Revert "kconfig: Temporarily disable dependency warnings"
[linux-2.6.git] / scripts / kconfig / symbol.c
2010-10-12 Michal Marek Revert "kconfig: Temporarily disable dependency warnings"
2010-10-12 Michal Marek Merge branch 'kbuild/rc-fixes' into kbuild/kconfig
2010-10-09 Michal Marek kconfig: Temporarily disable dependency warnings
2010-09-30 Michal Marek kconfig: Fix realloc usage()
2010-09-19 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: add a symbol string expansion helper
2010-08-14 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: fix segfault when detecting recursive dependency
2010-08-03 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: add savedefconfig
2010-08-03 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: refactor code in symbol.c
2010-08-03 Roman Zippel kconfig: print more info when we see a recursive dependency
2010-08-03 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: save location of config symbols
2010-07-08 Jan Beulich kconfig: Don't write invisible choice values
2010-07-02 Catalin Marinas kbuild: Warn on selecting symbols with unmet direct...
2010-03-23 Li Zefan kconfig: recalc symbol value before showing search...
2010-02-02 Andi Kleen Improve kconfig symbol hashing
2009-09-20 Trevor Keith kbuild: add static to prototypes
2008-04-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: add named choice group
2008-04-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: fix choice dependency check
2008-02-13 Roman Zippel kconfig: fix select in combination with default
2008-01-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: use environment option
2008-01-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: environment symbol support
2008-01-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: explicitly introduce expression list
2008-01-28 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: rename E_OR & friends to avoid name clash
2007-05-06 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: error out if recursive dependencies are found
2006-12-13 Karsten Wiese [PATCH] kconfig: make sym_change_count static, let...
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: add defconfig_list/module option
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: allow loading multiple configurations
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: allow multiple default values per symbol
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: remove SYMBOL_{YES,MOD,NO}
2006-01-16 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: create .kernelrelease at *config step
2005-11-09 Roman Zippel [PATCH] kconfig: allow variable argumnts for range
2005-11-09 Roman Zippel [PATCH] kconfig: fix restart for choice symbols
2005-11-09 David Gibson [PATCH] kconfig: Fix Kconfig performance bug
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2