Merge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / tracepoint.h
2010-03-16 Lai Jiangshan rcu: Fix tracepoints & lockdep false positive
2009-11-26 Ingo Molnar events: Rename TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATE() to DECLARE_EVENT_...
2009-11-24 Steven Rostedt tracing: Create new DEFINE_EVENT_PRINT
2009-11-24 Steven Rostedt tracing: Create new TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATE
2009-09-24 Randy Dunlap docs: fix various Documentation/ paths in header files
2009-09-22 Li Hong tracing: Fix a comment and a trivial format issue in...
2009-08-26 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'tracing/core' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-08-26 Steven Rostedt tracing: add comments to explain TRACE_EVENT out of...
2009-08-26 Xiao Guangrong tracing/events: fix the include file dependencies
2009-08-25 Josh Stone tracing: Move tracepoint callbacks from declaration...
2009-08-11 Jason Baron tracing: Add DECLARE_TRACE_WITH_CALLBACK() macro
2009-06-16 GeunSik Lim debugfs: Fix terminology inconsistency of dir name...
2009-04-24 Steven Rostedt tracing: remove deprecated TRACE_FORMAT
2009-04-14 Steven Rostedt tracing: consolidate trace and trace_event headers
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: remove funky whitespace in the trace code
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: document TRACE_EVENT macro in tracepoint.h
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: flip the TP_printk and TP_fast_assign in the...
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: remove obsolete TRACE_EVENT_FORMAT macro
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: new format for specialized trace points
2009-03-10 Steven Rostedt tracing: replace TP<var> with TP_<var>
2009-02-28 Steven Rostedt tracing: create the C style tracing for the sched subsystem
2009-02-26 Steven Rostedt tracing: wrap arguments with PARAMS
2009-02-26 Steven Rostedt tracing: rename DEFINE_TRACE_FMT to just TRACE_FORMAT
2009-02-25 Steven Rostedt tracing: add DEFINE_TRACE_FMT to tracepoint.h
2008-11-16 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: add DECLARE_TRACE() and DEFINE_TRACE()
2008-11-16 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: do not put arguments in name
2008-11-16 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: use unregister return value
2008-11-16 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: use rcu_*_sched_notrace
2008-11-03 Lai Jiangshan tracepoint: introduce *_noupdate APIs.
2008-10-14 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: synchronize unregister static inline
2008-10-14 Mathieu Desnoyers tracepoints: tracepoint_synchronize_unregister()
2008-10-14 Mathieu Desnoyers tracing: Kernel Tracepoints