Merge branch 'perf/urgent' into perf/core
[linux-2.6.git] / kernel / perf_event.c
2009-10-20 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'perf/urgent' into perf/core
2009-10-15 Li Zefan tracing/profile: Add filter support
2009-10-14 Paul Mackerras perf_event: Adjust frequency and unthrottle for non...
2009-10-06 Peter Zijlstra perf_event: Provide vmalloc() based mmap() backing
2009-10-01 Xiao Guangrong perf_event: Clean up perf_event_init_task()
2009-10-01 Xiao Guangrong perf_event: Fix event group handling in __perf_event_sc...
2009-09-27 Alexey Dobriyan const: mark struct vm_struct_operations
2009-09-21 Ingo Molnar perf: Tidy up after the big rename
2009-09-21 Ingo Molnar perf: Do the big rename: Performance Counters -> Perfor...