VT-d: adapt device attach and detach functions for IOMMU API
[linux-2.6.git] / include / acpi / aclocal.h
2008-10-23 Bob Moore ACPICA: New: Validation for predefined ACPI methods...
2008-07-16 Bob Moore ACPICA: Add const qualifier for appropriate string...
2008-07-16 Vegard Nossum ACPICA: fix mutex names in debug code.
2008-04-24 Len Brown ACPICA: update Intel copyright
2008-04-22 Bob Moore ACPICA: changed order of interpretation of operand...
2008-04-22 Bob Moore ACPICA: Several fixes for internal method result stack
2007-05-10 Len Brown ACPICA: Lindent
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Update copyright to 2007.
2007-02-03 Valery A. Podrezov ACPICA: Enhance debugger statistics/memory command.
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Debugger multithreading enhancements.
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Use manifest constants for parse pass number
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Fix race condition with AcpiWalkNamespace.
2007-02-03 Alexey Starikovskiy ACPICA: Store GPE number instead of bitmask
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: misc fixes for new Table Manager:
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Implement simplified Table Manager
2007-02-03 Bob Moore ACPICA: Delete recursive feature of ACPI Global Lock
2006-10-11 Linus Torvalds ACPI: Allow setting SCI_EN bit in PM1_CONTROL register
2006-07-10 Len Brown Pull acpica-20060707 into test branch
2006-07-09 Len Brown ACPI: acpi_os_get_thread_id() returns current
2006-07-09 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060707
2006-06-28 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060623
2006-06-14 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060608
2006-06-14 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060512
2006-06-14 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060421
2006-06-14 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060331
2006-06-14 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20060317
2006-04-01 Bob Moore ACPI: ACPICA 20060310
2006-01-31 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20060127
2006-01-20 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20060113
2005-12-28 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20051216
2005-12-10 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20051117
2005-12-10 Bob Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20050930
2005-09-22 Robert Moore [ACPI] ACPICA 20050916
2005-08-05 Len Brown [ACPI] Lindent all ACPI files
2005-07-14 Robert Moore ACPICA 20050708 from Bob Moore <robert.moore@intel...
2005-07-14 Robert Moore ACPICA 20050617-0624 from Bob Moore <robert.moore@intel...
2005-07-13 Robert Moore ACPICA from Bob Moore <robert.moore@intel.com>
2005-07-12 Robert Moore ACPICA 20050408 from Bob Moore
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2