tracing/documentation: Cover new frame pointer semantics
[linux-2.6.git] / kernel / trace / trace_selftest.c
2009-12-14 Thomas Gleixner locking: Convert __raw_spin* functions to arch_spin*
2009-11-08 Li Zefan ksym_tracer: Remove KSYM_SELFTEST_ENTRY
2009-11-08 Frederic Weisbecker hw-breakpoints: Rewrite the hw-breakpoints layer on...
2009-09-07 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'tracing/core' into tracing/hw-breakpoints
2009-08-06 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/function-graph-tracer: Move graph event inserti...
2009-06-02 K.Prasad hw-breakpoints: ftrace plugin for kernel symbol tracing...
2009-04-07 Markus Metzger x86, hw-branch-tracer: allocate selftest iterator on...
2009-04-07 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/hw-branch-tracing
2009-03-22 Frederic Weisbecker tracing: keep the tracing buffer after self-test failure
2009-03-22 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/function-graph-tracer: prevent hangs during...
2009-03-18 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: stop {irqs, preempt}soff tracers when...
2009-03-16 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: fix double calls to tracing_start()
2009-03-13 Ingo Molnar x86, bts: cleanups
2009-03-13 Markus Metzger x86, hw-branch-tracer: add selftest
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: use generic __stringify
2009-02-19 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'tracing/blktrace', 'tracing/ftrace...
2009-02-19 Steven Rostedt tracing: limit the number of loops the ring buffer...
2009-02-19 Steven Rostedt tracing: disable tracing while testing ring buffer
2009-02-17 Wenji Huang tracing: fix typing mistake in hint message and comments
2009-02-17 Wenji Huang tracing: fix the return value of trace selftest
2009-02-09 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/function-graph-tracer: provide a selftest for...
2009-02-06 Arnaldo Carvalho... trace: Call tracing_reset_online_cpus before tracer...
2008-12-29 Ingo Molnar tracing/selftest: remove TRACE_CONT reference
2008-11-16 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: change the type of the init() callback
2008-11-16 Steven Rostedt ftrace: replace raw_local_irq_save with local_irq_save
2008-11-12 Steven Rostedt ftrace: add tracer called branch
2008-11-08 Steven Rostedt ftrace: force pass of preemptoff selftest
2008-11-08 Steven Rostedt ftrace: remove trace array ctrl
2008-11-08 Steven Rostedt ftrace: remove ctrl_update method
2008-10-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: remove daemon
2008-10-20 Steven Rostedt ftrace: rename FTRACE to FUNCTION_TRACER
2008-10-14 Steven Rostedt ftrace: make work with new ring buffer
2008-10-14 Steven Rostedt ftrace: give time for wakeup test to run
2008-10-14 Steven Noonan ftrace: add nop tracer
2008-10-14 Steven Rostedt ftrace: printk formatting infrastructure
2008-07-10 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'tracing/sysprof' into auto-ftrace-next
2008-05-26 Steven Rostedt ftrace: limit use of check pages
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: make sysprof dependent on x86 for now
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: sysprof-plugin, add self-tests
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: support for PowerPC
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: user proper API for setting RT prios in selftest
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: selftest protect againt max flip
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: fix dynamic ftrace selftest
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: add TRACE_STACK and TRACE_SPECIAL to selftest...
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: add wakeup events to sched tracer
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: remove notrace
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: cleanups
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: disable tracing on failure
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: disable all tracers on corrupted buffer
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: startup tester on dynamic tracing.
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: cleanups
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: add self-tests