gpio: gpiolib: Support for open source/emitter gpios
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / usb_usual.h
2011-06-07 Alan Stern usb-storage: redo incorrect reads
2010-10-22 Hans de Goede usb-storage: add new no_read_capacity_16 quirk
2010-10-22 Hans de Goede usb-storage: add new no_read_disc_info quirk
2010-10-22 Matthew Wilcox USB: Move USB Storage definitions to their own header...
2010-10-22 Michal Nazarewicz USB: storage: Use USB_ prefix instead of US_ prefix
2009-12-11 Alan Stern USB: usb-storage: add BAD_SENSE flag
2009-03-24 Alan Stern usb-storage: prepare for subdriver separation
2009-01-07 Alan Stern USB: storage: add last-sector hacks
2009-01-07 Ben Efros USB: storage devices and SAT
2008-04-25 matthieu castet USB: mass storage: emulation of sat scsi_pass_thru...
2008-03-25 Constantin Baranov USB: add support for Motorola ROKR Z6 cellphone in...
2008-02-01 Alan Stern USB: usb-storage: new "lockable" subclass 0x07
2007-12-17 Doug Maxey usb-storage: Fix devices that cannot handle 32k transfers
2007-02-16 Oliver Neukum USB Storage: indistinguishable devices with broken...
2006-09-27 Matthew Dharm USB Storage: add rio karma eject support
2006-08-02 Daniel Drake usb-storage: Add US_FL_IGNORE_DEVICE flag; ignore ZyXEL...
2006-07-12 Phil Dibowitz [PATCH] USB Storage: US_FL_MAX_SECTORS_64 flag
2006-04-26 David Woodhouse Don't include linux/config.h from anywhere else in...
2006-01-04 Matthew Dharm [PATCH] USB Storage: add alauda support
2006-01-04 Pete Zaitcev [PATCH] USB: drivers/usb/storage/libusual