SSB: Change fallback sprom to callback mechanism.
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / ssb / ssb.h
2011-05-19 Hauke Mehrtens SSB: Change fallback sprom to callback mechanism.
2010-12-02 Rafał Miłecki ssb: extract indexes for power tables
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonori ssb: remove the ssb DMA API
2010-06-04 FUJITA Tomonori ssb: add dma_dev to ssb_device structure
2010-04-26 Rafał Miłecki ssb: Look for SPROM at different offset on higher rev CC
2010-04-26 John W. Linville ssb: do not read SPROM if it does not exist
2009-10-27 Michael Buesch ssb: Put host pointers into a union
2009-09-09 Albert Herranz ssb: Implement SDIO host bus support
2009-08-14 Gábor Stefanik ssb: Implement the remaining rev.8 SPROM vars needed...
2009-03-05 Michael Buesch ssb: Add SPROM fallback support
2008-11-10 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix DMA-API compilation for non-PCI systems
2008-07-26 FUJITA Tomonori dma-mapping: add the device argument to dma_mapping_error()
2008-07-14 Michael Buesch ssb: Include dma-mapping.h
2008-06-27 Michael Buesch ssb, b43, b43legacy, b44: Rewrite SSB DMA API
2008-04-18 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/torvalds...
2008-04-15 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix usage of struct device used for DMAing
2008-04-08 Michael Buesch ssb: Add support for block-I/O
2008-04-08 Michael Buesch ssb: Turn suspend/resume upside down
2008-03-13 Michael Buesch ssb: Add SPROM/invariants support for PCMCIA devices
2008-03-06 Michael Buesch ssb: Add Gigabit Ethernet driver
2008-02-29 Michael Buesch ssb: Add support for 8bit register access
2008-02-21 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix pcicore cardbus mode
2008-02-21 Michael Buesch ssb: Make the GPIO API reentrancy safe
2008-02-05 Andrew Morton b43: fix build with CONFIG_SSB_PCIHOST=n
2008-01-28 Michael Buesch ssb: Add boardflags_hi field to the sprom data structure
2008-01-28 Miguel Botón ssb: add 'ssb_pcihost_set_power_state' function
2008-01-28 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix PCMCIA lowlevel register access
2008-01-28 Michael Buesch ssb: Fix extraction of values from SPROM
2008-01-28 Larry Finger ssb: Remove the old, now unused, data structures
2008-01-28 Larry Finger ssb: Convert to use of the new SPROM structure
2008-01-28 Larry Finger ssb: Add new SPROM structure while keeping the old
2007-10-10 Michael Buesch [SSB]: add Sonics Silicon Backplane bus support