mmc: core: Fix PowerOff Notify suspend/resume
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / nct1008.h
2012-06-28 Joshua Primero drivers: nct: exposed nct internal/external temps
2012-05-23 Chandler Zhang misc: nct1008: add id for nct72
2012-03-08 Joshua Primero drivers: misc: nct: Fixed spurious nct interrupts
2011-12-22 Joshua Primero drivers: nct: Added low temp func to header file
2011-12-08 Joshua Primero misc: nct1008: Refactored nct1008 driver
2011-12-08 Joshua Primero drivers: misc: nct: added stubs for nct1008
2011-12-08 Joshua Primero drivers: nct1008: Generic therm funcs to nct1008
2011-12-01 Bitan Biswas misc: nct1008: sub-zero temperature support
2011-12-01 Varun Wadekar misc: nct1008: update edp zones for current temperature
2011-12-01 Todd Poynor NCT1008 temperature sensor driver
2011-12-01 Greg Meiste misc: Initial NCT1008 driver