scripts/kconfig/nconf: dynamically alloc dialog_input_result
[linux-2.6.git] / scripts / kconfig / nconf.c
2011-09-09 Cheng Renquan scripts/kconfig/nconf: dynamically alloc dialog_input_r...
2011-08-08 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig/nconf: nuke unreferenced `nohelp_text'
2011-07-13 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig/nconf: remove useless conditionnal
2011-07-13 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig/nconf: prevent segfault on empty menu
2011-07-13 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig/nconf: use the generic menu_get_ext_help()
2011-07-13 Raghavendra D Prabhu nconfig: Avoid Wunused-but-set warning
2011-06-06 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: nuke LKC_DIRECT_LINK cruft
2011-04-19 Stephen Boyd nconfig: Silence unused return values from wattrset
2011-01-07 Peter Korsgaard nconf: handle comment entries within choice/endchoice
2010-12-15 Arnaud Lacombe kbuild/nconf: fix spaces damage
2010-10-27 Michal Marek Merge branch 'message-callback' into kbuild/kconfig
2010-09-27 Michal Marek Merge branch 'kbuild/kconfig/kbuild-generic-v7' of...
2010-09-20 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: replace KERNELVERSION usage by the mainmenu...
2010-09-19 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: rephrase help texts/comments not to include...
2010-09-19 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: allow build-time definition of the internal...
2010-09-19 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: rephrase help text not to mention the internal...
2010-09-13 Stephen Boyd nconfig: Fix help for choice menus
2010-08-17 Michal Marek kconfig: Allow frontends to display messages themselves
2010-08-16 Nir Tzachar nconfig: add search support
2010-08-12 Andrej Gelenberg nconfig: Fix segfault when menu is empty
2010-02-02 Nir Tzachar nconfig: minor fix
2010-02-02 Michal Marek nconfig: mark local functions as such
2010-02-02 kconfig: new configuration interface (nconfig)