power: tps80031: battery-charger: register as mfd sub device
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / tipc.h
2011-05-10 Allan Stephens tipc: Abort excessive send requests as early as possible
2011-02-23 Allan Stephens tipc: Clean out all remaining instances of #if 0'd...
2011-01-01 Allan Stephens tipc: cleanup various cosmetic whitespace issues
2010-10-21 Neil Horman Revert c6537d6742985da1fbf12ae26cde6a096fd35b5c
2010-05-13 Allan Stephens tipc: Update commenting in TIPC API
2010-04-07 Jon Paul Maloy TIPC: Updated topology subscription protocol according...
2009-07-06 oscar.medina@motor... tipc: Add socket options to get number of queued messages
2006-10-19 Lijun Chen [TIPC]: Added subscription cancellation capability
2006-01-12 Per Liden [TIPC] Update of file headers
2006-01-12 Per Liden [TIPC] License header update
2006-01-12 Per Liden [TIPC] Moved configuration interface into tipc_config.h
2006-01-12 Per Liden [TIPC] Use dynamically allocated family id with NETLINK...
2006-01-12 Per Liden [TIPC] Initial merge