switch sys_mknodat(2) to umode_t
[linux-2.6.git] / include / drm / drm_edid.h
2011-09-21 Wu Fengguang drm: support routines for HDMI/DP ELD
2011-04-28 Jesse Barnes drm: parse color format support for digital displays
2011-04-28 Jesse Barnes drm: add bit depth parsing
2010-08-10 Adam Jackson drm/edid: Add detailed block walk for CEA extensions
2010-05-18 Dan Carpenter drm_edid: There should be 6 Standard Timings
2010-04-06 Adam Jackson drm/edid: Remove arbitrary EDID extension limit
2010-02-08 Alex Deucher drm/radeon/kms: add support for hardcoded edids in...
2009-12-03 Adam Jackson drm/edid: Decode 3-byte CVT codes from EDID 1.4
2009-12-03 Adam Jackson drm/edid: Add new detailed block types from EDID 1.4
2009-06-24 Michel Dänzer drm: Fix shifts which were miscalculated when convertin...
2009-06-18 Michel Dänzer drm: EDID endianness fixes.
2009-03-11 Pantelis Koukousoulas drm: fix EDID parser problem with positive/negative...
2009-02-25 Jesse Barnes drm: Fix ordering of bit fields in EDID structure leadi...
2008-12-29 Dave Airlie DRM: add mode setting support