CRED: Constify the kernel_cap_t arguments to the capset LSM hooks
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / maple.h
2008-08-04 Paul Mundt maple: Kill useless private_data pointer.
2008-08-04 Paul Mundt maple: Clean up maple_driver_register/unregister routines.
2008-07-29 Adrian McMenamin sh/maple: clean maple bus code
2008-07-28 Adrian McMenamin maple: tidy maple_driver code by removing redundant...
2008-02-26 Adrian McMenamin maple: remove unused variable
2008-02-14 Paul Mundt maple: Fix up maple build failure.
2008-02-14 Adrian McMenamin maple: Drop unused prototypes from linux/maple.h.
2008-02-14 Adrian McMenamin maple: fix up whitespace damage.
2007-09-21 Adrian McMenamin sh: Add maple bus support for the SEGA Dreamcast.