ARM: tegra11: clock: Add EMC DPD control to EMC DFS
[linux-2.6.git] / include /
2013-03-22 Ajay Gupta usb: xhci: tegra: update low speed rise and fall slew...
2013-03-22 Kerwin Wan power: bq2419x: disable charging function if charger...
2013-03-22 Sivaram Nair EDP: add notify sysfs
2013-03-22 Sivaram Nair backlight: max8831: lowering E0 state
2013-03-22 Erik Lilliebjerg input: misc: sensor drivers
2013-03-19 Laxman Dewangan mfd: palmas: remove unused platform data
2013-03-19 Laxman Dewangan pinctrl: palmas: add pincontrol driver support
2013-03-19 Yunfan Zhang regulator: bq2419x: add power off on suspend support
2013-03-19 Rakesh Bodla usb: tegra: add different id detection types
2013-03-19 Sivaram Nair EDP: client specific sysfs attrbs
2013-03-18 Steve Lin misc: tegra-baseband: Adding dual modem support
2013-03-15 Simo Melenius ARM: tegra: cpuquiet: augment no_lp to force both LP...
2013-03-15 Peter De Schrijver ARM: tegra: cpuquiet: make userspace governor actions...
2013-03-14 Pradeep Goudagunta staging: iio: adc: Add Palma gpadc support
2013-03-14 Laxman Dewangan mfd: palmas: Implement irq chip for driver locally
2013-03-14 Lihui Cui media: tegra: add ov5693 with ad5823 focuser
2013-03-13 Seungwon Jeon mmc: support packed write command for eMMC4.5 devices
2013-03-13 Seungwon Jeon mmc: add packed command feature of eMMC4.5
2013-03-13 Ilan Aelion video: tegra: host: add 3dfs user space control
2013-03-11 Matt Wagner input: gpio_keys: send event for wakeup key
2013-03-11 Steve Lin misc: tegra-baseband: move modem power driver to /drive...
2013-03-11 Naveen Kumar Arepalli Revert "mmc: core: Support packed command for eMMC4...
2013-03-08 Rakesh Bodla ARM: tegra: macallan:Enable vbus detect through PMU
2013-03-08 rrajk mmc: host: Add support for EDP
2013-03-06 Sachin Nikam Merge branch 'linux-3.4.35' into rel-17
2013-03-05 Ajay Gupta usb: xhci: tegra: update fuse programming from usb_calib0
2013-03-03 Seiji Aguchi pstore: Avoid deadlock in panic and emergency-restart...
2013-03-03 Helge Deller unbreak automounter support on 64-bit kernel with 32...
2013-03-03 Theodore Ts'o quota: autoload the quota_v2 module for QFMT_VFS_V1...
2013-02-28 Cong Wang vlan: adjust vlan_set_encap_proto() for its callers
2013-02-28 Eric Dumazet ipv6: use a stronger hash for tcp
2013-02-28 Ying Xue net: fix a compile error when SOCK_REFCNT_DEBUG is...
2013-02-28 Takashi Iwai fb: Yet another band-aid for fixing lockdep mess
2013-02-28 Alan Cox fb: rework locking to fix lock ordering on takeover
2013-02-28 Dave Airlie vgacon/vt: clear buffer attributes when we load a 512...
2013-02-28 Pawel Moll ALSA: usb: Fix Processing Unit Descriptor parsers
2013-02-28 Sagi Grimberg mm: mmu_notifier: have mmu_notifiers use a global SRCU...
2013-02-26 Laxman Dewangan watchdog: palmas: add palams wathdog timer
2013-02-26 Harshavardhan Nalajala net: wireless: bcmdhd: Wifi EDP support
2013-02-26 David Jung input: touch: raydium: correct queueing of resumes
2013-02-25 Sivaram Nair EDP: tegra: core sysedp platform driver
2013-02-22 Sivaram Nair EDP: adding debugfs support
2013-02-22 Seungwon Jeon mmc: core: fix the decision of HS200/DDR card-type
2013-02-22 Laxman Dewangan regulator: add support for sleep mode configuration
2013-02-21 Alexandre SIMON printk: fix buffer overflow when calling log_prefix...
2013-02-20 Jon Mayo video: tegra: dc: report correct device id in traces
2013-02-15 Matt Wagner Input: gpio_keys: Remove Wakeup Key Handling
2013-02-14 Laxman Dewangan regulator: palmas: preserve mode configuration across...
2013-02-14 Matt Fleming efi: Make 'efi_enabled' a function to query EFI facilities
2013-02-13 Sivaram Nair EDP: fixing bug with priority definitions
2013-02-13 David Jung input: touch: raydium slow scan updates
2013-02-12 Yogish Kulkarni input-cfboost: add trace points
2013-02-12 Nagarjuna Kristam include: wl_wilink: include sk_buff.h file
2013-02-12 Raghavendra Shenoy... TI Bluetooth: Adding TI Host Wakeup Driver changes
2013-02-11 Lan Tianyu usb: Using correct way to clear usb3.0 device's remote...
2013-02-11 Laxman Dewangan regulator: palmas: implement errata for ES1.0,ES2.0...
2013-02-11 Laxman Dewangan mfd: palmas: read internal design rev and sw otp revsio...
2013-02-11 Laxman Dewangan mfd: palmas: Add APIs to access the Palmas' registers
2013-02-11 Rahul Mittal tlv320aic3xxx: add i2c shutdown implementation
2013-02-11 Graziano Misuraca driver: max17042: Set correct temperature range
2013-02-09 Sumit Sharma mfd: max77663: Added chip version reading support
2013-02-09 Diwakar Tundlam arm: tegra: soctherm: changes to support throttling...
2013-02-09 Syed Rafiuddin power: bq2419x: use regmap_update_bits
2013-02-08 Yogish Kulkarni Input: add MSC_ACTIVITY event for reporting early input...
2013-02-08 Sivaram Nair EDP: renaming imax to max
2013-02-07 Zhang Rui Thermal: Fix DEFAULT_THERMAL_GOVERNOR
2013-02-06 Arto Merilainen video: tegra: host: Init 3d scaling on probe
2013-02-05 Laxman Dewangan regulator: palmas: Add ramp delay
2013-02-05 Laxman Dewangan regulator: add support for ramp delay
2013-02-05 Jinyoung Park misc: nct1008: Add thermal_zone_params in struct nct100...
2013-02-02 Vinod Subbarayalu audio: Implement tfa driver shutdown.
2013-02-01 Vikas Jain Input: xpad - add ftrace logging
2013-01-31 Bharath Yadav usb: xhci: tegra: adding NVIDIA USB3.0 controller driver
2013-01-28 Syed Rafiuddin power: bq2419x: Do not disable charging
2013-01-28 Oleg Nesterov ptrace: introduce signal_wake_up_state() and ptrace_sig...
2013-01-25 Matt Wagner video: backlight: pwm_bl: add pwm_gpio
2013-01-25 Robert Collins ARM: tegra: Roth: Implement touch infrastructure
2013-01-23 Diwakar Tundlam misc: nct1008: use common thermal_trip_info in nct...
2013-01-22 Vikas Jain input: touch: raydium: Add ftrace logging.
2013-01-22 Vikas Jain input: touch: atmel: Update Ftrace logging.
2013-01-21 Nicholas Bellinger target: Add link_magic for fabric allow_link destinatio...
2013-01-18 Diwakar Tundlam thermal: platform_data: define common thermal_trip_info...
2013-01-18 Syed Rafiuddin power: max17042: add POWER_SUPPLY_PROP_STATUS
2013-01-17 Sage Weil libceph: remove 'osdtimeout' option
2013-01-16 Syed Rafiuddin power: bq2491x: use usb regulator to configure i/p...
2013-01-16 Syed Rafiuddin roth: power: check battery presence
2013-01-16 Lucas Dai drivers: misc: nct: fix integer overflow in temperature...
2013-01-16 Jihoon Bang media: video: tegra: camera: move tegra_camera
2013-01-12 Arto Merilainen video: tegra: host: Allow disabling debug dumps
2013-01-12 Jinyoung Park misc: nct1008: Apply hysteresis to trip_temp
2013-01-11 Michal Hocko mm: limit mmu_gather batching to fix soft lockups on...
2013-01-11 Andy Lutomirski PCI: Reduce Ricoh 0xe822 SD card reader base clock...
2013-01-11 Eric Dumazet tcp: implement RFC 5961 4.2
2013-01-11 Eric Dumazet tcp: implement RFC 5961 3.2
2013-01-11 Christoph Paasch inet: Fix kmemleak in tcp_v4/6_syn_recv_sock and dccp_v...
2013-01-11 Tejun Heo freezer: add missing mb's to freezer_count() and freeze...
2013-01-11 Christoffer Dall mm: Fix PageHead when !CONFIG_PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED
2013-01-11 Kees Cook exec: do not leave bprm->interp on stack
2013-01-11 Vinod Subbarayalu audio: Add Support for OTC.
2013-01-10 Anshul Jain drivers: misc: Hysteresis support in fan est