[NET] rules: Share common attribute validation policy
[linux-2.6.git] / net / core /
2006-12-03 Thomas Graf [NET] rules: Protocol independant mark selector
2006-12-03 Thomas Graf [NET]: Turn nfmark into generic mark
2006-12-03 Peter Zijlstra [BLUETOOTH] lockdep: annotate sk_lock nesting in AF_BLU...
2006-12-02 Stephen Hemminger [PATCH] netdev: don't allow register_netdev with blank...
2006-11-07 Herbert Xu [NET]: Set truesize in pskb_copy
2006-11-07 Chris Lalancette [NETPOLL]: Compute checksum properly in netpoll_send_udp().
2006-11-05 Larry Woodman [NET]: __alloc_pages() failures reported due to fragmen...
2006-11-05 Al Viro [PKTGEN]: TCI endianness fixes
2006-10-30 Herbert Xu [NET]: Fix segmentation of linear packets
2006-10-21 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'we21-fix' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2006-10-20 Stephen Hemminger [NETPOLL]: initialize skb for UDP
2006-10-19 John W. Linville [PATCH] wireless: WE-20 compatibility for ESSID and...
2006-10-17 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/dtor/input
2006-10-17 Stephen Hemminger [PATCH] rename net_random to random32
2006-10-12 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Fix use of wrong skb in do_getlink()
2006-10-12 Miklos Szeredi [NET]: File descriptor loss while receiving SCM_RIGHTS
2006-10-12 James Morris IPsec: propagate security module errors up from flow_ca...
2006-10-11 Peter Zijlstra Lockdep: add lockdep_set_class_and_subclass() and lockd...
2006-10-04 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davej/configh
2006-10-04 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-10-04 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] slab: clean up leak tracking ifdefs a little bit
2006-10-04 Dave Jones Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>
2006-10-04 Julian Anastasov [NEIGH]: always use hash_mask under tbl lock
2006-09-29 David S. Miller [ETHTOOL]: Remove some entries from non-root command...
2006-09-29 Stephen Hemminger [ETHTOOL]: let mortals use ethtool
2006-09-29 Al Viro [NET]: Annotate dst_ops protocol
2006-09-29 Steven Rostedt [NET]: is it Andy or Andi ??
2006-09-29 Patrick McHardy [NET_SCHED]: Fix fallout from dev->qdisc RCU change
2006-09-29 Francesco Fondelli [PKTGEN]: DSCP support
2006-09-29 Francesco Fondelli [PKTGEN]: vlan support
2006-09-29 Eric Sesterhenn [RTNETLINK]: Possible dereference in net/core/rtnetlink.c
2006-09-25 John W. Linville [PATCH] WE-21 support (core API)
2006-09-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [IPV6] ADDRCONF: Convert addrconf_lock to RCU.
2006-09-22 Ville Nuorvala [IPV6] NDISC: Set per-entry is_router flag in Proxy NA.
2006-09-22 Patrick McHardy [RTNETLINK]: Fix netdevice name corruption
2006-09-22 Dmitry Mishin [NET]: Fix sk->sk_filter field access
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [RTNETLINK]: Fix typo causing wrong skb to be freed
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NETLINK]: Make use of NLA_STRING/NLA_NUL_STRING attrib...
2006-09-22 Alexey Dobriyan [NET]: Use SLAB_PANIC
2006-09-22 David S. Miller [NET] in6_pton: Kill errant printf statement.
2006-09-22 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [NET]: Add common helper functions to convert IPv6...
2006-09-22 David S. Miller [RTNETLINK]: Don't return error on no-metrics.
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [IPv6] route: Convert FIB6 dumping to use new netlink api
2006-09-22 Stephen Hemminger [NET] neighbour: reduce exports
2006-09-22 Brian Haley [NET/IPV4/IPV6]: Change some sysctl variables to __read...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [RTNETLINK]: Unexport rtnl socket
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NET] link: Convert notifications to use rtnl_notify()
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [WIRELESS]: Convert notifications to use rtnl_notify()
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour notifications ot use rtnl_no...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NET] fib_rules: Convert fib rule notification to use...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [RTNETLINK]: Add rtnetlink notification interface
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [RTNETLINK]: Use rtnl_unicast() for rtnetlink unicasts
2006-09-22 Stephen Hemminger [NET] netdev: Check name length
2006-09-22 Patrick McHardy [NET]: Introduce RTA_TABLE/FRA_TABLE attributes
2006-09-22 Dave Jones [NET]: Remove unnecessary config.h includes from net/
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Move netlink neighbour table bits to linux...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour table dumping to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour table modification to new...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Move netlink neighbour bits to linux/neighbour.h
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour dumping to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour addition to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NEIGH]: Convert neighbour deletion to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Patrick McHardy [NET]: Replace CHECKSUM_HW by CHECKSUM_PARTIAL/CHECKSUM...
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NET]: Convert link dumping to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NET]: Convert link modification to new netlink api
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [IPv4]: Move interface address bits to linux/if_addr.h
2006-09-22 Thomas Graf [NET]: Protocol Independant Policy Routing Rules Framework
2006-09-22 Venkat Yekkirala [MLSXFRM]: Flow based matching of xfrm policy and state
2006-09-22 Venkat Yekkirala [MLSXFRM]: Add security sid to sock
2006-09-19 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'master' into upstream
2006-09-18 Kirill Korotaev [NEIGH]: neigh_table_clear() doesn't free stats
2006-09-13 Stephen Hemminger [PATCH] ethtool: allow const ethtool_ops
2006-08-17 David S. Miller [NET]: Disallow whitespace in network device names.
2006-08-17 Suresh Siddha [NET]: Fix potential stack overflow in net/core/utils.c
2006-08-17 David S. Miller [VLAN]: Make sure bonding packet drop checks get done...
2006-08-09 Greg Kroah-Hartman Merge gregkh@/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2006-08-09 Dmitry Mishin [NET]: add_timer -> mod_timer() in dst_run_gc()
2006-08-08 David S. Miller [RTNETLINK]: Fix IFLA_ADDRESS handling.
2006-08-08 David S. Miller [PKTGEN]: Make sure skb->{nh,h} are initialized in...
2006-08-08 Chen-Li Tien [PKTGEN]: Fix oops when used with balance-tlb bonding
2006-08-07 Christoph Hellwig [NET]: Assign skb->dev in netdev_alloc_skb
2006-08-04 Herbert Xu [PATCH] Send wireless netlink events with a clean slate
2006-08-02 Alexey Dobriyan [NET]: Fix more per-cpu typos
2006-08-02 Chris Leech [I/OAT]: Remove CPU hotplug lock from net_dma_rebalance
2006-08-02 Adrian Bunk [NET]: skb_queue_lock_key() is no longer used.
2006-08-02 David S. Miller [NET]: Kill the WARN_ON() calls for checksum fixups.
2006-08-02 Christoph Hellwig [NET]: Add netdev_alloc_skb().
2006-08-02 Tom Tucker [NET]: Core net changes to generate netevents
2006-08-02 Tom Tucker [NET]: Network Event Notifier Mechanism.
2006-08-02 Herbert Xu [NET]: Fix ___pskb_trim when entire frag_list needs...
2006-07-21 Adrian Bunk [I/OAT]: net/core/user_dma.c should #include <net/netdma.h>
2006-07-17 Jeff Garzik [NET] ethtool: fix oops by testing correct struct member
2006-07-14 Herbert Xu [NET]: Update frag_list in pskb_trim
2006-07-13 Ian McDonald [NET]: fix __sk_stream_mem_reclaim
2006-07-08 Herbert Xu [NET] gso: Fix up GSO packets with broken checksums
2006-07-07 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: Fix network device interface printk message...
2006-07-03 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] lockdep: annotate sk_locks
2006-07-03 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] lockdep: annotate sock_lock_init()
2006-07-03 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] lockdep: annotate skb_queue_head_init