ocfs2: refcounttree.c cleanup.
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / ocfs2 / ocfs2_fs.h
2009-09-23 Tao Ma ocfs2: Add ioctl for reflink.
2009-09-23 Tao Ma ocfs2: Enable refcount tree support.
2009-09-23 Tao Ma ocfs2: Add support for incrementing refcount in the...
2009-09-23 Tao Ma ocfs2: Define refcount tree structure.
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Enable indexed directories
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Add total entry count to dx_root_block
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Increase max links count
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Introduce dir free space list
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Store dir index records inline
2009-04-03 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Add a name indexed b-tree to directory inodes
2009-03-12 Tiger Yang ocfs2: tweak to get the maximum inline data size with...
2009-01-05 Joel Becker ocfs2: Enable metadata checksums.
2009-01-05 Joel Becker ocfs2: Checksum and ECC for directory blocks.
2009-01-05 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Add directory block trailers.
2009-01-05 Joel Becker ocfs2: Add the on-disk structures for metadata checksums.
2009-01-05 Jan Kara ocfs2: Enable quota accounting on mount, disable on...
2009-01-05 Jan Kara ocfs2: Implementation of local and global quota file...
2009-01-05 Jan Kara ocfs2: Assign feature bits and system inodes to quota...
2008-12-17 Joel Becker ocfs2: Add JBD2 compat feature bit.
2008-11-10 Tao Ma ocfs2: Fix some typos in xattr annotations.
2008-10-13 Tiger Yang ocfs2: Add incompatible flag for extended attribute
2008-10-13 Tao Ma ocfs2: Add xattr bucket iteration for large numbers...
2008-10-13 Tiger Yang ocfs2: Add extended attribute support
2008-10-13 Tiger Yang ocfs2: reserve inline space for extended attribute
2008-10-13 Tao Ma ocfs2: Add the basic xattr disk layout in ocfs2_fs.h
2008-07-31 Sunil Mushran [PATCH 1/2] ocfs2: Add counter in struct ocfs2_dinode...
2008-07-14 Joel Becker ocfs2: Don't snprintf() without a format.
2008-04-18 Joel Becker ocfs2: Add the USERSPACE_STACK incompat bit.
2008-04-18 Joel Becker ocfs2: New slot map format
2008-04-18 Joel Becker ocfs2: Define the contents of the slot_map file.
2008-01-25 Sunil Mushran ocfs2: Local alloc window size changeable via mount...
2008-01-25 Tao Ma [PATCH 2/2] ocfs2: Implement group add for online resize
2008-01-25 Tao Ma [PATCH 1/2] ocfs2: Add group extend for online resize
2007-10-12 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Structure updates for inline data
2007-10-12 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Sync ocfs2_fs.h with ocfs2-tools
2007-07-11 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Support xfs style space reservation ioctls
2007-07-11 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: btree changes for unwritten extents
2007-05-02 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Implement compat_ioctl()
2007-04-26 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: make room for unwritten extents flag
2007-04-26 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: sparse b-tree support
2007-04-26 Tiger Yang ocfs2: Remove delete inode vote
2007-01-26 Mark Fasheh [PATCH] ocfs2: fix thinko in ocfs2_backup_super_blkno()
2007-01-22 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Add backup superblock info to ocfs2_fs.h
2006-12-08 Mark Fasheh ocfs2: Synchronize feature incompat flags in ocfs2_fs.h
2006-12-08 Sunil Mushran ocfs2: local mounts
2006-09-20 Herbert Poetzl ocfs2: add ext2 attributes
2006-03-01 Mark Fasheh [PATCH] ocfs2: remove pointless max journal size limit
2006-01-03 Mark Fasheh [PATCH] OCFS2: The Second Oracle Cluster Filesystem