i2c: tegra: support for I2C_M_NOSTART protocol mangling
[linux-2.6.git] / lib / genalloc.c
2012-04-06 Varun Wadekar Merge branch '3.4-rc1' into android-tegra-nv-3.3-rebased
2012-03-24 Krishna Reddy lib: genalloc: Add API to allocate at specified addr.
2011-08-03 Huang Ying lib, Make gen_pool memory allocator lockless
2011-05-25 Jean-Christophe... lib/genalloc.c: add support for specifying the physical...
2010-06-29 Imre Deak genalloc: fix allocation from end of pool
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2009-12-16 Akinobu Mita genalloc: use bitmap_find_next_zero_area
2009-06-17 Zygo Blaxell lib/genalloc.c: remove unmatched write_lock() in gen_po...
2007-07-17 Christoph Lameter Slab allocators: Replace explicit zeroing with __GFP_ZERO
2007-02-21 Andrew Morton [PATCH] genalloc warning fixes
2006-10-02 Dean Nelson [PATCH] make genpool allocator adhere to kernel-doc...
2006-10-02 Steve Wise [PATCH] LIB: add gen_pool_destroy()
2006-06-23 Dean Nelson [PATCH] change gen_pool allocator to not touch managed...
2005-11-28 Chris Humbert [PATCH] fix broken lib/genalloc.c
2005-06-22 Jes Sorensen [PATCH] ia64 uncached alloc