video: tegra: host: Access nvhost_master via drvdata
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / mmc / sdio_func.h
2011-12-01 Chao Jiang [misc] cancel executable permission on source files
2011-12-01 Dmitry Shmidt trout: Add functions for WiFi
2011-12-01 San Mehat mmc: Add concept of an 'embedded' SDIO device.
2011-07-20 Robert P. J. Day mmc: Standardize header file inclusion checks.
2010-05-27 Grazvydas Ignotas sdio: add new function for RAW (Read after Write) operation
2010-03-06 Nicolas Pitre sdio: introduce API for special power management features
2009-09-23 Nicolas Pitre mmc: make SDIO device/driver struct accessors public
2008-11-08 Kay Sievers mmc: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2008-07-16 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-07-15 Benzi Zbit sdio: fix the use of hard coded timeout value.
2008-07-15 Tomas Winkler mmc: fix sdio_io sparse errors
2008-07-15 Pierre Ossman mmc,sdio: helper function for transfer padding
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: store vendor strings
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: add sdio_f0_readb() and sdio_f0_writeb()
2007-09-23 David Vrabel sdio: set the functions' block size
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: support IO_RW_EXTENDED
2007-09-23 Nicolas Pitre sdio: core support for SDIO function interrupt
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: add device id table and matching
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: split up common and function CIS parsing
2007-09-23 Nicolas Pitre sdio: link unknown CIS tuples to the sdio_func structure
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman sdio: basic parsing of FBR
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: enable/disable functions for SDIO
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: add basic SDIO I/O operations
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: add SDIO driver handling
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: basic SDIO device model