cfg80211: add cfg80211_inform_bss
[linux-2.6.git] / include / net / cfg80211.h
2009-04-22 Jussi Kivilinna cfg80211: add cfg80211_inform_bss
2009-04-22 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Add Michael MIC failure event
2009-04-22 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Generate deauth/disassoc event for locally...
2009-04-22 Huang Weiyi cfg80211: remove duplicated #include
2009-03-28 Kalle Valo cfg80211: add feature to hold bss
2009-03-28 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Remove NL80211_CMD_SET_MGMT_EXTRA_IE
2009-03-28 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Add MLME primitives to support external SME
2009-03-28 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Event notifications for MLME events
2009-03-16 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: move enum reg_set_by to nl80211.h
2009-03-16 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: remove REGDOM_SET_BY_INIT
2009-02-27 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: move all regulatory hints to workqueue
2009-02-27 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: make regulatory_request use wiphy_idx instead...
2009-02-27 Johannes Berg mac80211/cfg80211: move iwrange handler to cfg80211
2009-02-27 Johannes Berg cfg80211: clean up signal type
2009-02-27 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Provide access to STA TX/RX packet counters
2009-02-27 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Optional IEs into scan request
2009-02-13 Johannes Berg cfg80211: add more flexible BSS lookup
2009-02-13 Johannes Berg cfg80211: allow users to request removing a BSS
2009-02-13 Johannes Berg cfg80211: free_priv for BSS info
2009-02-13 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: scanning (and mac80211 update to...
2009-01-29 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: pass more detailed regulatory request informa...
2009-01-29 Johannes Berg cfg80211: add PM hooks
2009-01-29 Jouni Malinen nl80211: New command for adding extra IE(s) into manage...
2009-01-29 Jouni Malinen mac80211: 802.11w - Use BIP (AES-128-CMAC)
2009-01-29 Jouni Malinen mac80211: 802.11w - STA flag for MFP
2008-12-19 Sujith mac80211: Fix HT channel selection
2008-12-19 Henning Rogge nl80211: Add signal strength and bandwith to nl80211sta...
2008-12-05 Johannes Berg cfg80211: handle SIOCGIWMODE/SIOCSIWMODE
2008-12-05 Johannes Berg cfg80211: handle SIOCGIWNAME
2008-12-05 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Add frequency configuration (including HT40)
2008-11-10 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: make use of reg macros on REG_RULE
2008-11-10 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Add TX queue parameter configuration
2008-11-10 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Add basic rate configuration for AP mode
2008-10-31 Add nl80211 commands to get and set o11s mesh networkin...
2008-09-24 Johannes Berg cfg80211: show interface type
2008-09-15 Luis R. Rodriguez cfg80211: Add new wireless regulatory infrastructure
2008-08-29 Jouni Malinen mac80211/cfg80211: HT capabilities for NEW_STA
2008-08-29 Jouni Malinen mac80211/cfg80211: Add BSS configuration options for...
2008-03-06 Luis Carlos Cobo nl80211/cfg80211: support for mesh, sta dumping
2008-02-29 Michael Wu nl80211: Add monitor interface configuration flags
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: implement station attribute retrieval
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: station handling
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: add beacon settings
2008-01-28 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: introduce key handling
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [NL80211]: add netlink interface to cfg80211
2007-07-12 Andy Green [PATCH] cfg80211: Radiotap parser
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS] cfg80211: Update comment for locking.
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS] cfg80211: New wireless config infrastructure.