block: get rid of elv_insert() interface
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / topology.h
2010-09-09 Heiko Carstens sched: Add book scheduling domain
2010-08-10 Lee Schermerhorn topology: alternate fix for ia64 tiger_defconfig build...
2010-06-29 Michael Neuling sched: Fix spelling of sibling
2010-06-09 Michael Neuling sched: Add asymmetric group packing option for sibling...
2010-05-27 Lee Schermerhorn numa: introduce numa_mem_id()- effective local memory...
2010-05-27 Lee Schermerhorn numa: add generic percpu var numa_node_id() implementation
2010-01-21 Mike Galbraith sched: Fix vmark regression on big machines
2009-10-14 Peter Zijlstra sched: Disable SD_PREFER_LOCAL for MC/CPU domains
2009-09-24 Rusty Russell cpumask: remove obsolete topology_core_siblings and...
2009-09-16 Peter Zijlstra sched: Disable wakeup balancing
2009-09-16 Peter Zijlstra sched: Add SD_PREFER_LOCAL
2009-09-15 Peter Zijlstra sched: Reduce forkexec_idx
2009-09-15 Mike Galbraith sched: Improve latencies and throughput
2009-09-15 Peter Zijlstra sched: Fix some domain tunings
2009-09-15 Peter Zijlstra sched: Tweak wake_idx
2009-09-15 Peter Zijlstra sched: Merge select_task_rq_fair() and sched_balance_self()
2009-09-07 Peter Zijlstra sched: enable SD_WAKE_IDLE
2009-09-04 Ingo Molnar sched: Turn on SD_BALANCE_NEWIDLE
2009-09-04 Ingo Molnar sched: Clean up topology.h
2009-09-04 Peter Zijlstra sched: Add smt_gain
2009-03-13 Rusty Russell numa, cpumask: move numa_node_id default implementation...
2009-03-13 Rusty Russell cpumask: replace node_to_cpumask with cpumask_of_node.
2009-01-11 Rusty Russell cpumask: Use topology_core_cpumask()/topology_thread_cp...
2008-12-19 Vaidyanathan Srini... sched: add SD_BALANCE_NEWIDLE at MC and CPU level for...
2008-12-19 Vaidyanathan Srini... sched: convert BALANCE_FOR_xx_POWER to inline functions
2008-12-12 Heiko Carstens sched: let arch_update_cpu_topology indicate if topolog...
2008-11-07 Ingo Molnar sched: fine-tune SD_SIBLING_INIT
2008-11-07 Mike Galbraith sched: fine-tune SD_MC_INIT
2008-11-05 Ingo Molnar sched: re-tune balancing
2008-06-13 Ben Hutchings cpu topology: always define CPU topology information
2008-05-29 Ingo Molnar sched: re-tune NUMA topologies
2008-04-19 Mike Travis cpumask: reduce stack usage in SD_x_INIT initializers
2008-03-21 Heiko Carstens sched: add arch_update_cpu_topology hook.
2008-03-19 Ingo Molnar sched: tune multi-core idle balancing
2008-01-25 Ingo Molnar sched: whitespace cleanups in topology.h
2008-01-25 Ingo Molnar sched: reactivate fork balancing
2007-10-15 Ingo Molnar sched: enable wake-idle on CONFIG_SCHED_MC=y
2007-10-15 Ingo Molnar sched: reintroduce topology.h tunings
2007-08-02 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sched: remove cache_hot_time
2007-07-13 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] sched: small topology.h cleanup
2007-07-09 Ingo Molnar sched: more agressive idle balancing
2007-03-05 Con Kolivas [PATCH] sched: remove SMT nice
2006-12-10 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] sched: add option to serialize load balancing
2006-12-10 Siddha, Suresh B [PATCH] sched domain: increase the SMT busy rebalance...
2006-10-03 Siddha, Suresh B [PATCH] sched: cleanup sched_group cpu_power setup
2006-10-03 Siddha, Suresh B [PATCH] sched: introduce child field in sched_domain
2006-06-28 Siddha, Suresh B [PATCH] sched: mc/smt power savings sched policy
2006-03-27 Siddha, Suresh B [PATCH] sched: new sched domain for representing multi...
2006-01-19 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] Zone reclaim: Reclaim logic
2006-01-12 [PATCH] scheduler cache-hot-autodetect
2005-09-07 John Hawkes [PATCH] cpusets: Move the ia64 domain setup code to...
2005-06-25 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sched: sched tuning
2005-06-25 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sched: balance on fork
2005-06-25 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sched: no aggressive idle balancing
2005-06-25 Nick Piggin [PATCH] sched: balance timers
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2