kconfig: Only generate config_is_xxx for bool and tristate options
[linux-2.6.git] / scripts / kconfig / expr.c
2010-12-21 Michal Marek kconfig: Make expr_copy() take a const argument
2010-12-21 Arnaud Lacombe kconfig: simplify select-with-unmet-direct-dependency...
2010-08-12 Jean Sacren kconfig: Fix warning: ignoring return value of 'fwrite'
2010-06-02 Li Zefan kconfig: print the range of integer/hex symbol in help...
2010-02-02 Vadim Bendebury... menuconfig: wrap long help lines
2009-09-20 Trevor Keith kbuild: add static to prototypes
2009-09-20 Cheng Renquan kconfig: add symbol value to help find the real depend
2008-01-28 Jan Beulich kconfig: tristate choices with mixed tristate and boole...
2008-01-28 Roman Zippel kconfig: explicitly introduce expression list
2008-01-28 Sam Ravnborg kconfig: rename E_OR & friends to avoid name clash
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: create links in info window
2006-06-09 Roman Zippel kconfig: remove SYMBOL_{YES,MOD,NO}
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2