NFSv4.1: layoutcommit
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / nfs / pnfs.c
2011-03-23 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: layoutcommit
2011-03-23 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: filelayout driver specific code for COMMIT
2011-03-11 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: implement generic pnfs layer write switch
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: trigger LAYOUTGET for writes
2011-03-11 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: turn off pNFS on ds connection failure
2011-03-11 Christoph Hellwig NFSv4.1 move deviceid cache to filelayout driver
2011-03-11 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: generic read
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: shift pnfs_update_layout locations
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: coelesce across layout stripes
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: lseg refcounting
2011-03-11 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: put_layout_hdr can remove nfsi->layout
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman pnfs: fix pnfs lock inversion of i_lock and cl_lock
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman pnfs: do not need to clear NFS_LAYOUT_BULK_RECALL flag
2011-03-11 Fred Isaman pnfs: avoid incorrect use of layout stateid
2011-01-25 Andy Adamson NFS improve pnfs_put_deviceid_cache debug print
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: layout roc code
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: add CB_LAYOUTRECALL handling
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: change lo refcounting to atomic_t
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: check that partial LAYOUTGET return is ignored
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: add layout to client list before sending rpc
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: serialize LAYOUTGET(openstateid)
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: change how lsegs are removed from layout list
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: change layout state seqlock to a spinlock
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: add prefix to struct pnfs_layout_hdr fields
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: add prefix to struct pnfs_layout_segment fields
2011-01-06 Fred Isaman pnfs: fix incorrect comment in destroy_lseg
2010-10-24 Trond Myklebust NFSv4.1: Use more sensible names for 'initialize_mountp...
2010-10-24 Andy Adamson NFSv4.1: pnfs: add LAYOUTGET and GETDEVICEINFO infrastr...
2010-10-24 Andy Adamson NFS: client needs to maintain list of inodes with activ...
2010-10-24 Benny Halevy NFS: create and destroy inode's layout cache
2010-10-24 Fred Isaman NFSv4.1: pnfs: full mount/umount infrastructure
2010-10-24 Ricardo Labiaga NFS: set layout driver