netlabel: Fix several rcu_dereference() calls used without RCU read locks
[linux-2.6.git] / net / netlabel / netlabel_user.c
2008-04-28 Eric Paris Audit: collect sessionid in netlink messages
2008-02-18 Pavel Emelyanov [NETLABEL]: Move some initialization code into __init...
2008-02-13 Pavel Emelyanov [NETLABEL]: Compilation for CONFIG_AUDIT=n case.
2007-08-02 Paul Moore Net/Security: fix memory leaks from security_secid_to_s...
2007-07-16 Miloslav Trmac Audit: add TTY input auditing
2006-12-03 Paul Moore NetLabel: honor the audit_enabled flag
2006-09-30 Paul Moore [NetLabel]: audit fixups due to delayed feedback
2006-09-29 Paul Moore [NetLabel]: add audit support for configuration changes
2006-09-25 Paul Moore [NetLabel]: rework the Netlink attribute handling ...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NETLINK]: Add notification message sending interface
2006-09-22 Paul Moore [NetLabel]: core NetLabel subsystem