block: get rid of elv_insert() interface
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / ipmi.h
2010-12-14 Zhao Yakui IPMI: Add one interface to get more info of low-level...
2009-04-21 dann frazier ipmi: add oem message handling
2008-04-29 Robert P. J. Day ipmi: make comment match actual preprocessor check
2008-04-29 Corey Minyard ipmi: style fixes in the base code
2008-04-29 Corey Minyard ipmi: run to completion fixes
2007-10-18 Corey Minyard IPMI: add polled interface
2006-12-07 Corey Minyard [PATCH] IPMI: Add maintenance mode
2006-10-01 Corey Minyard [PATCH] IPMI: per-channel command registration
2006-06-28 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] drivers/char/ipmi/ipmi_msghandler.c: make proc_...
2006-04-25 David Woodhouse Don't include <linux/device.h> from user-visible part...
2006-03-26 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: add full sysfs support
2005-11-07 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: use refcount in message handler
2005-09-07 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: fix panic ipmb response
2005-09-07 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: allow userland to include ipmi.h
2005-09-07 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: add per-channel IPMB addresses
2005-06-24 Corey Minyard [PATCH] ipmi: add power cycle capability
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2