caif: Remove unused enum and parameter in cfserl
[linux-2.6.git] / net / caif / caif_socket.c
2011-05-23 sjur.brandeland... caif: Fixes freeze on Link layer removal.
2011-05-15 sjur.brandeland... caif: remove unesesarry exports
2011-05-15 sjur.brandeland... caif: Bugfix debugfs directory name must be unique.
2011-05-15 sjur.brandeland... caif: Handle dev_queue_xmit errors.
2011-05-15 sjur.brandeland... caif: prepare support for namespaces
2011-05-15 sjur.brandeland... caif: Protected in-flight packets using dev or sock...
2011-04-11 Sjur Brændeland caif: Don't resend if dev_queue_xmit fails.
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-01-11 Dan Rosenberg caif: don't set connection request param size before...
2010-11-04 André Carvalho... caif: Bugfix for socket priority, bindtodev and dbg...
2010-10-07 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-10-06 Eric Dumazet caif: fix two caif_connect() bugs
2010-10-05 Nicolas Kaiser caif: remove duplicated include
2010-09-22 Sjur Braendeland caif: Use default send and receive buffer size in caif_...
2010-09-22 Sjur Braendeland caif: Minor fixes in log prints.
2010-09-07 Joe Perches net/caif: Use pr_fmt
2010-06-21 Sjur Braendeland caif: Use link layer MTU instead of fixed MTU
2010-06-21 Sjur Braendeland caif: Bugfix - RFM must support segmentation.
2010-05-31 Dan Carpenter caif: remove unneeded null check in caif_connect()
2010-05-24 Sjur Braendeland caif: Bugfix - use MSG_TRUNC in receive
2010-05-24 Sjur Braendeland caif: Bugfix - missing spin_unlock
2010-05-24 Sjur Braendeland caif: Bugfix - Poll can't return POLLHUP while connecting.
2010-05-24 Sjur Braendeland caif: Bugfix - wait_ev*_timeout returns long.
2010-04-28 Sjur Braendeland caif: Rewritten socket implementation
2010-04-26 Eric Dumazet net: use sk_sleep()
2010-04-20 Eric Dumazet net: sk_sleep() helper
2010-03-31 Sjur Braendeland net-caif: add CAIF socket implementation