ALSA: rename "PC Speaker" and "PC Beep" controls to "Beep"
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / isa / adlib.c
2009-01-12 Takashi Iwai ALSA: Convert to snd_card_create() in sound/isa/*
2008-11-03 Takashi Iwai ALSA: remove direct access of dev->bus_id in sound...
2008-01-31 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove sound/driver.h
2007-05-11 Rene Herman [ALSA] isa_bus: adlib
2006-04-12 Rene Herman [ALSA] unregister platform device again if probe was...
2006-03-31 Rene Herman [ALSA] AdLib FM card driver