oom: give the dying task a higher priority
[linux-2.6.git] / mm / oom_kill.c
2010-08-10 Luis Claudio R.... oom: give the dying task a higher priority
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: remove child->mm check from oom_kill_process()
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: cleanup has_intersects_mems_allowed()
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: move OOM_DISABLE check from oom_kill_task to out_o...
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: kill duplicate OOM_DISABLE check
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: /proc/<pid>/oom_score treat kernel thread honestly
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: oom_kill_process() needs to check that p is unkillable
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: make oom_unkillable_task() helper function
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: oom_kill_process() doesn't select kthread child
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: don't try to kill oom_unkillable child
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: fold __out_of_memory into out_of_memory
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: remove constraint argument from select_bad_process...
2010-08-10 Minchan Kim mm: rename try_set_zone_oom() to try_set_zonelist_oom()
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: remove unnecessary code and cleanup
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: remove special handling for pagefault ooms
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: extract panic helper function
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: enable oom tasklist dump by default
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: select task from tasklist for mempolicy ooms
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: sacrifice child with highest badness score for...
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: filter tasks not sharing the same cpuset
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: avoid sending exiting tasks a SIGKILL
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: give current access to memory reserves if it has...
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: dump_tasks use find_lock_task_mm too fix
2010-08-10 David Rientjes oom: improve commentary in dump_tasks()
2010-08-10 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: dump_tasks use find_lock_task_mm too
2010-08-10 Oleg Nesterov oom: introduce find_lock_task_mm() to fix !mm false...
2010-08-10 Oleg Nesterov oom: PF_EXITING check should take mm into account
2010-08-10 Oleg Nesterov oom: check PF_KTHREAD instead of !mm to skip kthreads
2010-05-27 David Rientjes memcg: make oom killer a no-op when no killable task...
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-12 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: fix oom kill behavior
2010-03-12 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: handle panic_on_oom=always case
2010-03-06 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki mm: clean up mm_counter
2010-02-23 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: fix oom killing a child process in an other...
2009-12-16 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: avoid oom-killing innocent task in case of use_h...
2009-12-16 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki oom-kill: fix NUMA constraint check with nodemask
2009-12-16 KOSAKI Motohiro oom-kill: show virtual size and rss information of...
2009-12-15 David Rientjes oom: dump stack and VM state when oom killer panics
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: oom_kill doesn't kill vfork parent (or child)
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: make oom_score to per-process value
2009-09-22 KOSAKI Motohiro oom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to signal_struct
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins ksm: unmerge is an origin of OOMs
2009-08-18 KOSAKI Motohiro mm: revert "oom: move oom_adj value"
2009-06-17 David Rientjes oom: only oom kill exiting tasks with attached memory
2009-06-17 David Rientjes oom: avoid unnecessary mm locking and scanning for...
2009-06-17 David Rientjes oom: move oom_adj value from task_struct to mm_struct
2009-05-29 David Rientjes oom: fix possible oom_dump_tasks NULL pointer
2009-05-06 David Rientjes oom: prevent livelock when oom_kill_allocating_task...
2009-04-03 Balbir Singh memcg: show memcg information during OOM
2009-04-01 Cyrill Gorcunov oom_kill: don't call for int_sqrt(0)
2009-01-08 Daisuke Nishimura memcg: avoid deadlock caused by race between oom and...
2009-01-08 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki memcg: avoid unnecessary system-wide-oom-killer
2009-01-06 David Rientjes oom: print triggering task's cpuset and mems allowed
2009-01-06 David Rientjes oom: fix zone_scan_mutex name
2009-01-06 Nick Piggin mm: invoke oom-killer from page fault
2008-11-14 James Morris Merge branch 'master' into next
2008-11-13 David Howells CRED: Use RCU to access another task's creds and to...
2008-11-13 David Howells CRED: Separate task security context from task_struct
2008-11-11 Eric Paris The oomkiller calculations make decisions based on...
2008-11-06 Qinghuang Feng mm/oom_kill.c: fix badness() kerneldoc
2008-11-06 David Rientjes oom: do not dump task state for non thread group leaders
2008-08-14 David Howells security: Fix setting of PF_SUPERPRIV by __capable()
2008-04-28 Li Zefan oom_kill: remove unused parameter in badness()
2008-04-28 Mel Gorman mm: have zonelist contains structs with both a zone...
2008-04-28 Mel Gorman mm: use two zonelist that are filtered by GFP mask
2008-04-16 Li Zefan memcg: fix oops in oom handling
2008-03-20 Randy Dunlap mm/oom_kill: fix kernel-doc
2008-03-05 Balbir Singh Memory controller: rename to Memory Resource Controller
2008-02-07 David Rientjes oom: add sysctl to enable task memory dump
2008-02-07 David Rientjes memcontrol: move oom task exclusion to tasklist scan
2008-02-07 Pavel Emelianov Memory controller: OOM handling
2008-02-05 Serge E. Hallyn oom_kill: remove uid==0 checks
2008-02-05 Andrew Morgan Add 64-bit capability support to the kernel
2008-01-25 Peter Zijlstra sched: sched_rt_entity
2007-10-20 Al Viro oom_kill bug
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanov Use helpers to obtain task pid in printks
2007-10-19 Pavel Emelyanov Isolate some explicit usage of task->tgid
2007-10-19 Matthias Kaehlcke mm/oom_kill.c: Use list_for_each_entry instead of list_...
2007-10-19 Serge E. Hallyn pid namespaces: define is_global_init() and is_containe...
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: convert zone_scan_lock from mutex to spinlock
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: do not take callback_mutex
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: compare cpuset mems_allowed instead of exclusive...
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: suppress extraneous stack and memory dump
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: add oom_kill_allocating_task sysctl
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: add per-zone locking
2007-10-17 David Rientjes oom: move constraints to enum
2007-10-16 Christoph Lameter Memoryless nodes: OOM: use N_HIGH_MEMORY map instead...
2007-07-31 David Rientjes oom: print points as unsigned long
2007-07-30 Alexey Dobriyan Remove fs.h from mm.h
2007-05-07 David Rientjes oom: fix constraint deadlock
2007-05-07 Yasunori Goto mm: fix handling of panic_on_oom when cpusets are in use
2007-05-07 Joshua N Pritikin allow oom_adj of saintly processes
2007-04-24 Hugh Dickins fix OOM killing processes wrongly thought MPOL_BIND
2007-04-24 David Rientjes oom: kill all threads that share mm with killed task
2007-03-17 Ankita Garg [PATCH] oom fix: prevent oom from killing a process...
2007-01-06 Hugh Dickins [PATCH] fix OOM killing of swapoff
2006-12-30 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki [PATCH] fix oom killer kills current every time if...
2006-12-13 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset: rework cpuset_zone_allowed api
2006-12-07 Nick Piggin [PATCH] oom: less memdie
2006-12-07 Nick Piggin [PATCH] oom: cleanup messages