Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / namei.c
2011-06-20 Al Viro fix comment in generic_permission()
2011-06-20 Al Viro kill obsolete comment for follow_down()
2011-06-16 Al Viro VFS: Fix vfsmount overput on simultaneous automount
2011-06-16 Török Edwin fix wrong iput on d_inode introduced by e6bc45d65d
2011-06-07 Theodore Ts'o vfs: make unlink() and rmdir() return ENOENT in prefere...
2011-05-30 Sage Weil vfs: shrink_dcache_parent before rmdir, dir rename
2011-05-27 Al Viro Lift the check for automount points into do_lookup()
2011-05-27 Al Viro Trim excessive arguments of follow_mount_rcu()
2011-05-27 Al Viro split __follow_mount_rcu() into normal and .. cases
2011-05-26 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: clean up vfs_rename_other
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: clean up vfs_rename_dir
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: clean up vfs_rmdir
2011-05-26 Miklos Szeredi vfs: fix vfs_rename_dir for FS_RENAME_DOES_D_MOVE files...
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: update dentry_unhash() comment
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: push dentry_unhash on rename_dir into file systems
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: push dentry_unhash on rmdir into file systems
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: remove dget() from dentry_unhash()
2011-05-26 Sage Weil vfs: dentry_unhash immediately prior to rmdir
2011-05-26 Al Viro merge handle_reval_dot and nameidata_drop_rcu_last
2011-05-26 Al Viro consolidate nameidata_..._drop_rcu()
2011-05-21 Erez Zadok VFS: move BUG_ON test for symlink nd->depth after curre...
2011-05-13 Linus Torvalds vfs: micro-optimize acl_permission_check()
2011-04-15 Tim Chen vfs: Fix absolute RCU path walk failures due to uniniti...
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-24 Ian Kent vfs - check non-mountpoint dentry might block in __foll...
2011-03-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-03-24 Serge E. Hallyn userns: rename is_owner_or_cap to inode_owner_or_capable
2011-03-24 Serge E. Hallyn userns: userns: check user namespace for task->file...
2011-03-23 Al Viro fix leaks in path_lookupat()
2011-03-18 Al Viro lose 'mounting_here' argument in ->d_manage()
2011-03-18 Al Viro don't pass 'mounting_here' flag to follow_down()
2011-03-16 Al Viro fix follow_link() breakage
2011-03-15 Al Viro tidy the trailing symlinks traversal up
2011-03-15 Al Viro Turn resolution of trailing symlinks iterative everywhere
2011-03-15 Al Viro simplify link_path_walk() tail
2011-03-15 Al Viro Make trailing symlink resolution in path_lookupat(...
2011-03-15 Al Viro update nd->inode in __do_follow_link() instead of after...
2011-03-15 Al Viro pull handling of one pathname component into a helper
2011-03-15 Aneesh Kumar K.V fs: allow AT_EMPTY_PATH in linkat(), limit that to...
2011-03-15 Al Viro Allow O_PATH for symlinks
2011-03-15 Al Viro New kind of open files - "location only".
2011-03-15 Aneesh Kumar K.V fs: Don't allow to create hardlink for deleted file
2011-03-14 Al Viro New AT_... flag: AT_EMPTY_PATH
2011-03-14 Al Viro open-style analog of vfs_path_lookup()
2011-03-14 Al Viro reduce vfs_path_lookup() to do_path_lookup()
2011-03-14 Al Viro untangle do_lookup()
2011-03-14 Al Viro path_openat: clean ELOOP handling a bit
2011-03-14 Al Viro do_last: kill a rudiment of old ->d_revalidate() workaround
2011-03-14 Al Viro fold __open_namei_create() and open_will_truncate(...
2011-03-14 Al Viro do_last: unify may_open() call and everyting after it
2011-03-14 Al Viro move may_open() from __open_name_create() to do_last()
2011-03-14 Al Viro expand finish_open() in its only caller
2011-03-14 Al Viro sanitize pathname component hash calculation
2011-03-14 Al Viro kill __lookup_one_len()
2011-03-14 Al Viro switch non-create side of open() to use of do_last()
2011-03-14 Al Viro get rid of nd->file
2011-03-14 Al Viro get rid of the last LOOKUP_RCU dependencies in link_pat...
2011-03-14 Al Viro make nameidata_dentry_drop_rcu_maybe() always leave...
2011-03-14 Al Viro make handle_dots() leave RCU mode on error
2011-03-14 Al Viro clear RCU on all failure exits from link_path_walk()
2011-03-14 Al Viro pull handling of . and .. into inlined helper
2011-03-14 Al Viro kill out_dput: in link_path_walk()
2011-03-14 Al Viro separate -ESTALE/-ECHILD retries in do_filp_open()...
2011-03-14 Al Viro switch do_filp_open() to struct open_flags
2011-03-14 Al Viro Collect "operation mode" arguments of do_last() into...
2011-03-14 Al Viro clean up the failure exits after __do_follow_link(...
2011-03-14 Al Viro pull security_inode_follow_link() into __do_follow_link()
2011-03-14 Al Viro pull dropping RCU on success of link_path_walk() into...
2011-03-14 Al Viro untangle the "need_reval_dot" mess
2011-03-14 Al Viro merge component type recognition
2011-03-14 Al Viro merge path_init and path_init_rcu
2011-03-14 Al Viro sanitize path_walk() mess
2011-03-14 Al Viro take RCU-dependent stuff around exec_permission() into...
2011-03-14 Al Viro kill path_lookup()
2011-03-09 Al Viro nd->inode is not set on the second attempt in path_walk()
2011-03-04 Al Viro minimal fix for do_filp_open() race
2011-02-16 Linus Torvalds vfs: fix BUG_ON() in fs/namei.c:1461
2011-02-15 Al Viro get rid of nameidata_dentry_drop_rcu() calling nameidat...
2011-02-15 Al Viro drop out of RCU in return_reval
2011-02-15 Al Viro split do_revalidate() into RCU and non-RCU cases
2011-02-15 Al Viro in do_lookup() split RCU and non-RCU cases of need_reva...
2011-02-15 Al Viro nothing in do_follow_link() is going to see RCU
2011-02-11 Linus Torvalds Fix possible filp_cachep memory corruption
2011-01-18 Ian Kent vfs - fix dentry ref count in do_lookup()
2011-01-17 Al Viro Take the completion of automount into new helper
2011-01-16 Al Viro sanitize vfsmount refcounting changes
2011-01-16 David Howells Unexport do_add_mount() and add in follow_automount...
2011-01-16 David Howells Allow d_manage() to be used in RCU-walk mode
2011-01-16 David Howells Remove a further kludge from __do_follow_link()
2011-01-16 David Howells Remove the automount through follow_link() kludge code...
2011-01-16 David Howells Add an AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT flag to suppress terminal automount
2011-01-16 David Howells Add a dentry op to allow processes to be held during...
2011-01-16 David Howells Add a dentry op to handle automounting rather than...
2011-01-16 Al Viro do_lookup() fix
2011-01-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'vfs-scale-working' of git://git./linux...
2011-01-14 Nick Piggin fs: namei fix ->put_link on wrong inode in do_filp_open
2011-01-14 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'vfs-scale-working' of git://git./linux...
2011-01-14 J. R. Okajima fs: fix do_last error case when need_reval_dot
2011-01-14 Nick Piggin fs: fix dropping of rcu-walk from force_reval_path