keys: fix trusted/encrypted keys sparse rcu_assign_pointer messages
[linux-2.6.git] / security / keys / trusted.c
2012-01-17 Mimi Zohar keys: fix trusted/encrypted keys sparse rcu_assign_poin...
2011-11-01 Andy Shevchenko security: follow rename pack_hex_byte() to hex_byte_pack()
2011-09-21 Mimi Zohar trusted-keys: check hex2bin result
2011-05-19 Randy Dunlap Create Documentation/security/,
2011-03-08 David Howells KEYS: Add an RCU payload dereference macro
2011-01-23 Jesper Juhl trusted keys: Fix a memory leak in trusted_update().
2011-01-23 Mimi Zohar trusted-keys: rename trusted_defined files to trusted