xfs: kill xfs_itruncate_start
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / xfs / xfs_vnodeops.c
2011-07-08 Christoph Hellwig xfs: kill xfs_itruncate_start
2011-07-08 Christoph Hellwig xfs: split xfs_setattr
2011-06-24 Dave Chinner xfs: clear XFS_IDIRTY_RELEASE on truncate down
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-25 Dave Chinner xfs: preallocation transactions do not need to be synch...
2011-03-06 Dave Chinner xfs: Convert remaining cmn_err() callers to new API
2011-03-06 Dave Chinner xfs: convert xfs_fs_cmn_err to new error logging API
2011-02-23 Christoph Hellwig xfs: more sensible inode refcounting for ialloc
2010-12-23 Dave Chinner xfs: don't truncate prealloc from frequently accessed...
2010-10-18 Arkadiusz Mi?kiewicz xfs: Extend project quotas to support 32bit project ids
2010-10-18 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove xfs_buf wrappers
2010-10-18 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove xfs_cred.h
2010-10-18 Dave Chinner xfs: rename xfs_buf_get_nodaddr to be more appropriate
2010-10-18 Dave Chinner xfs: don't use vfs writeback for pure metadata modifica...
2010-10-18 Dave Chinner xfs: Introduce XFS_IOC_ZERO_RANGE
2010-09-03 Dave Chinner xfs: prevent 32bit overflow in space reservation
2010-08-09 Christoph Hellwig xfs: new truncate sequence
2010-07-26 Kulikov Vasiliy xfs: fix unsigned underflow in xfs_free_eofblocks
2010-07-26 Christoph Hellwig xfs: split xfs_itrace_entry
2010-07-26 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove unused delta tracking code in xfs_bmapi
2010-07-26 Christoph Hellwig xfs: simplify inode to transaction joining
2010-07-26 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove unneeded #include statements
2010-07-26 Christoph Hellwig xfs: drop dmapi hooks
2010-06-24 Dave Chinner xfs: remove block number from inode lookup code
2010-05-28 Dave Chinner xfs: Check new inode size is OK before preallocating
2010-03-01 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove wrapper for the fsync file operation
2010-02-12 Christoph Hellwig xfs: optimize log flushing in xfs_fsync
2010-02-01 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove invalid barrier optimization from xfs_fsync
2010-01-21 Christoph Hellwig xfs: cleanup up xfs_log_force calling conventions
2010-01-21 Christoph Hellwig xfs: remove duplicate buffer flags
2010-01-19 Dave Chinner xfs: convert DM ops to use unsigned char names
2010-01-10 Christoph Hellwig xfs: fix timestamp handling in xfs_setattr
2009-12-15 Christoph Hellwig xfs: event tracing support
2009-12-11 Christoph Hellwig xfs: simplify xfs_buf_get / xfs_buf_read interfaces
2009-12-11 Christoph Hellwig xfs: fix mmap_sem/iolock inversion in xfs_free_eofblocks
2009-12-11 Christoph Hellwig xfs: simplify inode teardown
2009-10-08 Christoph Hellwig xfs: implement ->dirty_inode to fix timestamp handling
2009-09-09 Christoph Hellwig xfs: use correct log reservation when handling ENOSPC...
2009-09-01 Christoph Hellwig xfs: merge fsync and O_SYNC handling
2009-08-31 Eric Sandeen xfs: add more statics & drop some unused functions
2009-08-12 Christoph Hellwig xfs: switch to NOFS allocation under i_lock in xfs_read...
2009-08-11 Christoph Hellwig xfs: switch to NOFS allocation under i_lock in xfs_read...
2009-07-02 Eric Sandeen xfs: add more statics & drop some unused functions
2009-06-10 Christoph Hellwig xfs: use generic Posix ACL code
2009-06-08 Christoph Hellwig xfs: kill xfs_qmops
2009-04-06 Dave Chinner xfs: flush delayed allcoation blocks on ENOSPC in create
2009-03-29 Malcolm Parsons xfs: fix various typos
2009-03-16 Christoph Hellwig xfs: kill VN_BAD
2009-02-09 Christoph Hellwig xfs: merge xfs_mkdir into xfs_create
2009-02-04 Christoph Hellwig xfs: merge xfs_inode_flush into xfs_fs_write_inode
2009-02-04 Christoph Hellwig xfs: tiny cleanup for xfs_link
2009-01-19 Eric Sandeen [XFS] Remove the rest of the macro-to-function indirect...
2009-01-16 Eric Sandeen [XFS] Remove the rest of the macro-to-function indirect...
2008-12-11 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] use inode_change_ok for setattr permission checking
2008-12-05 Lachlan McIlroy [XFS] Check return value of xfs_buf_get_noaddr()
2008-12-04 Christoph Hellwig move vn_iowait / vn_iowake into xfs_aops.c
2008-12-01 Dave Chinner [XFS] remove i_gen from incore inode
2008-12-01 Dave Chinner [XFS] fix error inversion problems with data flushing
2008-12-01 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] wire up ->open for directories
2008-11-17 Dave Chinner [XFS] Fix double free of log tickets
2008-10-30 Tim Shimmin [XFS] remove restricted chown parameter from xfs linux
2008-10-30 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill sys_cred
2008-10-30 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Trivial xfs_remove comment fixup
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] kill deleted inodes list
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] mark inodes for reclaim via a tag in the inode...
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] rename inode reclaim functions
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] move inode reclaim functions to xfs_sync.c
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] Combine the XFS and Linux inodes
2008-10-30 David Chinner [XFS] Remove xfs_iflush_all and clean up xfs_finish_rec...
2008-09-17 Lachlan McIlroy [XFS] Don't do I/O beyond eof when unreserving space
2008-09-17 David Chinner [XFS] Prevent lockdep false positives when locking...
2008-08-13 David Howells CRED: Introduce credential access wrappers
2008-08-13 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] update timestamp in xfs_ialloc manually
2008-08-13 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill bhv_vnode_t
2008-08-13 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] remove some easy bhv_vnode_t instances
2008-08-13 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill xfs_lock_dir_and_entry
2008-08-13 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill vn_to_inode
2008-08-13 David Chinner [XFS] Kill shouty XFS_ITOV() macro
2008-08-13 David Chinner [XFS] kill shouty XFS_ITOV_NULL macro
2008-07-28 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Remove vn_revalidate calls in xfs.
2008-07-28 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Now that xfs_setattr is only used for attributes...
2008-07-28 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] xfs_setattr currently doesn't just handle the...
2008-07-28 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Merge xfs_rmdir into xfs_remove
2008-07-28 Lachlan McIlroy [XFS] make inode reclaim wait for log I/O to complete
2008-07-28 Barry Naujok [XFS] Return case-insensitive match for dentry cache
2008-07-28 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill xfs_igrow_start and xfs_igrow_finish
2008-05-23 David Chinner [XFS] Fix fsync() b0rkage.
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill usesless IHOLD calls in xfs_remove and xfs_rmdir
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill parent == child checks in xfs_remove and...
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] remove manual lookup from xfs_rename and simplify...
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] shrink mrlock_t
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] simplify xfs_lookup
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] xfs_rename: pass resblks to xfs_dir_removename
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] kill xfs_getattr
2008-04-29 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Remove VN_IS* macros and related cruft.
2008-04-18 David Chinner [XFS] Don't allow silent errors in xfs_inactive().
2008-04-18 David Chinner [XFS] Ensure errors from xfs_bdstrat() are correctly...
2008-04-18 Barry Naujok [XFS] remove bhv_vname_t and xfs_rename code
2008-04-18 David Chinner [XFS] Propagate errors from xfs_trans_commit().
2008-04-18 Christoph Hellwig [XFS] Don't validate symlink target component length