mac80211: implement support for cfg80211_ops->{get,set}_ringparam
[linux-2.6.git] / include / net / mac80211.h
2011-03-11 John W. Linville mac80211: implement support for cfg80211_ops->{get...
2011-02-25 Johannes Berg mac80211: support direct offchannel TX offload
2011-02-25 Johannes Berg mac80211: make tx() operation return void
2011-02-23 Johannes Berg mac80211: rename RX_FLAG_TSFT
2011-02-03 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Add testing functionality for TKIP
2011-02-03 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: add HW flag for disabling auto link-PS in...
2011-01-19 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow advertising correct maximum aggregate...
2011-01-19 Johannes Berg mac80211: track receiver's aggregation reorder buffer...
2011-01-19 Luciano Coelho mac80211: add hw configuration for max ampdu buffer...
2011-01-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: add missing docs for off-chan TX flag
2011-01-10 Johannes Berg mac80211: add remain-on-channel docs
2011-01-05 Johannes Berg mac80211: implement hardware offload for remain-on...
2010-12-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: selective throughput LED trigger active
2010-12-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: add throughput based LED blink trigger
2010-12-20 Johannes Stezenbach mac80211/rt2x00: add ieee80211_tx_status_ni()
2010-12-15 Sujith Manoharan mac80211: Add timeout to BA session start API
2010-11-30 Johannes Stezenbach mac80211/rt2x00: add ieee80211_tx_status_ni()
2010-11-24 Bruno Randolf cfg80211: Add documentation for antenna ops
2010-11-24 Felix Fietkau cfg80211/mac80211: improve ad-hoc multicast rate handling
2010-11-17 Johannes Berg mac80211: defines for AC numbers
2010-11-16 Felix Fietkau mac80211: add support for setting the ad-hoc multicast...
2010-11-16 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Add function to get probe request template...
2010-11-16 Bruno Randolf mac80211: Add antenna configuration
2010-11-16 Arik Nemtsov mac80211: support hardware TX fragmentation offload
2010-10-13 Johannes Berg mac80211: add probe request filter flag
2010-10-06 Johannes Berg cfg80211/mac80211: allow per-station GTKs
2010-10-05 Helmut Schaa mac80211: distinct between max rates and the number...
2010-09-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: move packet flags into packet
2010-09-27 Ben Greear mac80211/ath9k: Support AMPDU with multiple VIFs.
2010-09-24 Christian Lamparter mac80211: clear txflags for ps-filtered frames
2010-09-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: add p2p device type support
2010-09-14 Felix Fietkau mac80211: add a note about iterating interfaces during...
2010-08-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: support runtime interface type changes
2010-08-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow scan to complete from any context
2010-08-25 Bob Copeland mac80211: trivial spelling fixes
2010-08-24 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix docbook
2010-08-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: use cipher suite selectors
2010-08-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow drivers to request SM PS mode change
2010-08-16 Johannes Berg mac80211: per interface idle notification
2010-08-16 John W. Linville mac80211: support use of NAPI for bottom-half processing
2010-07-29 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-07-29 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow drivers to request DTIM period
2010-07-28 Felix Fietkau mac80211: inform drivers about the off-channel status...
2010-07-23 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-07-21 Gustavo F. Padovan net: remove last uses of __attribute__((packed))
2010-07-20 Johannes Berg mac80211: move QoS-enable to BSS info
2010-06-21 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Add interface for driver to temporarily disab...
2010-06-15 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Fix ps-qos network latency handling
2010-06-14 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Fix circular locking dependency in ARP filter...
2010-06-14 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow drivers to sleep in ampdu_action
2010-06-14 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove non-irqsafe aggregation callbacks
2010-06-08 Johannes Berg wireless: fix kernel-doc
2010-06-04 Sujith mac80211: Remove deprecated sta_notify commands
2010-06-03 Johannes Berg mac80211: clean up ieee80211_stop_tx_ba_session
2010-06-03 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Add support for hardware ARP query filtering
2010-06-03 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove tx status ampdu_ack_map
2010-05-24 Randy Dunlap wireless: fix mac80211.h kernel-doc warnings
2010-05-24 John W. Linville Revert "ath9k: Group Key fix for VAPs"
2010-05-24 Linus Torvalds Revert "ath9k: Group Key fix for VAPs"
2010-05-17 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-05-12 Johannes Berg mac80211: add offload channel switch support
2010-05-11 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-05-07 Johannes Berg mac80211: improve HT channel handling
2010-05-07 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix BSS info reconfiguration
2010-05-05 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-04-30 John W. Linville mac80211: remove deprecated noise field from ieee80211_...
2010-04-28 Johannes Berg mac80211: notify driver about IBSS status
2010-04-27 Johannes Berg mac80211: give virtual interface to hw_scan
2010-04-27 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Determine dynamic PS timeout based on ps...
2010-04-23 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' into for-davem
2010-04-20 Felix Fietkau mac80211: add flags for STBC (Space-Time Block Coding)
2010-04-20 Stanislaw Gruszka mac80211: document IEEE80211_CONF_CHANGE_QOS
2010-04-20 Holger Schurig mac80211: sample survey implementation for mac80211...
2010-04-20 Daniel Yingqiang Ma ath9k: Group Key fix for VAPs
2010-04-19 Daniel Halperin mac80211: fix typo in comments
2010-04-16 Luis R. Rodriguez mac80211: add LDPC control flag
2010-04-15 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-04-03 Jiri Pirko net: convert multicast list to list_head
2010-03-31 Stanislaw Gruszka mac80211: explicitly disable/enable QoS
2010-03-31 Zhu Yi mac80211: support paged rx SKBs
2010-03-24 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Add support for connection quality monitoring
2010-03-23 Juuso Oikarinen mac80211: Add support for connection monitor in hardware
2010-03-09 Johannes Berg mac80211: deprecate RX status noise
2010-03-03 Sujith mac80211: Fix HT rate control configuration
2010-02-15 Jouni Malinen cfg80211/mac80211: allow registering for and sending...
2010-02-09 Vivek Natarajan mac80211: Retry null data frame for power save.
2010-02-08 Kalle Valo mac80211: remove get_tx_stats() driver op
2010-02-08 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow station add/remove to sleep
2010-02-01 Felix Fietkau mac80211: fix monitor mode tx radiotap header handling
2010-01-26 Johannes Berg mac80211: wait for beacon before enabling powersave
2010-01-25 Kalle Valo mac80211: fix update_tkip_key() documentation about...
2010-01-22 Johannes Berg mac80211: pass vif and station to update_tkip_key
2010-01-19 Johannes Berg mac80211: re-enable re-transmission of filtered frames
2010-01-14 Kalle Valo mac80211: improve powersave documentation
2010-01-14 Kalle Valo mac80211: fix mac80211.h documentation warnings
2010-01-12 Kalle Valo mac80211: add U-APSD client support
2010-01-12 Kalle Valo mac80211: create Probe Request template
2010-01-12 Kalle Valo mac80211: add functions to create PS Poll and Nullfunc...
2010-01-12 Jouni Malinen cfg80211/mac80211: Use more generic bitrate mask for...
2010-01-12 Jouni Malinen mac80211: Select lowest rate based on basic rate set...