04-24 Harvey Harrison [ALSA] sound: ice1712.c fix shadowed variable warnings
2008-04-24 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] ice1712 - added support for M-Audio Delta 66E
2008-04-24 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] Added support for Delta1010E (newer revisions...
2008-04-24 Alan Horstmann [ALSA] ice1712 - Fix hoontech MIDI input
2008-04-24 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Add ADC setup in set_rate callback...
2008-04-24 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Enable AK4114 support for Audiophile192
2008-02-29 Harvey Harrison [ALSA] sound: ice1712: unused structs
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1712, ice1724 - Code clean up
2008-01-31 Julian Scheel [ALSA] ice1724 - Add missing prodigy_hifi.h
2008-01-31 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] ice1712 - fixed midi input for Hoontech C-Ports
2008-01-31 Julian Scheel [ALSA] ICE1724: Added support for Audiotrak Prodigy...
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove sound/driver.h
2008-01-31 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] switching rate in STAC9460 codec of Prodigy192
2008-01-31 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] I2C fix for ice1724
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1712 - Fix word clock status control on Delta...
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Clean up ctl callbacks in se.c
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Check value ranges in ctl callbacks
2008-01-31 Shin-ya Okada [ALSA] ice1724 - Add support of Onkyo SE-90PCI and...
2007-10-16 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] Changed Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from perex...
2007-10-16 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] check for linked substreams of different cards
2007-10-16 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1712 - Fix missing replacement to snd_ctl_boo...
2007-10-16 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Clean up with common snd_ctl_boolean_*_info...
2007-07-20 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] ice1724 - Add PCM Playback Switch to Revo 7.1
2007-06-28 Randy Dunlap ALSA: fix ice1712 section mismatch
2007-05-11 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] ice1724 - Misc fixes for Prodigy192
2007-05-11 Pavel Hofman [ALSA] ice1724 - Functioning support for Prodigy 192
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Add comments for naming of PCM streams
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - call snd_ak4114_build() in juli
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ak4114 - Fix possible Oops with callbacks
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Fix AP192 4wire mode access
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix conflicts between const and __devinitdata
2007-05-11 Ralf Baechle [ALSA] ice1712: build fixes
2007-05-11 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add snd_pcm_group_for_each_entry() for code...
2007-05-09 Robert P. J. Day Fix misspellings collected by members of KJ list.
2007-02-09 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add even more 'const' to everything related...
2007-02-09 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add some more 'const', but needs changes in...
2007-02-09 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add 'const' to files in pci/ice1712/
2007-02-09 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1712 - Reorganize existing eeprom data
2007-02-09 Clement Guedez [ALSA] Add support of the ESI Waveterminal 192M to...
2007-02-09 Toshimune Konno [ALSA] ice1724 - Add support for Prodigy 7.1 XT
2007-02-09 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Add support of M-Audio Audiophile 192
2007-02-09 Jochen Voss [ALSA] Enable the analog loopback of the Revolution 5.1
2007-02-09 Jochen Voss [ALSA] Enable capture from line-in and CD on Revolution 5.1
2006-12-20 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove IRQF_DISABLED for shared PCI irqs
2006-10-05 David Howells IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing...
2006-09-23 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ak4xxx - Remove bogus IPGA controls
2006-09-23 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add dB scale information to ice1724 driver
2006-09-23 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add dB scale information to ice1712 driver
2006-09-23 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Clean up and add TLV support to AK4xxx i2c driver
2006-09-23 Jaroslav Kysela [ALSA] ice1712 - fix 1600->16000Hz value typo
2006-09-23 Jochen Voss [ALSA] Revolution 5.1 - complete the AK5365 support
2006-09-23 Jochen Voss [ALSA] Revolution 5.1 - register the AK5365 ADC with...
2006-07-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix section mismatch errors in ALSA PCI drivers
2006-07-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Reduce the string length of Terratec Aureon...
2006-07-02 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] irq-flags: sound: Use the new IRQF_ constants
2006-06-28 Jani Alinikula [ALSA] Stereo controls for M-Audio Revolution cards
2006-06-22 Alan Horstmann [ALSA] ice1712 - Set mpu401 info flags from _card_info
2006-06-22 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Add functionality for Audiotrak Prodig...