[IPV4]: fib_trie initialzation fix
[linux-2.6.git] / net / ipv4
2006-01-06 Kris Katterjohn [NET]: Change 1500 to ETH_DATA_LEN in some files
2006-01-06 Andrew Morton [IPVS]: Another file needs linux/interrupt.h
2006-01-05 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: Use HOPLIMIT metric as TTL of TCP reset...
2006-01-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack_l3proto_ipv4.c needs net...
2006-01-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Call POST_ROUTING hook before fragmentation
2006-01-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Remove okfn usage in ip_vs_core.c
2006-01-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: Fix dumping of helper name
2006-01-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Fix module_param types and permissions
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: Add ctnetlink port for nf_conntrack
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: remove unused variable
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: fix conntrack mark race
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: ctnetlink_event cleanup
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: use u_int32_t instead of unsign...
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: propagate ctnetlink_dump_tuples...
2006-01-05 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: Add sanity checkings for ICMP
2006-01-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: remove bogus checks in ICMP...
2006-01-05 Adrian Bunk [IPVS]: Fix compilation
2006-01-04 Thomas Young [TCP] tcp_vegas: Fix slow start
2006-01-04 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IPVS]: Add missing include <linux/net.h>
2006-01-04 Arnaldo Carvalho... [TCP]: syn_flood_warning is only needed if CONFIG_SYN_C...
2006-01-04 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: less inline's
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [IPV4] fib_trie: build fix
2006-01-03 Roberto Nibali [IPVS]: Cleanup IP_VS_DBG statements.
2006-01-03 Christoph Hellwig [NET]: Add a dev_ioctl() fallback to sock_ioctl()
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET_SOCK]: Move struct inet_sock ...
2006-01-03 Eric Dumazet [NET]: move struct proto_ops to const
2006-01-03 Robert Olsson [IPV4] fib_trie: Add credits.
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [TCP] cubic: use Newton-Raphson
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [TCP] cubic: precompute constants
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IP_SOCKGLUE]: Remove most of the tcp specific calls
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [INET]: Generalise tcp_v4_hash_connect
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [TWSK]: Introduce struct timewait_sock_ops
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IPV6]: Introduce inet6_timewait_sock
2006-01-03 Roberto Nibali [IPVS]: remove dead code
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [UDP]: udp_checksum_init return value
2006-01-03 Herbert Xu [IP]: Simplify and consolidate MSG_PEEK error handling
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [ICSK]: Move v4_addr2sockaddr from TCP to icsk
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [ICSK]: Rename struct tcp_func to struct inet_connectio...
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IPV6]: Introduce inet6_rsk()
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [ICSK]: make inet_csk_reqsk_queue_hash_add timeout...
2006-01-03 Arnaldo Carvalho... [IPV6]: Reuse inet_csk_get_port in tcp_v6_get_port
2006-01-03 Herbert Xu [IPV4]: Safer reassembly
2006-01-03 Eric Dumazet [NETFILTER] ip_tables: NUMA-aware allocation
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [TCP] BIC: CUBIC window growth (2.0)
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [TCP] BIC: spelling and whitespace
2006-01-03 Stephen Hemminger [TCP] BIC: remove low utilization code.
2005-12-19 Patrick McHardy [XFRM]: Handle DCCP in xfrm{4,6}_decode_session
2005-12-19 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Fix NAT init order
2005-12-14 Herbert Xu [GRE]: Fix hardware checksum modification
2005-12-12 Marcus Sundberg [NETFILTER]: ip_nat_tftp: Fix expectation NAT
2005-12-07 David S. Miller [TCP] Vegas: timestamp before clone
2005-12-07 Thomas Young [TCP] Vegas: Remove extra call to tcp_vegas_rtt_calc
2005-12-07 Thomas Young [TCP] Vegas: stop resetting rtt every ack
2005-12-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Don't use conntrack entry after dropping...
2005-12-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Fix unbalanced read_unlock_bh in ctnetlink
2005-12-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Mark ctnetlink as EXPERIMENTAL
2005-12-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Fix CTA_PROTO_NUM attribute size in ctnetlink
2005-12-05 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Fix ip_conntrack_flush abuse in ctnetlink
2005-12-05 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER]: Fix incorrect argument to ip_nat_initializ...
2005-12-03 Herbert Xu [IPV4] Fix EPROTONOSUPPORT error in inet_create
2005-12-03 David Stevens [IGMP]: workaround for IGMP v1/v2 bug
2005-12-01 Thomas Graf [NETLINK]: Fix processing of fib_lookup netlink messages
2005-12-01 Phil Oester [NETFILTER]: Fix recent match jiffies wrap mismatches
2005-12-01 Jozsef Kadlecsik [NETFILTER]: Ignore ACKs ACKs on half open connections...
2005-11-30 Adrian Bunk [NETFILTER] ipv4: small cleanups
2005-11-30 Adrian Bunk [IPV4]: make two functions static
2005-11-30 Arjan van de Ven [NET]: Add const markers to various variables.
2005-11-30 Mike Stroyan [IPV4] tcp/route: Another look at hash table sizes
2005-11-24 Benoit Boissinot [NETFILTER]: ip_conntrack_netlink.c needs linux/interrupt.h
2005-11-22 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: Fix refcount leak ip_conntrack...
2005-11-22 Jamal Hadi Salim [IPV4]: Fix secondary IP addresses after promotion
2005-11-21 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: fixed dependencies between modules related...
2005-11-21 Patrick McHardy [FIB_TRIE]: Don't show local table in /proc/net/route...
2005-11-17 Harald Welte [NETFILTER] ip_conntrack: fix ftp/irc/tftp helpers...
2005-11-17 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: TCP highspeed build error
2005-11-16 Yasuyuki Kozakai [IPV4,IPV6]: replace handmade list with hlist in IPv...
2005-11-15 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: More spelling fixes.
2005-11-14 Harald Welte [NETFILTER] nfnetlink: unconditionally require CAP_NET_...
2005-11-14 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: More thorough size checking...
2005-11-14 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: use size_t to make gcc-4.x happy
2005-11-12 Vlad Drukker [NETFILTER] {ip,nf}_conntrack TCP: Accept SYN+PUSH...
2005-11-11 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] TCP: fix vegas build
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: speed up SACK processing
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: spelling fixes
2005-11-11 John Heffner [TCP]: receive buffer growth limiting with mixed MTU
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: Appropriate Byte Count support
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: add tcp_slow_start helper
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: simplify microsecond rtt sampling
2005-11-11 Stephen Hemminger [TCP]: fix congestion window update when using TSO...
2005-11-10 Herbert Xu [NET]: Detect hardware rx checksum faults correctly
2005-11-10 Thomas Graf [NETLINK]: Make netlink_callback->done() optional
2005-11-10 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: Add nf_conntrack subsystem.
2005-11-09 Krzysztof Piotr... [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: ICMP_ID is u_int16_t not u_int8_t.
2005-11-09 Krzysztof Piotr... [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: Fix oops when no ICMP ID info...
2005-11-09 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: Add support to identify expectat...
2005-11-09 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: propagate error instaed of retur...
2005-11-09 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: return -EINVAL if size is wrong
2005-11-09 Yasuyuki Kozakai [NETFILTER]: stop tracking ICMP error at early point
2005-11-09 Philip Craig [NETFILTER] PPTP helper: fix PNS-PAC expectation call id
2005-11-09 Pablo Neira Ayuso [NETFILTER] ctnetlink: get_conntrack can use GFP_KERNEL