Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/hw-breakpoints
[linux-2.6.git] / kernel / trace / Makefile
2009-06-17 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/hw-breakpoints
2009-06-09 Li Zefan tracing/events: convert block trace points to TRACE_EVENT()
2009-06-02 K.Prasad hw-breakpoints: ftrace plugin for kernel symbol tracing...
2009-05-07 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'tracing/hw-branch-tracing' into tracing...
2009-05-06 Steven Rostedt ring-buffer: add benchmark and tester
2009-04-14 Steven Rostedt tracing/events: move the ftrace event tracing code...
2009-04-14 Ingo Molnar tracing: make the trace clocks available generally
2009-04-13 Tom Zanussi tracing/infrastructure: separate event tracer from...
2009-03-22 Tom Zanussi tracing: add per-event filtering
2009-03-20 Peter Zijlstra ftrace: event profile hooks
2009-03-13 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: syscall tracing infrastructure, basics
2009-03-06 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/core: drop the old trace_printk() implementatio...
2009-03-06 Lai Jiangshan tracing: infrastructure for supporting binary record
2009-03-06 Steven Rostedt tracing: add format files for ftrace default entries
2009-02-26 Ingo Molnar tracing: implement trace_clock_*() APIs
2009-02-25 Steven Rostedt tracing: add schedule events to event trace
2009-02-25 Steven Rostedt tracing: add event trace infrastructure
2009-02-09 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/blktrace: move the tracing file to kernel/trace
2009-01-14 Frederic Weisbecker tracing: add a new workqueue tracer
2009-01-06 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'tracing/kmemtrace2' and 'tracing/ftrace...
2008-12-30 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/kmemtrace: normalize the raw tracer event to...
2008-12-29 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: provide the base infrastructure for...
2008-12-29 Steven Rostedt ftrace: set up trace event hash infrastructure
2008-12-12 Markus Metzger x86, bts, ftrace: adapt the hw-branch-tracer to the...
2008-11-27 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'tracing/blktrace', 'tracing/ftrace...
2008-11-26 Arjan van de Ven tracing: add "power-tracer": C/P state tracer to help...
2008-11-26 Frederic Weisbecker tracing/function-return-tracer: change the name into...
2008-11-25 Markus Metzger x86, bts, ftrace: a BTS ftrace plug-in prototype
2008-11-12 Steven Rostedt ftrace: rename trace_unlikely.c file
2008-11-12 Steven Rostedt trace: rename unlikely profiler to branch profiler
2008-11-12 Steven Rostedt tracing: likely/unlikely branch annotation tracer
2008-11-12 Steven Rostedt tracing: profile likely and unlikely annotations
2008-11-11 Frederic Weisbecker tracing: add a tracer to catch execution time of kernel...
2008-10-20 Steven Rostedt ftrace: rename FTRACE to FUNCTION_TRACER
2008-10-14 Steven Rostedt tracing: unified trace buffer
2008-10-14 Frédéric Weisbecker tracing/ftrace: give an entry on the config for boot...
2008-10-14 Steven Noonan ftrace: add nop tracer
2008-10-14 Steven Rostedt ftrace: add stack tracer
2008-07-10 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'tracing/sysprof' into auto-ftrace-next
2008-05-24 Pekka Paalanen ftrace: add mmiotrace plugin
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: add sysprof plugin
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: fix dynamic ftrace selftest
2008-05-23 Ingo Molnar ftrace: disable -pg for the tracer itself
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: trace preempt off critical timings
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: trace irq disabled critical timings
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: tracer for scheduler wakeup latency
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: add tracing of context switches
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: function tracer
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: latency tracer infrastructure
2008-05-23 Arnaldo Carvalho... ftrace: add basic support for gcc profiler instrumentation