drm: Check for invalid cursor flags
[linux-2.6.git] / include / drm / drm.h
2012-03-30 Dave Airlie drm: base prime/dma-buf support (v5)
2012-02-16 Dave Airlie drm: add some caps for userspace to discover more info...
2011-11-15 Jesse Barnes drm: add an fb creation ioctl that takes a pixel format v5
2011-11-15 Jesse Barnes drm: add plane support v3
2011-03-24 Dave Airlie drm/vblank: update recently added vbl interface to...
2011-03-20 Ilija Hadzic drm/kernel: vblank wait on crtc > 1
2011-03-04 Dave Airlie drm: add cap bit to denote if dumb ioctl is available...
2011-03-04 Ben Skeggs drm/core: add ioctl to query device/driver capabilities
2011-02-07 Dave Airlie drm: dumb scanout create/mmap for intel/radeon (v3)
2010-08-03 Dave Airlie drm: move ttm global code to core drm
2009-12-08 Dave Airlie Merge remote branch 'anholt/drm-intel-next' into drm...
2009-12-03 Jakob Bornecrantz drm: Add dirty ioctl and property
2009-12-03 Kristian Høgsberg drm: Add compatibility #ifdefs for *BSD
2009-12-01 Jesse Barnes drm: use page flip event to signal flip completion
2009-11-18 Kristian Høgsberg drm/kms: add page flipping ioctl
2009-11-18 Kristian Høgsberg drm: Add async event synchronization for drmWaitVblank
2009-10-26 Kristian Høgsberg drm: Add async event synchronization for drmWaitVblank
2009-03-26 Arnd Bergmann make drm headers use strict integer types
2009-01-28 Eric Anholt drm: Rip out the racy, unused vblank signal code.
2008-12-29 Kristian H�gsberg drm: drop DRM_IOCTL_MODE_REPLACEFB, add+remove works...
2008-12-29 Dave Airlie DRM: add mode setting support
2008-12-29 Jesse Barnes drm: GEM mmap support
2008-12-29 Dave Airlie drm: move to kref per-master structures.
2008-10-17 Eric Anholt drm: Add GEM ("graphics execution manager") to i915...
2008-10-17 Jesse Barnes drm: Rework vblank-wait handling to allow interrupt...
2008-10-17 Carlos R. Mafra drm: remove #define's for non-linux systems
2008-07-14 Dave Airlie drm: reorganise drm tree to be more future proof.