mmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / mmc / host.h
2009-09-23 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: add mmc card sleep and awake support
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add ability to save power by powering off cards
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add MMC_CAP_NONREMOVABLE host capability
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: allow host claim / release nesting
2009-09-23 Adrian Hunter mmc: add 'enable' and 'disable' methods to mmc host
2009-03-31 David Brownell MMC: regulator utilities
2008-12-31 Jarkko Lavinen mmc: Add 8-bit bus width support
2008-11-08 Kay Sievers mmc: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2008-10-12 Thomas Petazzoni Fix comment in include/linux/mmc/host.h
2008-07-26 Haavard Skinnemoen mmc: Export internal host state through debugfs
2008-07-15 Pierre Ossman mmc: remove multiwrite capability
2008-07-15 Anton Vorontsov mmc: change .get_ro() callback semantics
2008-07-15 Anton Vorontsov mmc: add support for card-detection polling
2007-12-12 Nicolas Pitre mmc: remove unused 'mode' from the mmc_host structure
2007-09-24 Pierre Ossman mmc: add led trigger
2007-09-23 David Brownell MMC headers learn about SPI
2007-09-23 Nicolas Pitre sdio: add interface for host side SDIO interrupt reporting
2007-09-23 Nicolas Pitre sdio: core support for SDIO function interrupt
2007-09-23 Pierre Ossman mmc: remove BYTEBLOCK capability
2007-05-01 Philip Langdale MMC: Fix handling of low-voltage cards
2007-05-01 Philip Langdale MMC: Consolidate voltage definitions
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: add bus handler
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: Move core functions to subdir
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: deprecate mmc bus topology
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: Flush pending detects on host removal
2007-05-01 Pierre Ossman mmc: Move OCR bit defines
2007-03-06 Pierre Ossman mmc: require explicit support for high-speed
2007-02-04 Pierre Ossman mmc: Allow host drivers to specify max block count
2007-02-04 Pierre Ossman mmc: Allow host drivers to specify a max block size
2007-02-04 Pierre Ossman mmc: let host be parent of cards
2007-02-04 Pierre Ossman mmc: replace host->card_busy
2006-12-05 David Howells Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2006-12-01 Greg Kroah-Hartman Driver core: convert mmc code to use struct device
2006-11-22 David Howells WorkStruct: make allyesconfig
2006-09-24 Russell King [MMC] MMC_CAP_BYTEBLOCK flag for non-log2 block sizes...
2006-09-16 Russell King [MMC] Add multi block-write capability
2006-09-07 David Brownell [MMC] constify mmc_host_ops
2005-09-08 Russell King [MMC] Ensure correct mmc_priv() behaviour
2005-09-08 Richard Purdie [MMC] Allow detection/removal to be delayed
2005-09-07 Pierre Ossman [PATCH] sd: SD 4-bit bus
2005-09-07 Pierre Ossman [PATCH] sd: read-only switch
2005-09-07 Pierre Ossman [PATCH] sd: initialize SD cards
2005-09-03 Pierre Ossman [MMC] ios for mmc chip select
2005-08-19 Russell King [MMC] Use an IDR for host name indicies
2005-08-19 Russell King [MMC] Use class device name for mmc host name
2005-08-19 Russell King [MMC] Add MMC class devices
2005-08-19 Russell King [MMC] Add mmc_hostname() macro
2005-04-16 Pavel Machek [PATCH] fix u32 vs. pm_message_t in rest of the tree
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2